Success Stories-

"I've closed two investments that I found on FundingPost, including one which has led to a series of follow-on deals and some great relationships. I look forward to the next one!"
- Marek J. Olszewski, Catalus Capital

"In 2015 we discovered Ron Babich- CEO of MobileLogix at Scott Kelly's FundingPost Event. After a couple of weeks of understanding his space and his team we syndicated and closed a 2.2M round."
- David Paul, DWP Investments

"FundingPost has been at the center of the funding ecosystem for 15 years. The platform works, and the network is powerful. We're proud to say that substantial funding came from investors who discovered via our FundingPost listing."
- Mitch Thrower, Founder and Chairman,

"Without pitching at FundingPost, Crowd Mics would have taken a lot longer to get off the ground and source outside funding. That one minute pitch got us a Million dollar raise and changed the stage for the future of Crowd Mics."
- Tim Holliday, Crowd Mics

"FundingPost has been a great resource for our startup. We gained access to strategic partners who invested in Jewel Toned and we couldn't be happier!"
- Rachael McCrary, Founder, Jewel Toned

"Thanks to FundingPost for the direct introduction to a VC Fund that is now the lead investor in our current round!"
- Shreefal Mehta, Paper Battery Co.

"I just invested in a mobile company I met through FundingPost - Thanks!"
- Jay Goldberg, Hudson Ventures

"2 year ago, on a bit if a whim, I went to FundingPost. It was there that I met the incomparable David Rose of NY Angels. Now, here we are - a success story. With 1 Million page views a day... growing fast, and with two rounds of capital in. FundingPost opened my eyes to the world of Angel Investing, and I would recommend you to other entrepreneurs looking to understand the somewhat confusing world of venture capital."
- Steve Rosenbaum, CEO,

"I had two Venture Firms request a business plan in last couple of weeks from FundingPost due to being a Pitching Across America winner. Thanks FundingPost!"
- Cameron Gunn, Shield Technology Group

"The FundingPost VC showcase was really great. For me, it was one of the most memorable events of the past year and I remember thinking how fantastic this sort of event was for the NY tech scene. There was a great energy and optimism permeating the room. The investors were engaged and genuinely interested in hearing everyone's pitches and those who said they'd follow up actually did. In our case, we raised capital from one investor and established relationships with two other VCs with whom we are having on-going conversations about possible future investments, should the need arise."
- Michael Hussey, CEO, PeekYou

"Empire Angels is excited to participate in the upcoming FundingPost event! We've had success in finding investments through the FundingPost in the past, and look forward to more."
- Graham Gullans, Founder, Empire Angels

"I would highly recommend entrepreneurs to post their profiles on the FundingPost website. I got 2 very highly qualified VC leads - both top notch VCs; I can tell you that VCs calling you beats you calling VCs anyday!"
- Arun Santhebennur, Resolvity, Inc.

"As Caerus has recently entered the highly competitive venture capital investment market, identifying strong sources of opportunities has been critical to our early successes and is vital to our future. FundingPost has provided a conduit for deal flow and networking opportunities which quite simply we would not see without actively participating in the their Venture Forums and Conferences. As a result of the conference we attended in Miami, Caerus made one of its first Investments in a Florida-based company whose CEO we met because of the impressive network Joe has constructed. FundingPost provides unmatched scarcity value and an unquestionably differentiated resource in the marketplace matching entrepreneurs seeking capital and funding sources looking to deploy assets. Caerus Ventures looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with FundingPost as we grow our companies together and invest in the future."
- Zachary A. Cherry, Caerus Ventures LLC

"I am very excited about having invested in Cloud Systems, an emerging leader in the enterprise control system software space, thanks to and my panel participation in November 2005 at the Menlo Park conference where I met their CFO and partner."
- Bob Welch, Coast Ventures

"I'm often asked what I think is the most important thing a start up company can have when searching for funding for their company. Some might say a "great idea", some would point to "a super business plan", but my opinion is that we would have failed miserably without the credible introductions and referrals we received from the FundingPost directors and their events. By posting Senscient's Executive Summary on FundingPost.Com and by attending their High Tech Venture Conference Workshops, we were introduced to many of the top investors in our space. One of FundingPost's Investors made the truly pivotal referral for us into the Houston Angel Network who, 6 months later, led our Series A round to the close. Subsequent referrals and introductions facilitated our connections to the angel investors in our Convertible Bridge Round as well as the two major Venture Capital groups in our Series B raise to complete Senscient's total fund raising needs in just 2 years. Without the credible and insider referrals we received by joining the FundingPost family, the Senscient team believes we would not have been successful in funding our dream."
- Jean Berthold, CSMO, VP, Senscient, Inc.

"I recently listed my company on and as a result of their introduction, we took an hour-long meeting with a VC at their office! We'll let you know where it leads. Thank you FundingPost for helping us connect!"
- Tom Hawkett, Connect4Growth Corp.

