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    New York Venture Capital
    Trends from Tri-State Investors

    New York, NY, October 17, 2003 -- According to FundingPost's recent survey of the Tri-State areas’ (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) leading Venture Capital Funds – dealflow is up, the outlook is better and the money will continue flowing to the “right” companies.

    The survey's findings are available for free in a report now available on for immediate download: Click Here to Download

    The FundingPost report profiles responses from leading VC firms, including Edison Venture Fund, Pennell Venture Partners, JEGI Capital, Dolphin Equity, Cardinal Partners, Topspin Partners, BEV Capital and Hudson Ventures.

    The Survey Focuses on:
    Have you noticed an increase in dealflow?
    What industries are hot?
    Where is the venture market going?
    What makes the New York area unique to invest in?
    What are your current revenue requirements for new investments?

    So when will I get my check? (good question!) It takes dedication, perseverance, patience (we mentioned patience – right?). It also takes big ideas and the belief that you can conquer the world. If you do not truly believe that you will win – nobody will invest in you. With that being said you also need one more critical ingredient – customers (i.e. revenue). Investors are continuing to look at post-revenue companies. Why? 1) The fact that someone paid for your product / service validates it. 2) It reduces the risk – which is the theme of the market today.

    Where is the market going? Up. Yes, we believe that things are getting a bit better each day. In fact we are counting on it – we are proud to announce that FundingPost is currently organizing events in 7 major cities nationwide. We have seen a tremendous increase in dealflow requests from investors nationwide, which we believe is a good sign.

    About FundingPost:
    For almost 3 years FundingPost has been bringing together CEOs, leading investors and entrepreneurs through our successful Venture Capital Events, online Venture Capital Exchange and in print through our Venture Guide Magazine. Over the past year our sold-out events have had an attendance of over 1,700 executives, now in 7 major U.S. markets.

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