"It was a supreme joy to be part of the successful event last week. You guys have done a superb job. It was one of the best VC conferences that I have attended. I, in particular, liked the intimate setting between entrepreneurs and investors. Giving entrepreneurs ample chances to practice on their presentation in time constraint was great. I look forward to the next event.
- Sookja Han, Executive Managing Director, Korea Technology Investment Corp.

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"The Perfect Venture Conference" Agenda

Why is this the "perfect" venture conference? We will have over 40 early-stage VCs and only 20 early-stage Technology companies coming together for a day and a half of interactive workshops, panels, private meetings, networking and pitching.

**During each of the below sessions, every company will have the opportunity to pitch to the investors. There will also be networking time in between each session and several 1-on-1 sessions throughout the day.

7:45 Registration and Breakfast

9:30 Panel 1: This panel will go over the basics and specifics of meeting with Investors, and what they expect to hear; what you should and should not say!

11:50 Lunch

1:20 Panel 2: Setting your Valuation. This panel will discuss how Entrepreneurs and Investors set their valuation, and how they can come to terms when it's higher or lower than expected.

4:20 Panel 3: Learn what VCs & Angels are thinking and what they are looking for in 2009 & '10. This Investor Panel will go over the current state of the market and IT investing.

6:10 Cocktail Party
Note: Speaker list and Agenda are subject to change without notice.
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