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    The FundingPost "Life's a Pitch"TM Workshop

    Pitch to VCs & Angel Investors Nationwide

    Did you know that every single FundingPost pitching session nationwide has generated follow up meetings for the CEOs with the Venture & Angel investors in attendance?

    FundingPost has several opportunities to pitch directly to Angel Investors and VCs across the country. Here's how it works:

    We list the cities that we are going to be in below. Choose one that you are interested in.

    Typical rooms have 5-15 active Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

    The pitching fee also includes the following:
    • Coaching Workshop Lunch, where we review and fine-tune your Elevator Pitch putting together the exact information investors NEED to hear to make an educated decision on your company.
    • Ticket to the main event that day (Value: $75)
    • 1-2 Minute Elevator Pitch to the Investors at the main event.
    FundingPost is the leading organizer of Venture Capital events & conferences nationwide (200+ events in 22 cities!). This is an amazing opportunity to pitch directly to angel investors and VCs in person!

    The cost is only $350 for the entire package.

    Fill out the form below to have a representative contact you about pitching to Investors. Be sure to note which city you would like to pitch in.

    Investor Pitching Workshop Locations: 2013
    Miami, FL - February 28
    Atlanta, GA - March 28
    New York City - April 18
    Chicago, IL - April 25
    \ Las Vegas, NV - May 2
    Boston, MA - June 6
    Los Angeles, CA - June 20
    Silicon Valley, CA - June X
    Washington, DC - July 18
    Detroit, MI
    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX
    Raleigh, NC
    Atlanta, GA
    New Haven, CT
    Seattle, WA
    Portland, OR
    Philadelphia, PA
    Madison, WI
    Sedona, AZ - Dec XX

    First Name
    Last Name
    Company Name
    Work Title
    Company URL
    Amount Seeking?
    Where would you like to pitch?
    Your preferred area
    Company Overview
    Limit: 800 Characters.
    If you type: "Call me for more info", your application will be ignored.

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    “I am pleased to recommend the FundingPost events. I have presented our product, MyOnlineToolbox, and was very happy with the quality of the attendees, timely organization and assistance that FundingPost provided. We did obtain investment from a sophisticated Angel Investor we presented to and will attend again for future rounds of financing.”
    - Brian Javeline, CEO
    ServusXchange, LLC.

    “After our presentation at FundingPost, we received a term sheet from one of the VC's we met there. It was a very valuable meeting - thanks FundingPost.”
    - Ellis Smith, President and CEO
    Blue Pearl Software, Inc.

    “After pitching our business plan at your Philadelphia event, we received a term sheet from an angel group that was present. By getting us in front of a captive group of high quality investors, your team helped us to save time seeking qualified angels. FundingPost is a great resource. Thanks!”
    - Matias Klein, President & CTO
    Ethidium Health Systems

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