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Venture Capital
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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out NYC Venture Capital and Angel Showcase, sponsored by Credit Suisse. This event was in New York on Thursday, Feb 11, 2010.

    ETF Venture Funds ETF Venture Funds

    ETF Venture Funds is one of the top performing venture capital funds in the United States in its class.

    ETF Venture Funds invests primarily in early stage, high growth technology-enabled companies in the financial services, healthcare services, business services, Internet and Media industries. For almost a decade, ETF Venture Funds has partnered with talented entrepreneurs and experienced managers to build market-leading enterprises.

    ETF targets experienced management teams using technology to make a traditional business process better or easier.

    Target portfolio companies will typically have some revenue and the potential to be a market leader. With strong financial support, ETF Venture Funds brings energy, insight and substantial sector expertise to create competitive, sustainable businesses and long-term value.

    Connecticut Innovations Connecticut Innovations

    The Connecticut Legislature created Connecticut Innovations (CI) in 1989 and charged it with growing Connecticut's entrepreneurial, technology economy by making venture and other investments. By building a vibrant technology community in the state, Connecticut Innovations creates substantial, long-term economic opportunity for Connecticut citizens. Since 1995, CI has become the state's leading investor in high technology, investing more than $133 million in Connecticut companies. CI's investments benefit all Connecticut residents by attracting and retaining innovative companies; creating high-paying jobs; and positioning the state to excel in the global, knowledge-driven economy.

    Originate Ventures Originate Ventures

    Originate Ventures invests in companies located in Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions.

    A broad range of industries, with a concentration on medical devices, healthcare, consumer, information technology, web-based, and commercial products, and where the expertise of Originate's partners can meaningfully contribute to the success of the company.

    We focus on early stage and emerging growth product opportunities, but we will also consider building a management team around a great product idea, investing into certain distressed and turnaround situations and management buyouts if these product opportunities present superior return opportunities.

    We aim to invest between $500,000 and $4 million per company, usually over more than one round. We prefer to lead the investment, but will participate in larger deals when given the opportunity, as a result of our regional concentration and skill sets, to represent a larger group of investors. If the funding requirement is greater than our capital limits, then we may seek additional capital from angel investors, commercial banks, and other venture capital firms.

    Chart Venture Partners Chart Venture Partners

    Chart Venture Partners, L.P. (CVP) is a $100M early stage venture capital fund investing in security related technologies with government and commercial applications. We invest in highly differentiated opportunities with large markets where we add value through our industry experience, network of relationships and technology insight.

    CVP was founded through an exclusive agreement between the Chart Group and InSitech, Incorporated, a non-profit commercial partnership intermediary for the U.S. Army's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal. Our partnership provides unique access into the defense and security markets, allowing us to take active roles for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

    Centripetal Capital Partners Centripetal Capital Partners

    Centripetal Capital Partners, LLC. is an innovative venture capital firm with a distinctive investing and membership structure that provides greater flexibility and opportunity for limited partners than a traditional fund. We have an opportunistic growth capital investment approach, and seek investments in revenue generating companies with proprietary advantages, proven business models, and relevantly experienced management teams. We bring together expert people, unique opportunities, and inflection point capital to generate the Centripetal Force. Centripetal generally commits $2 - $7 million of equity or equity-related financing for growth capital. Larger transactions are completed in cooperation with affiliated institutional sources.

    FirstMark Capital FirstMark Capital

    Some invest in entrepreneurs. At FirstMark Capital, we invest in visionaries, those who not only envision the future but make it happen through high-growth businesses in key technology markets. You’ll find us at the forefront of the most complex and rapidly evolving industries, among them media, advertising, financial services and telecom. Why? In part because some of the biggest players reside here in New York City, our home, where we’re among the city’s most active investors. We work closely with entrepreneurial visionaries and their management teams. Daily collaboration is the key to building exceptional, sustainable and world-changing businesses.

    We constantly evaluate the market shifts that underlie the next wave of business opportunities and stay ahead of a constantly-changing marketplace. We also partner early in our companies' lifecycles, and frequently become the first institutional investor – to ensure we maximize the impact of our investments. Our team of investment and operations veterans has decades of real-world experience and leadership in core technology markets. That makes FirstMark uniquely qualified to offer what breakout companies need to succeed: industry insight, relationships and the operational expertise to build lasting businesses.

