"I participated as a panelist for a FundingPost conference in April of 2006, and was impressed with the caliber of early-stage companies represented at this event, and we are following up with several of these opportunities that are particularly relevant to our investment strategy and industry focus."
- Anthony Buffa, Managing General Partner, Endeavor Capital Management

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Event Feedback (Scroll down to read Investor Quotes)
Watch the below videos to see what entreprenuer attendees of the past Perfect Venture Conferences had to say:
PVC III FeedbackPVC II FeedbackPVC I Feedback

  • Click here for an MP3 Conference Call with an Entrepreneur from the April event - Jean Berthold from Senscient

    Here is what some of the Participating Companies and Investor Speakers had to say about the past Perfect Venture Conferences:

    "I would be a major referral and advocate for your conference/business. If you ever need someone to talk to a potential conference attendee, I would be glad to give a great recommendation. Your sessions were unbelievably valuable, and the investor contacts were great. The investors that attended had a real interest in learning about and considering an investment in UMS. Assuming things continue to move forward, I actually think we will go with an investment from one of your contacts made available at the conference. When this gets solidified, I'll give you an update. Thanks again for the advice and information!"
    - John Blasig, Universal Management Solutions

    "FundingPost's Perfect Venture Conference in New York was simply, Amazing! The pace a which Joe and Howie ran this event reminded me of my time in boot camp; never stopping to rest always go, go, go. This event turned out to be the best value-for-time investment our company has made to date. Where else will you have the opportunity to sit face-to-face with as many check writers in such a short period of time? As a result of our participation in this event, we have followed up with six investment firms and have begun negotiations with one. This is great news for us and for FundingPost to validate our expenditure their event and their company's mission, "To connect entrepreneurs and investors." If your thinking about, or are hesitant as to if FundingPost is right for you, ask yourself or the board you answer to: "Can we afford the overhead to operate for another two quarters without funding, while I cold-call and knock on locked doors seeking a face-to-face with anyone who will give our business an honest listen?" If your answer is yes, then why are you seeking investors, and if your answer is no, then get on the phone and beg Joe to let you attend the next PVC wherever it may be."
    - Christopher Pavese, Quad Group, Inc.

    The Perfect Venture Conference II was everything implied by its name.  The conference was well staffed with investor professionals from both angel groups and venture capitalists firms.  The sharing of their experiences was valuable. However, the larger value was the ability of the conference organizers to give you exposure in every session throughout the two and a half days.  Never before have I experienced this level of exposure consistently throughout the event.  I would highly recommend this event for early fund raising activities for any start-up."
    - Peter Rung, CEO, ID Rank Security

    "The contacts and potential partners we have made as a direct result of FundingPost's conference were invaluable. As a result of our conversations with the participating companies, we have developed critical relationships with lead members of several potential channel partners that will come alongside us to launch our business commercially. In addition, we have become a more attractive funding target for both institutional and angel money as a direct result of this conference. We have further solidified our go-to-market strategy as a result of the conference and other conversations we have had with participants. Again you guys, I can't thank you enough. I would have paid $15K if I knew that this is what I would have gotten out of it!"
    - Mark Feanny, CEO, Reztrak. Inc.

    "For our company, we looked at the Perfect Venture Conference as an educational forum as well as an opportunity to raise capital. The panel format was invaluable in learning about the overall VC process and tips on how to fine tune our pitch and presentation. Networking with other CEOs as well as the VCs was an added bonus that provided a wealth of good advice and importantly, interest in our company. Thank you FundingPost for a terrific forum, especially for a company that is new to the VC process."
    - David Wickersham, Progressive Pipeline Management

    "Since the Perfect Venture Conference Blue Pearl Software has continued to focus on product development, and we are on schedule to release our major product for computer chip design automation this month. We will be showing it at the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco in July. Blue Pearl has continued to raise money through our network of angel investors, and we have also had several follow-up meetings with investors that attended the Perfect Venture Conference. We will be discussing our future funding requirements with them after the Design Automation Conference in July. The Perfect Venture Conference was the best forum for introductions to the investment community that we have ever experienced."
    - Ellis Smith, President and CEO, Blue Pearl Software, Inc.

    "The Perfect Venture Conference provided us with sobering, practical advice from leaders in the venture community; solid presentation coaching, and the opportunity to pitch our deal to qualified investors in a group setting and one-on-one. Of all the venture conferences we have attended, PVC was by far the best organized, most widely attended, and highest valued."
    - Mike O'Donnell, CEO, iCopyright, Inc.

