What Venture Capitalists Really Want - 2005

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How do you know what Venture Capitalists are thinking about this year?

What Venture Capitalists Really Want - 2005 (Volume 1)

An Insider's Guide to Venture Capitalist Thoughts for 2005

It's time for you to raise capital for your business, but how do you prepare for conversations with Venture Capitalists? Here's your chance to see what more than 40 leading VCs nationwide are thinking about when it comes to investments in 2005. Find out what is on the minds of the VCs and ensure that your opportunity will be attractive to the Venture community. . .

How can an entrepreneur prepare to make a winning pitch to a Venture Capitalist? Sure, you need to have a great idea and a company that is on-the-go, but how do you learn to speak the language of Venture Capitalists? ”What Venture Capitalists Really Want - 2005,” is a perfect way to make sure you are prepared when you go out and seek capital. Not only will it help you target Venture Capitalists who will be interested in your venture, but it will also make you more knowledgeable about the VC field in general so you can talk to the VCs on their terms.

”What Venture Capitalists Really Want - 2005” will prepare you so that you can talk comfortably with Venture Capitalists not only about your company but about trends and developments in the Venture Capital industry. Potential investors gain confidence in CEOs who are smart not only about their own business, but who have an understanding of the venture world also. Armed with the information in this book, you will be able to impress your potential investors and “hit the ball out of the park” when you make your pitch.

We interviewed 44 of the leading Venture Capitalists in America and in 116 pages of this downloadable e-book, you will learn:
- what are the “hot” sectors right now
- what are the current opportunities for exits
- what factors are impacting valuations now
- how many deals is each VC expecting to do this year
- what trends/concerns/opportunities do VCs feel are impacting investments
- (Special Bonus: Biographies, Fund Information and Contact Information provided for the Participating Venture Capitalists)

This is truly an insider's guide into what things are important to Venture Capitalists now. Learn how to speak the language of the VCs and increase your chances of WOWING the VCs and securing that all-important capital!

Here are the Venture Capitalists interviewed:

  • Alexis Group - Alexandra Post
  • Canaan Partners - Deepak Kamra
  • Chisholm Private Capital Partners - John Frick
  • Compass Technology Partners - David Arscott
  • ComVentures - Cliff Higgerson
  • Draper Fisher Jurveston - Tim Draper
  • Enterprise Partners Venture Capital - Bill Stensrud
  • Euclid SR Partners - Graham Anderson
  • First Analysis - Jim Macdonald
  • Flagship Ventures - David Flaschen
  • Guide Ventures - Russ Aldrich
  • IdeaLab - Howard Morgan
  • Ignition Partners - Robert Headley
  • Innovation Philadelphia - Chris Starr
  • In-Q-Tel, Inc. - Johnathan Joseph
  • Insight Venture Partners - Kobie Fuller
  • InterWest Partners - Philip Gianos
  • Kodiak Venture Partners - Lou Volpe
  • Labrador Ventures - Sean Foote
  • Lyric Capital - Terry Temescu
  • MC Venture Partners - Matthew Rubins
  • Monumental Venture Partners - Jeff Friedman
  • New England Partners - Ed Snape
  • Newlight Associates - Douglas Miscoll
  • Ovation Capital Partners - Todd Squilanti
  • Rho Ventures - Habib Kairouz
  • Rocket Ventures - Jeff Allen
  • Roser Ventures - Chris Roser
  • Rustic Canyon Partners - Jon Staenberg
  • Southern Capitol Partners - Jason Caplain
  • SpaceVest - John Higginbotham
  • Still River Fund - James Saalfield
  • Storm Ventures - Ryan Floyd
  • Storm Ventures - Sanjay Subhedar
  • Ticonderoga Capital - Craig Jones
  • Ticonderoga Capital - Tyler Wick
  • Timeline Ventures - Dev Purkayastha
  • Trident Capital - Eric Janszen
  • Trident Capital - Venetia Kontogouris
  • Vanguard Ventures - Dan Eilers
  • Vencon Management - Irving Barash
  • Venrock Associates - Ray Rothrock
  • View Group - Mintoo Bhandari
  • Waypoint Ventures - Brian Khoury

  • THERE IS NO QUESTION: This book is ESSENTIAL READING for any CEO who is serious about raising capital!

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