    Liquidity Works Liquidity Works

    Liquidity Works is a New York based investment and advisory group that specializes in helping companies with proprietary technologies achieve liquidity events.

    Genacast Ventures Genacast Ventures

    Genacast Ventures (GV) is a venture capital fund focusing on seed stage start-ups in the northeast looking to raise up to $500,000 in new media, digital marketing, consumer Internet, Saas, web 2.0 and e-commerce.

    GV was formed in partnership with Comcast Interactive Capital.

    ff Asset Management ff Asset Management

    ff Asset Management is focused on companies that can be the low cost disruptive player in their industry. These companies, coupled with the right management team and adequate financing, have the chance to grow significantly and become tomorrow's leaders.

    We partner with such companies with an objective of generating significant returns on capital for the companies and investors alike.

    OmniVC OmniVC

    OmniCapital Group is a venture capital firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and management teams build the best next-generation communication and information technologies for rapidly growing markets. We invest in early-growth stage companies and, because of our corporate venturing experience, have a special interest in working with corporate partners to create new companies. Omni brings together a combination of operating and investing experience, industry knowledge, and an extensive network of contacts with industry executives. Our goal and passion is to help build the next generation technology companies that will become leaders in their respective industries

    Argentum Group Argentum Group

    We are a New York based private equity firm that provides expansion capital to rapidly growing small and mid-sized businesses with market leading potential. We target those industries experiencing rapid growth or undergoing fundamental change in the areas of outsourced services, healthcare, and technology.

    We emphasize the concept of partnership investing; developing strong partnerships with outstanding entrepreneurs and assuming equal responsibility for building value. Our investment funds primarily invest in later stage growth companies (with sales in excess of $5 million), management buyouts, platform acquisition strategies, and recapitalizations.

    We serve as general partner of investment partnerships with over $400 million of capital under management. We are currently investing from two funds with total capital of approximately $200 million. Since our founding in 1988, we have invested in over 100 companies in our targeted areas of focus. We take an active role in assisting our portfolio companies and have helped them achieve over 60 successful exits including IPO's, public offerings, strategic sales and recaps.

    Millennium Technology Ventures Millennium Technology Ventures

    Millennium Technology Ventures, L.P. (MTV), is a New York-based venture capital fund that has been making investments in innovative technology companies since 2000. MTV's process of investing capital draws from the venture capitalist's vision, an informed view of the future of technology markets, and value-added company-building skills. The current emphasis in MTV's investment strategy is on later-stage investments. Selected highlights of MTV's portfolio include the sale of one of its first investments, Phobos, to a public company SonicWALL (NASDAQ: SNWL) in a holding period of less than 12 months; two successful PIPE investments (Private Investments in Public Equities), including the fund's leadership role in a pathbreaking $101 million PIPE in 2001 for Internap (AMEX: IIP) as well as its investment in Indus International (NASDAQ: IINT); and biotech and health care-related investments that have had successful IPOs such as Dov Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ: DOVP). Several of MTV's investments since 2002 have been acquired in secondary transactions from leading corporate and financial investorsIn addition, several of the companies Millennium helped found over the last few years are emerging as leaders on the landscape of technology's future.

    Jersey Angels Jersey Angels

    Jersey Angels is a manager-led angel group headquartered in Colts Neck, NJ. Our members invest on an individual basis, whereby each member may choose whether or not to partake in any given investment. Members may also choose their level of involvement with the group and the companies they invest in.

    Many would-be angel investors face several obstacles that prevent them from investing in startup companies. These include the need for legal counsel, complex documentation, lack of ample opportunities for evaluation, lack of time to screen plans, and solitarily performing due diligence. Jersey Angels seeks to substantially reduce these hurdles through its group activities in central New Jersey. In doing so, current and potential angels can benefit from the pooling of resources, syndication, the sharing of expertise, standardized documents, and cohesive central management. In creating this fund, management seeks to create an enjoyable experience for members who wish to take an active role in the entrepreneurial process.

