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This conference will bring together VCs, Angel Investors, Family offices, Crypto Investors and Entrepreneurs to discuss what's going on in the world of blockchain and ICOs and early-stage capital raising in general.

Can anyone do an ICO? Should you do an ICO as opposed to a traditional capital raise? Is this just another way to raise capital? and what exactly is an ICO anyway?

Regulations for ICOs are coming in fast, the Wild West days seem to be rapidly coming to an end. But the underlying technology isn't going anywhere. So, what's next? Can you still just add the word 'blockchain' to your logo? (no.) There will now be legitimate ICOs run by legitimate companies, doing it the right way, following the laws and regulations and putting together valid investment opportunities.

This event will cover exactly that: the RIGHT way to run an ICO and how real accredited investors can get involved. What they should look for, how to diligence these opportunities, what regulations they should follow, what kinds of exit opportunities investors should expect.

We will have panel discussions of investors in the space, fireside chats with companies going through an ICO, networking and exhibitors. This event will let you know exactly how these ICOs work, how companies are taking advantage of them, what laws surround them, and how Investors are getting involved.

We will also have a due-diligence keynote by Patrick Lowry of Iconiq Lab, which will help investors as they consider an ICO investment, and entrepreneurs so they know what to have prepared!

Additionally we will have a "crypto-basics" discussion bringing everyone up to speed.

There will be plenty of time for networking with the Investor panelists, both before and after the panels at the Cocktail Party!

We have a few sponsorship opportunities available as well. Contact us for details.

Q: Is this event ONLY for ico or crypto companies?
A: Heck no! If you are raising capital for your company, you should be there - Talk to the investors and learn about this NEW capital raising technique!

Location: 22 East 2nd Street NY, NY 10003
Date: Wednesday, May 9 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
- Entrepreneur: $85
- Service Provider / Investor: $95

Moderator: David Sorin, Partner, McCarter & English LLP
Patrick Lowry, Iconiq Lab
Steve Kuh, Bonafi
Sydney Lai, ConsenSys
Martins Bratuskins, Monetizr
Charles Youn, Angel Investor
Juan Engelbrecht, MOBU
Stephen Smith, BDO USA
Caroline Hofmann, Republic
Paul Menchov, CoinList Capital
Matt Oguz, Venture-Science
Morgan Polotan, Genacast Ventures
Tristan Littlejohn, Based Global
Andreas Schemm, VREO
Chris Georgen, TOPL
Kaze Onguene, Braincities
Maximilian Lautenschlager, Iconiq Lab
David Dehaeck, Wunder
A. Jolly, Crypto Lotus Fund
David Drake, LDJ Capital
Moderator: Joe Daniels, Partner, McCarter & English
Prem Kumar, Vanig



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