    "The event gave us so many opportunities to practice our pitches and to meet these elusive but clearly “perfect” Venture Capital Groups, we could not have asked for more! The lessons we learned, the advice and the referrals we took away with us, and the truly supportive attendees and sponsors made the event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us -- and we’re committed to making the best of every bit of it to obtain the financing we need for Senscient ASAP! From the many conversations with our targeted investment groups, I was able to get 9 solid referrals for introductions and potential follow-up meetings over the next few weeks. Two of the conversations led to very significant private meetings right there during the conference."
    - Jean Berthold, Senscient, Ltd.

    "I was a little hesitant to invest money to attend FundingPost’s "Perfect Venture Conference" in New York, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. We were able to get in front of dozens of qualified venture firms, and FundingPost did a great job of finding firms that matched our target industry. Within three days we had follow-up calls from venture capitalists inquiring about our company after attending the event. That traction never would have happened for us without making an investment in attending the “Perfect Venture Conference.” FundingPost definitely created return on investment for us!”
    - Brian Johnson, Founder, Sticky, Inc.

    "As an entrepreneur wading in the unpredictable world of Venture Financing, I found the FundingPost Conference extremely valuable for our company. The innovative sessions and the favorable 3:1 ratio of VCs to entrepreneurs enable you to meet several VCs in a short period of time. Of course, your work just begins in these meetings, but I came way with at least 6 VC appointments that I am following up with from that conference. I think Joe and Howie have come up with the "killer app" for connecting entrepreneurs to VCs."
    - Arun Santhebennur, Resolvity, Inc.

    "Once again, the Perfect Venture Conference was fantastic and well worth the price! All the panels were informative and the panelists were approachable.....which is unusual in a conference setting. It was especially good for those attending who are considering the route of VCs, but not yet decided. And, it was helpful to determine whether one's company is at the Angel or VC stage...not to mention understanding the process of pursuing either path. As I told you on the phone, we received requests for more information from 10 of the firms...which I have responded to this week. Jeanne at StarVest has already responded (within 20 minutes) and introduced us to the VC firm that did the Jamdat deal, as well as her brother from Sportsline! Thanks again for all your help. You guys did a great job!"
    - Siobhan Mullen, CEO, SAS Games

    "Thank you for the event! It was very well organized and well attended. I was impressed by how many investor groups actually came and participated in the conference. You kept it moving well and gave us good feedback on our stuff prior to the conference."
    - Chad Christensen, EntryPoint

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    Below are quotes from some of the Investors who participated in the Perfect Venture Conference:

    "The November 2008 Perfect Venture Conference, IV, was perfectly organized. There were many opportunities for us to talk to the entrepreneurs as one on one, other networking, and listen to pitches. Of major importance, there was ample room to meet for private conversations, at one's convenience, rather than being crammed together as is the common situation with most such conferences. Thank you FundingPost for being sensitive to the needs of venture capitalists."
    - Irvin Barash, Vencon Management, Inc.

    "No better place for entrepreneurs to meet the Metro NY venture community."
    - Charlie Federman, Angel Investor

    "I thought the event was excellent as always. Thank you for including me in your wonderful event. I thought companies really benefited. I am following up with 3 companies from the event and one that we recommended for the event ; )"
    - Jung Yun, Yun Capital

    “The venue, the audience, the candor has been terrific, and I’ve really been very impressed with the caliber of the dialogue, and the exchange between the entrepreneurs and the investors. I found it to be, head and shoulders, one of the best conferences I’ve participated in."
    - Warren Haber, Crossbar Capital

    “We’ve made about 20 investments in technology companies, including one from a previous FundingPost conference. We found the forum very conducive to dealmaking, good information flow, and just a good way to network between founders and funders.
    - Ron Thompson, Corporate Angels

    "I have to say I was a little skeptical coming to the conference about who would be attending and turnout. But I have share with you I think you and your team nailed it! I am following up with 3 of the companies and I was very impressed with your panels."
    - Todd Dean, Keiretsu Forum

    “I found the company mix very strong, in terms on the obvious effort that went into screening. I thought it was among the unique formats that I’ve been to in the venture environment and I’m pleased to have been invited back to participate."
    - Toby Moskowitz, Founder & CEO, Heritage Equity Partners

    "Thank you for inviting Flybridge to participate. It was great to connect with the entrepreneurs you brought together and found the format wonderful for getting the information we need in a quick and organized manner. Thank you for a great conference and I hope we can participate in the future!"
    - Matthew Witheiler, Flybridge Capital Partners