    Tri-State Private Investors Network Tri-State Private Investors Network

    The Tri-State Private Investors Network is a private, angel investor membership network based in New York City, that serves the interests of both accredited investors who wish to augment their deal flow in a confidential manner, and early stage entrepreneurs who are too small, too early or inappropriate for venture capital financing. The purpose of the Tri-State PIN is to increase the efficiency of investor capital matching startup and early stage businesses in need of first round financing and business guidance. Entrepreneur qualifications: Entrepreneurs seeing 1st round capital of $250K to $2M are prepared prior to presenting. Investor profiles: Tri-State PIN investors are typically self-made individuals having developed successful businesses or successful executive careers.

    Vencon Management, Inc. Vencon Management, Inc.

    Vencon Management, Inc (VMI) is a venture capital firm which invests primarily in "new era" chemical and energy technology-based companies in the United States. Established in 1973, VMI is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the U.S. Located in New York City's mid-Manhattan, our deal flow averages about 1500 per year. Vencon's principal areas of interest regard dislocation of industries, undervalued companies and platforming fragmented industries. Technology areas are those in which we have substantial expertise: Alternative Energy, Nano-Technology, Medical Devices, Environmental Technologies, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, and Chemical Manufacturing and Processes, especially Silicon and Gallium arsenide. Typical investments for Vencon will range from $500,000 to $ 3 Million per transaction. In most cases, the investment will be in the form of equity or a debt instrument that is convertible into equity. We will co-invest with other investment firms; however, in some special cases, Vencon may be the only investor. In many cases, the money will be staged into the business based upon the needs of the company and agreed upon milestones.

    Innovation Ventures Innovation Ventures

    Innovation Ventures, L.P., is an SBIC venture capital fund focused on growth and early-stage investments in the areas of chemicals and materials; electronic materials and devices; information technology; nanotechnology; software; biotechnology (excluding human therapeutics); and business information services related to the legal, financial services and manufacturing industries. IV invests in enterprises located primarily on the East Coast, with a particular emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

    Jumpstart NJ Angel Network
    Connecticut Angel Guild
    Jumpstart NJ Angel Network<BR>Connecticut Angel Guild

    Jumpstart is a private, member-lead, angel group that invests in early-stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. As the leading angel group in New Jersey, Jumpstart members include many successful entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists in the region.

    Jumpstart was formed in November of 2002 with the active support of New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) and New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA). Jumpstart normally invests amount $200,000 up to $1,000,000. If you need more, Jumpstart may syndicate the deal with other angel groups to raise up to $2 million.

    The Connecticut Angel Guild
    The Connecticut Angel Guild is a group of high net-worth investors who invest in New England and New York. CAG focuses on early-stage companies seeking $250,000 to $1,000,000 with a valuation of $3 million or less. We prefer established companies or concepts close to commercialization. Individual members are prepared to help entrepreneurs in the areas of business strategy, marketing, and finance. We receive 10 applications each month from which we select two companies to present to our investors members.

    New York Angels
    Golden Seeds
    New York Angels<BR>Golden Seeds

    New York Angels is an independent consortium of individual accredited angel investors. New York Angels' mission is to provide opportunities for its members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage technology and new media companies in the New York City area and accelerating them to market leadership. We provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$750K, an investment range not generally served by venture capital funds. Since 1997, members of NYA and the NYNMA Angel Investors Program have invested over $19 million in over 60 ventures in local technology and new media companies. Our members are entrepreneurs, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have funded and built world-class companies. We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.

    StarVest Partners
    Long Island Angel Network
    StarVest Partners<BR>Long Island Angel Network

    StarVest Partners is a New York-based venture capital firm with $300 million under management that is funding technology-enabled business services companies throughout the U.S. StarVest gained national recognition in 2007 as the only outside venture capital firm in NetSuite, whose December 2007 initial public offering opened with a $1.6 billion market capitalization, the second highest market capitalization of any venture capital–backed technology IPO since Google. StarVest was also one of the first institutional investors in MessageOne (acquired by Dell Computer in April 2008).

