Grants for Small Business Owners

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Learn How to Get Free Grant Money for Your Business!

Half of All Small Business Owners Are Forced to Close Their Doors Permanently in the First Five Years of Business

Learn How to Secure 100% FREE Money from the Federal Government and Private Organizations Who Will Help Keep You Afloat Until Your Business Starts Turning a Profit!

In the business world, a lack of money can mean disaster.

According to the Small Business Administration, half of all businesses will fail in the first five years. The primary reason? Insufficient capital (money)! Try getting a traditional lender to fork over the funds and you’ll find it all depends on your personal credit situation.

And what happens when they do loan money to your business and you immediately have to start paying it back, even though most business owners don’t see a true profit in the first couple of years in business?

Being your own boss sounds enticing enough. Instead of the hard work and long hours benefiting someone else, they’re a direct reflection on you. Your earning potential has no glass ceiling and let’s face it – it’s exciting to be the owner of your own company.

But no one ever tells you when you’re daydreaming about self-employment perks that it will be next to impossible to get the money you need to truly be a success in your industry.

Billions of Dollars Sit Rotting in a Government Cache Because Most Small Business Owners Don’t Know They Qualify for FREE Money!

Can you believe state agencies rush around at the end of their fiscal year trying to dole out money to eligible individuals and companies and still wind up sending millions of dollars back to Uncle Sam because no one was there to claim it?

The legislature allots a certain amount of money to the agencies of each state so that they can help foster the growth of their community. We’re not just talking about non-profit charity organizations here – we’re talking about helping entrepreneurs plant the seeds of economic growth in a community to better society!

In Grants for Small Business Owners, You’ll Have Your Eyes Opened About:

1. Why You Should Start Early and Secure Grant Approval Before Your Business Ever Takes Off …Page 3

2. The Truth Behind the Lie That Grants Are Only Reserved for Charity Organizations…Page 4

3. The Biggest Myths About What You Can’t Do with Your Grant Money – You Have More Flexibility Than You Think! …Page 5

4. 7 Essential Grant Elements You’ll Need to Compile to Qualify for Free Funding from Uncle Sam! …Page 7

5. 28 Federal Agencies With a Stash of Cash That Are Hopeful You’ll Approach Them About Funding Opportunities …Page 10

6. The Best Way to Receive Up-to-Date Notifications About Available Grant Money So That You Gain a Competitive Edge Over Your Competition…Page 15

7. And More Ways to Stake Claim to Monies That Are Rightfully Yours as a Small Business Owner Operating in the United States!

Contrary to popular belief, the grant application process isn’t cut and dry. Much of your success depends on the impact you have over whomever is reading your application and supporting materials.

I show you how to conduct thorough research within your own business and using outside resources to support your position that your business is worthy and eligible to receive an award in the form of a grant.

You have to be extra careful about following the government guidelines, but it’s equally important to put your own voice into the creation of your proposal. I show you what trigger words will tug at the heartstrings of your reviewer and what social proof you can offer to substantiate your claim that your business is a benefit to the community.

It’s much more than just number crunching on a bunch of forms. You have to discover the right way to write your narrative sections so that they fully disclose the facts while creating an impact through the writing skills I teach you.

You’re going to learn how to get organized, where to look for crucial facts and figures, and how to develop a slant or angle that’s sure to win over your peer reviewers who will be making the decision about your funding.

You’ll also learn the right language to use. You can’t navigate the process without understanding terms like collaborative partners and in-kind monies. Plus, you’ll see what tricks top grant writers use to tip the scales in their favor just by choosing the right words to use in their proposal.

Getting a Grant Requires the Perfect Balance of Creativity and Qualifications

You’re going to find out how to beat the other competitors to the bounty by drafting a compelling cover letter that starts your request out on the right foot. Then you’ll move on to unearth some little-known secrets grant pros use to Wow their audience and rack up points for a positive response.

I never thought I would be able to start my own business, but after reading Grants for Small Business Owners I was able to prepare a proposal that got noticed by the agency reviewers and resulted in the funding of my entire business plan! It wasn’t as intimidating as I feared thanks to your no-nonsense guidance and extra insight into how to make a great first impression. In fact, the reviewer specifically commented about how well-organized my proposal was – and I used your ready-made template to get started!
Sarah H.
Ruidoso, NM

Don’t Turn Down the Chance to Have the Government Pay You to Launch Your Own Business!

So many entrepreneurs put their plans on hold for the “one day” when they might be able to afford it. You don’t have to wait anymore! Be your own boss today and give the 9-5 corporate grind a pink slip as you welcome the chance to be your own boss and provide the community with the products and services you excel at.

Why burden yourself with a traditional loan where you’re forced to pay it back, with interest tacked on, while you’re still struggling to see profits? Grant money is free – you never have to give back a single cent!

And I don’t just show you hot to get the grant – I take you past the acquisition process and through the point where the money is actually in hand. You have to know how to follow through on your promises.

Even if you’re rejected, I walk you through the process to resubmit your request so that it has a chance a survival! A “no” isn’t the end of the road with grant proposals!

A Small Business Owner’s Funding Toolbox Filled With Specific Data and Advice About How You Can Get Your Hands on Public and Private Funding to Help You Grow Your Success!

1. Links to All 50 State Agencies That House Grant Money They Have to Hand Out Before the End of the Fiscal Year! …Page 16

2. Why Your Hardest Competitors Are Willing to Pay You Money to Compete with Them on Their Turf …Page 19

3. The Difference Between Corporate and Foundation Grant Applications in Comparison to the Federal Government Standards …Page 20

4. A Ready-Made Corporate Request Letter Template You Can Use to Secure Fast Cash or Gifts That Will Help You Break Free from the Risk of Failure…Page 22

5. Special Funding Opportunities for Minorities, Women, Veterans, and Victims of Disaster…Page 24

6. How to Navigate the Rough Waters of the Federal Application Forms Required to Get You Through the Pre-Review Stage…Page 28

7. Plus Dozens of Other Tips to Help Get Your Business Off the Ground Using Grant Money You Can Easily Claim as Your Own!


To Make the Process Even Easier, I’m Handing Over a Complete Grant proposal Template Sample You Can Use to Plug in Your Own Facts to Get Funded ASAP

There’s a lot of work that goes into organizing the information you have to obtain for the submission process. This free bonus makes it easier and faster to get approved because it’s already laid out for you using fill-in-the-blank guidelines and example scenarios that will help spur your creativity.

In Grants for Small Business Owners, you’ll commit to the process of securing free funding and by the time you’re finished applying the secrets, you may have the money you needed to start or grow your own company.

P.S. Don’t miss out the opportunity to start building your business today. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold until someday.” The government knows the value of the small business owner, and they’re willing to help you become a vital part of the community!

Price : $19.95