"I participated as a panelist for a FundingPost conference in April of 2006, and was impressed with the caliber of early-stage companies represented at this event, and we are following up with several of these opportunities that are particularly relevant to our investment strategy and industry focus."
- Anthony Buffa, Managing General Partner, Endeavor Capital Management

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On November 12, 2009, FundingPost will be organizing its Fifth
"Perfect Venture Conference."

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"The Perfect Venture Conference" - Why is it perfect? We have been organizing Venture Events for over 8 years. We always hear the same feedback - better investor / entrepreneur ratios and more face-to-face meetings. This conference will have just that.

If you are the CEO of a Technology Company currently raising capital from ANYWHERE in the United States or abroad, then you NEED to come to New York City!

On November 12 we will have 50+ early-stage VC & Angel Investors and only 20 early-stage Technology companies coming together for a day of pitching, investor panels, interactive workshops, and private meetings. We will be putting the Right companies in front of the Right VCs and Angel Investors to tell you exactly what it takes to get funded. Every company will pitch multiple times to the Investors. There will be 2-minute elevator pitches to every panel, and even more 1-on-1 private Investor meetings than the previous Perfect Venture Conferences!

The panels and workshops will cover the important parts of the fundraising process including: How to give a Great Pitch, Setting Valuation and Terms, Meeting with Investors, and the current state of IT Investing. All of the Entrepreneurs are also invited to attend our Pitching Workshop Dinner on the evening of Nov 11.

We are limiting this event to only 20 Technology companies, which will be hand picked, screened and coached to participate in this conference. Every company will give their elevator pitch multiple times throughout the event. The main focus of this event is one on one meetings with the Investors. There are No Powerpoint Pitches at this conference.

***Industry Focus: Early-Stage Technology (software, hardware & peripherals, semiconductors, networking infrastructure, wireless, telecom, Internet, RFID, digital music/video platforms, online security, VoIP, e-commerce, search engine technology, advertising technology, database applications, online storage, supply-chain management, video game tech, healthcare IT, payment processing & financial technology).

Here are Some of the Funds that are currently confirmed to speak: Trident Capital, Vencon Management, Edison Venture Fund, Launch Capital, Argentum Group, Originate Ventures, Intel Capital, Knight Securities, Keiretsu Forum, Yun Capital, ETF Venture Funds, StartVest Partners, Delaware Crossing Investor Group, Milestone Venture Partners, Arctaris Ventures, NewLight Ventures, Bloomberg Ventures, NY Angels, Liquidity Works, SafeGuard Scientific, Robinhood Ventures, Jumpstart NJ, Omni Venture Capital, Chart Venture Partners, Firstmark Capital, Golden Seeds, Aegis Capital, Contour Ventures, Innovation Ventures, ff Asset management, Hartford Ventures, Stonehenge Growth Capital, Silver Creek Fund, Ascend Ventures, Heritage Equity, Softbank Ventues, Flybridge, Jersey Angels, Spencer Trask Ventures, Brand Building Ventures, Pierce Yates Ventures, RRE Ventures, NewSpring Ventures and several other Angel Investors, with many more to be announced! Full Investor list here.

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