    The firm’s value-added partnership maintains a laser focus on five key emerging technology and services sectors: Software as a Service (SaaS), Internet Marketing Services, eCommerce Services, Data Aggregation Services and Identity and Security Management. StarVest combines a sophisticated investment background with the experience to foresee opportunities for both its portfolio companies and funding partners.

    Focus on 1st & 2nd Institutional Rounds. Average investments $3 - $7 million.

    Long Island Angel Network
    The mission of Long Island Angel Network, Inc. and its programs is to provide its members with exposure to, and access to funding for, early-stage companies with a Long Island home, including those with a focus on software and information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, energy, environmental technology, a strong intellectual property position, or innovative concepts.

    The Long Island Angel Network fulfills its mission by providing a forum in which members can evaluate and exchange information about investment opportunities, primarily in technology- and innovation-focused early-stage and emerging growth companies in the $150,000-$2 million range. LIAN is a New York not-for-profit corporation consisting of individual angel investors interested in financing such privately held companies or ventures. LIAN screeners endeavor to select companies for presentation that they judge likely to be of the greatest interest to members, but the Network does not make investment recommendations; investors' decisions are made individually. LIAN's goal is to bring our region's most exciting, promising early stage growth companies together with its most savvy investors.

    NewSpring Capital
    Hartford Ventures
    NewSpring Capital<BR>Hartford Ventures

    NewSpring Capital, based in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and Short Hills, New Jersey, is a leading provider of private equity capital to the Mid-Atlantic region. NewSpring Capital currently manages over $400 million across three distinct investment strategies through its family of funds. Across all funds, NewSpring Capital’s investment professionals include eight partners with significant experience as private equity investors, operating managers, and industry leaders at the CEO level. The firm’s highly cohesive investment team has a strong track record of investing in both private andpublic transactions, collectively representing more than 100 years of experience investing over $1 billion. All three NewSpring Capital funds work closely together. Yet each fund maintains its own dedicated senior management team, investment committee and limited partner advisory board. While in some cases the funds may co-invest, each fund operates independently, investing in non-competitive asset classes, stages, and industries.

    Hartford Ventures
    Hartford Ventures is the strategic investment group of The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (NYSE: HIG). Through our relationships, experience and support, Hartford Ventures seeks to accelerate the growth of early stage companies. As the only dedicated corporate venture capital group in the insurance sector, Hartford Ventures provides our portfolio companies and co-investors with unique insights into the insurance industry. We are relationship liaisons between our portfolio companies and internal Hartford businesses and provide top level access to potential customers, partners and external investors.

    Hartford Ventures seeks to make minority equity investments in early stage and expansion stage companies. Our initial investment size typically ranges from US $1M to US $3M. We seek to co-invest in syndicates with other venture capital firms and require board observer seats to ensure we have the proper access and insight to add value.

    Edison Venture Fund
    Zelkova Ventures
    Edison Venture Fund<BR>Zelkova Ventures

    Many entrepreneurial companies have partnered with Edison Venture Fund, and subsequently have experienced dramatic multiplication of their valuation. Edison specializes in information technology - we have invested in over 100 IT companies. Achieving 16 IPOs and over 75 company sales, we have helped many companies to exit with substantial proceeds that made their founders wealthy and achieved significant rewards for key employees.

    Edison is committed to the Mid-Atlantic region. We have made more investments in the New York to Washington DC corridor than any other private equity firm. Our investment professionals actively participate and take leadership roles in the technology, entrepreneurial and private equity communities both regionally and nationally.

    Zelkova Ventures
    Zelkova Ventures is a venture capital firm committed to helping talented entrepreneurs build incredible companies. Primarily we look to invest in early stage companies, many times pre-revenue. In many instances we provide a company's first outside/institutional capital. As former entrepreneurs, we understand the highs and lows of launching a new company. We look to take an active role and partner with the companies we invest in. Along with our capital Zelkova brings expertise, insight and execution to all of our portfolio companies.

    NYC Seed
    Milestone Venture Partners
    NYC Seed<BR>Milestone Venture Partners

    NYC Seed funds seed-stage technology entrepreneurs in New York City. We help driven, small teams move from an idea to a product. Through the combined efforts of New York City’s most innovative organizations, NYC Seed provides funding, mentoring and support to create the next generation of companies in New York City.