"I am pleased to recommend the FundingPost events. I have presented our product, MyOnlineToolbox, and was very happy with the quality of the attendees, timely organization and assistance that FundingPost provided. We did obtain investment from a sophisticated Angel Investor we presented to and will attend again for future rounds of financing."
- Brian Javeline, President & CEO of ServusXchange, LLC.

"A great event, I know that I've invested in at least one deal associated with FundingPost events, and it's a great networking opportunity with the founders and the VCs that are there. I'm looking forward to this one!"
- John Filla, Angel Investor, Houston Angel Network

"After our presentation at FundingPost, we received a term sheet from one of the VC's we met there. It was a very valuable meeting - thanks FundingPost."
- Ellis Smith, President and CEO, Blue Pearl Software, Inc.

"Being the national winner of Pitching Across America was a terrific boost for Remote Play, FundingPost's competition got us in front of a host of different types of investors, from Angel investors to Venture Capitalists. Certainly the publicity we received from Pitching Across America helped us secure our Series A round of financing."
- Gideon Naim, CFO, Remote Play, Inc.

"We've made about 20 investments in technology companies, including one from a previous FundingPost conference. We found the forum very conducive to dealmaking, good information flow, and just a good way to network between founders and funders."
- Ron Thompson, Corporate Angels

"After pitching our business plan at your Philadelphia event, we received a term sheet from an angel group that was present. By getting us in front of a captive group of high quality investors, your team helped us to save time seeking qualified angels. FundingPost is a great resource. Thanks!"
- Matias Klein, President & CTO, Ethidium Health Systems

"I am attaching a copy of a commitment letter from an Investor who I met at one of your events. I am confident that they will provide the funding for the Decorador store rollout in Warsaw, Poland. Check for our e-store. Our "brick & mortar" store opens in March 2005 in a new mall owned by Simon Properties of the USA."
- Bill Bussey, Decorador

"MEVCO is close to a funding arrangement for a company that we met at your event that will start with a Financial Advisory agreement. You should see it announced in the next week or two."
- Steve Hill, Millennium Ventures LLC

"We just got invited to pitch New York Angels, based on the meeting you had a few weeks back in MD."
- Bill Marvin, InstaMed Communications

"As a result of the FundingPost meeting last month, some of the panelists have approached me to bounce ideas on potential investment opportunities, which, in turn, has allowed me to network with them."
- Mahesh Shetty, Chief Financial Officer, Smart Communications

"In attending your event, I've generated some really good contacts, and we are about to close on angel funding for our software company. We are currently negotiating with Office Depot and OfficeMax and Staples in adding this program to their existing product line. Thanks, FundingPost."
- Christopher Malter, CEO, The Guide

"We enjoyed the event very much and made many important contacts. We have exchanged emails with several of the VCs that we met and hope to attract Series A funding for EZArchive through these contacts. Thanks for providing this vital forum where we can introduce investors to the EZArchive opportunity!"
- Pam Huling, President, EZArchive

"In the past I have had meetings with Investors as a result of attending FundingPost events - one progressed to active due diligence but did not work out. Since the Pitching Across America contest, as the MD 'champ,' I have detected a 'greater respect' from the VC community. I am currently waiting on next-step decisions from about 6 VCs. I'll let you know if something significant happens - and I am feeling more confident that it will."
- Rod Beatson, CEO, Crypto-Sign, Inc.

"I was able to get one investor meeting out of my attendance at the FundingPost event in northern Virgina on July 29. The investor in question was an angel investor leading a group of angels. While I later had a meeting with the whole group (7 people), and had several follow-up phone calls and information exchanges, they declined to proceed as they were only looking for only one investment and, as much as they liked our business, they felt it was out of their area of expertise, and so they could not add sufficient value to ensure the plan would succeed. They've shared the names of two other possible investors, though, who I'm continuing to pursue. These leads absolutely proved the value of the FundingPost event and I'm confident the angel contacts made there will prove worthwhile over the longer term."
- Louis J. Morsberger, Service Ratings, LLC

"Since the breakfast meeting, we have had a meeting with one of the Venture Funds who spoke on your panel, and actually received an investment from a private investor I met at the meeting. It was very profitable for me and for our company. Thank you."
- Michael C. Perry, Chief Operating Officer, Tessera, Inc.

"As CEO of MoreMagic Solutions I met an Irish company called Agile Wireless through one of your events. We ended (MoreMagic Solutions) up purchasing the company in a stockswap at end of 2003. MoreMagic incorporated their hosting solutions into our licensed model for enabling wireless data transactions for carriers, content provider, and financial institutions. Keep up the good work in making things happen."
- Jim Walz, Board Member, MoreMagic Solutions

"FundingPost was extremely beneficial for HelixoMetry/FractoGene, 'The Operational System for Post-Genomics'. I have had numerous follow-ups and personal meetings with Angels, VC firms, Intellectual Property firms."
- Dr. Andras J. Pellionisz, HelixoMetry

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