How To Raise Your First Million Dollars (Volume 2)

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The most important step towards funding your company this year -

How To Raise Your First Million Dollars (Volume 2)

An Insiders Look At 10 More Of The Leading Angel Investor Groups In America

If you are a CEO of a new business or an inventor with an idea - then you know that you NEED capital. You also know that one of the best sources of capital are Angel Investors. BUT how can you meet these elusive private investors ?

They are difficult to meet because that is the way they want it! If you were an investor, would you want three hundred CEOs calling you everyday? Well neither do they - so what do Angel Investors do to still find new investments while staying below the radar? The answer to this question is also the answer to "How To Raise Your First Million Dollars"

The answer is from Angel Groups! The Angel Group is the perfect answer to meeting the needs of both investors and entrepreneurs - as it provides a single contact point and screening process for new deals. So the next question for a CEO to ask is how do I find Angel Groups and even more importantly what do they want in return for a check?

This is EXACTLY what "How To Raise Your First Million Dollars" will teach you. We interviewed 10 more of the most active Angel Groups in America and 99 pages of this downloadable ebook, you will learn:
- what industries they are investing in / typical investment size
- who is funding pre-revenue deals
- what type of return (exit) they are looking for
- how they are setting the valuation for Series A companies
- what Angels REALLY want in a business plan
- (Special Bonus: Directory listing of the 50 most active Angel Groups in America)

If you read the First Volume, you know that this is an invaluable resource for early-stage entrepreneurs. Volume 1 gave you a lot of the basics, volume 2 goes deeper into preparring you for meeting with an Angel Investor. This is truly an insiders look into every step of the process from how you should contact an Angel Investor group through how to value your company and follow up to get your first million dollar check!

Here are the 10 Angel Groups interviewed:
  • TriState Ventures
  • BlueTree Allied Angels
  • Cherrystone Angel Group
  • Delaware Crossing Investors Group
  • Eastern Montana Investor Group
  • Keiretsu Forum
  • Ohio Tech Angels
  • Puget Sound Venture Club
  • Robin Hood Ventures
  • Sand Hill Angels

  • As you can see, this book is a MUST READ for any entrepreneur who is serious about raising their first million dollars.

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    Price : $25