    NYC Seed is a partnership between ITAC (, New York City Investment Fund (, The New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (, New York City Economic Development Corporation ( and Polytechnic Institute of NYU (, which allows it to provide more than just funding. Funded companies will join an extensive media and technology community. NYC Seed provides guidance from notable entrepreneurs, technologists and venture capitalists. We also connect companies to potential initial customers and when ready, we help companies move to their next stage of development.

    Milestone Venture Partners
    Milestone is a traditional venture capital partnership. We focus on early stage, enterprise Information Technology companies in the New York metropolitan area. The Fund targets companies that possess the nucleus of an exceptional management team, a compelling business model, and a large market opportunity.

    Osage Ventures
    LaunchCapital<BR>Osage Ventures

    LaunchCapital is dedicated to seed stage funding for all types of businesses.

    We combine the dedication, direct experience and organization of a traditional venture capital firm with added flexibility, focus and speed to help portfolio companies achieve milestones and impact markets. LaunchCapital aims to quickly fund growth and help companies create long-term value for all stakeholders.

    LaunchCapital's industry agnostic investment approach includes two unique investment vehicles to address funding needs for a range of business models.

    LaunchCapital Ventures provides traditional venture funding for businesses that have exponential growth expectations with a national or international reach.

    LaunchCapital Small Business provides a blend of equity and debt financing for businesses that will generate near-term revenue, have linear growth expectations and have a local or regional reach.

    Osage Ventures
    Osage Ventures seeks to invest in determined and creative entrepreneurs that have a unique concept or product. Osage works closely to mentor entrepreneurs, and assists them in building businesses from ideas. Building value is of primary importance to Osage, and we will invest the necessary time and capital to grow a business, irrespective of the future exit date. To date, Osage has seeded companies across a broad range of industries, many of which became publicly traded entities. Osage Ventures will often lead or co-lead investment syndicates. We favor investment opportunities primarily located in the Northeast corridor that are seeking their first round of institutional capital. We will invest between $1MM - $3MM in each company throughout its developmental life, although smaller investments may be made in special situations. Our early stage efforts are focused on information and enabling technology and the life sciences/healthcare industries.

    New York City Investment Fund
    Angel Investor Forum
    New York City Investment Fund<BR>Angel Investor Forum

    The New York City Investment Fund is a private fund with a civic mission. The Fund has built a network of top experts from the investment and corporate communities who help identify and support New York City's most promising entrepreneurs in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

    The Fund was established in late 1996, under the auspices of the nonprofit The Partnership for New York City. It was initially capitalized by contributions of $1 million each from sixty-seven individual and corporate investors, who invested for the good of the city and without expectation of financial returns. This is an evergreen fund, in which realized gains are reinvested in other worthwhile projects.

    The Fund has raised in excess of $100 million. Its investments typically range in size from $1 million to $3 million. The Fund provides equity or debt, structured to meet the needs of the project. It will invest at any stage of business development, but is seeking to exit in about five years. To date, the Fund has invested in over seventy projects. The Fund also established the Financial Recovery Fund (PDF 361K) and raised over $12 million (including a $1 million contribution from the Civic Capital Corporation) to provide recoverable grants to small businesses impacted by the events of September 11.

    Angel Investor Forum
    The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) was founded in 2004 in response to the growing need for an organized angel effort in Connecticut. Due to the widening gap in the capital markets, there is a shortage of funding available at the seed stage ($250K-$5M). This funding gap represents a great opportunity for investment in companies with substantial growth potential but an inability to attract venture capital. AIF members invest their time, talent and money in supporting companies with solid business models and their efforts to grow successfully.

    Angel financing is the lifeblood of growing companies. Connecticut has more angels per capita than any other state. The Angel Investor Forum organizes the resources of the angels by streamlining the deal flow. We present monthly reviews of two targeted, pre-screened companies that are matched to investor's interests. Each month we target one of the four investment types: medical devices, financial services, software and consumer products. Materials are summarized and distributed prior to each meeting.

    Angel Investors