    "The Perfect Venture Conference in NYC was a great event in that was an intimate setting with quality entrepeneur and investor contacts that was extremely well run by the FundingPost staff."
    - Scott D. Bohrer, Esq., ETF Venture Funds

    "Thanks for inviting me. I was impressed with the event and the companies. Nice work!"
    - Scott Nissenbaum, Novitas Capital

    "The Perfect Venture Conference was a well-run and informative event for entrepreneurs as well an opportunity for our angel group to find some opportunities we had not seen before."
    - Ellen Sandles, Tri-State Private Investors

    "It was a supreme joy to be part of the successful event last week. You guys have done a superb job. It was one of the best VC conferences that I have attended. I in particular liked the intimate setting between entrepreneurs and investors. Giving entrepreneurs ample chances to practice on their presentation in time constraint was great. I look forward to the next event.
    - Sookja Han, Executive Managing Director, Korea Technology Investment Corp.

    "Many thanks and congrats on the successful FundingPost venture conference at Merrill Lynch. Very well planned and organized."
    - Richard Fox, Managing Director, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

    "I participated as a panelist for a FundingPost conference in April of 2006, and was impressed with the caliber of early-stage companies represented at this event, and we are following up with several of these opportunities that are particularly relevant to our investment strategy and industry focus."
    - Anthony Buffa, Managing General Partner, Endeavor Capital Management

    "I really enjoyed participating in your Perfect Venture Conference in NYC! The quality of both the conference and the companies that presented was outstanding. I have selected two of the companies that I met in NYC that are interesting investment potentials, and I am in the process of following up with their respective CEOs to begin some due diligence in the next few weeks."
    - Bob Welch, Coast Ventures

    "I see CEO’s get their PhDs in best practices for how-to-get-funded techniques. This is accomplished through FundingPost’s well orchestrated and accomplished conferences – great for learning from and networking with the money sources."
    - Jeanne M. Sullivan, StarVest Partners, L.P.

    "Thanks for the invitation to the Conference. I enjoyed partcipating and thought that many of the companies were very interesting."
    - Charles Crockett, Founding partner, Ascend Ventures

    "The Perfect Venture Conference is a powerful event for entrepreneurs to attend in order to meet, collaborate and engage in serious discussions with investors in order to achieve the goals of their enterprises and individual aspirations. An event not to miss!"
    - David J. Freschman, Innovation Ventures

    "We have met several strong entrepreneurs with exciting ideas while attending FundingPost conferences."
    - Brett Topche, Associate, NJTC Venture Fund

    "A great event, I know that I’ve invested in at least one deal associated with FundingPost events, and it’s a great networking opportunity with the founders and the VCs that are there. I’m looking forward to this one!"
    - John Filla, Angel Investor, Houston Angel Network

    "We have participated in a number of FundingPost events and have always been impressed by the quality of the companies we met there."
    - Jonathan Silver, Core Capital Partners

    "I found the Perfect Venture Conference to be the optimal setting for entrepreneurs to have a captive investor audience. For an entrepreneur being able to hear investors on the panel & understanding their philosophy is very important, coupled with a speed pitching session makes for a potentially powerful combination from an entrepreneurial funding standpoint."
    - Matt Bieber, Originate Ventures

    "I enjoyed the event and meeting some of the other panelists and the entrepreneurs. There were a number of interesting companies. I'm following up with a couple of companies that fit our criteria. I'll let you know if anything happens."
    - Andrew Clapp, Brook Ventures

    "FundingPost has provided us with outstanding deal flow. This service not only provides us with investment opportunities but helps us keep a strong pulse on the market."
    - Salvatore Gaglio, Director, Sceata Technology Group, LLC

    "I spoke at the FundingPost conference, and I am now working with a Lucent spin-off who introduced themselves to me after my talk."
    - Jack Bloom, Alpha Capital Corporation, and Instructor, Capital Markets, NYU

    "The people from FundingPost are among the brightest and most competent I've met in the VC world. Through them, I've made a ton of contacts, and I've also met some very good companies that I'm still working with. I love their events and hope to attend many more in the future."
    - Adam Farber, COO, IDT Ventures

    "The events FundingPost sponsor are well run and attract a broad mix of investors, from the larger VC funds to angels – an ideal place to showcase a company!"
    - Bob Gailus, Lenox Venture Partners

    "FundingPost had a terrific group of attendees and speakers at the Perfect Venture Conference. I was glad to be a part of it, and would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future."
    - Elad Yoran, CEO and Founder, Security Growth Partners, LLC.

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