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  • Los Angeles VC & Angel Event April 5
  • Phoenix VC & Angel Event May 25
  • Las Vegas VC & Angel Event June 22
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    Pitching Across America 2010

    The 2010 Competition was a huge success!
    Check out the winners here!

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    FP Venture Commentary

    Are You Venture Worthy ? New VentureWorthy Results / Trends

    We wanted to provide an update from the
    ongoing market analysis of VentureWorthy.com.
    VentureWorthy researches companies while
    they are in the process of raising capital,
    versus other research platforms today which
    report only on companies after they have
    completed raising capital.

    - 66% of companies raising capital are at
    the Startup stage, 22% are at the Launched
    stage, and 10% are Profitable.

    - Emerging companies reported that they have
    the following number of employees:
    1 to 5 - 52%
    6 to 10 - 19%
    11 to 20 - 14%
    21 to 50 - 13%

    - 32% of emerging companies stated they need
    an accounting firm / accounting assistance now.

    - 16% stated that they need a law firm now.

    - 33% of the surveyed companies stated that
    they would need a law firm in the near future.

    If you are interested to see how your
    company compares against similar companies
    who are also seeking capital, please go to
    VentureWorthy.com to complete the free
    survey today:

    Agree? Disagree? Please email your viewpoints and comments to info@FundingPost.com we will discuss your comments here.
    Read previous Venture commentary here.

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    FundingPost.com Site Statistics

    Top 10 Company Categories Percent
    1 Consumer Products and Services 10 %
    2 Internet / e-Commerce 9 %
    3 Media and Entertainment 9 %
    4 Real Estate 7 %
    5 Retail / Distribution 5 %
    6 Software 4 %
    7 Healthcare Services 4 %
    8 Restaurant / Food Services 4 %
    9 Business Products and Services 4 %
    10 Industrial / Energy 4 %

    Capital Seeking Breakdown Percent
    $1 - 3 Million 23 %
    $500,000 - 1M 17 %
    $250,000 13 %
    $100,000 12 %
    $500,000 10 %
    $3 - 5 Million 9 %
    $5 - 10 Million 6 %
    $20 - 50 Million 3 %
    $10 - 20 Million 2 %

    Company Stages Percent
    Startup 28 %
    Product Launched 18 %
    Revenue Stage 14 %
    Prototype 13 %
    Profitable 13 %
    Concept 7 %
    Break Even 3 %

    Total Capital Represented
    $107.69 Billion

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    How To Raise Your First Million Dollars
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    - (Special Bonus: Directory listing of the 50 most active Angel Groups in America)

    This is truly an insiders look into every step of the process from how you should contact an Angel Investor group through how to value your company and follow up to get your first million dollar check!

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