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    The Investors have voted - Congratulations to all of the 2009 winners of Pitching Across America!!

    First Place National Winner
    Ivy Exec (NY)
    Online recruiting firm that combines next generation technology with white glove executive recruiting. $100K+ in Revenue! $260K Raised from Founders and Angels.
    First Runner-Up
    XCOM Wireless, Inc. (CA)
    XCOM is a fabless semiconductor company with strong partners and a chip that improves wireless broadband devices.

    50 Regional Winners (not in rank order)
    RadioTraffic.com (TX)
    Radio stations use our computer software for order entry, scheduling and billing of their commercials.
    Spinetronics, LLC (FL)
    The only cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) range-of-motion spinal decompression system in the world. Self Funded. $1.1M in Rev!
    XCOM Wireless, Inc. (CA)
    XCOM is a fabless semiconductor company with strong partners and a chip that improves wireless broadband devices.
    Camera Screen Laryngoscope, Inc./ Pat.Med Devices (NY)
    Patented Medical Devices:Video Laryngoscope,Serpent Blade,others. $400K invst by founder
    Zero Burn (NJ)
    Zero Burn makes fire impossible by lowering oxygen levels.
    Jobaba Inc. (WA)
    Online social marketplace connecting people with needs to local service providers. Fully integrated with Twitter.
    Tower of Babel, LLC (dba Crossings, Crossings TV (CA)
    An aggregator and producer of TV programming and online content for underserved and viable ethnic communities. $500K+ in Rev!
    CircleBuilder Software LLC (CA)
    CircleBuilder is a private, branded, rules-based networking and connectivity engine for faith-based organizations.
    External Pharma Inc (TX)
    preclinical drug development and discovery research solutions, with co-development of drugs (IP rights)
    The Independent Life Settlement Advisory Group,LLC (AZ)
    RIA managing diversified portfolio of senior life settlements with proprietary algorthym. $1.7M Invested.
    EosHealth (TX)
    Mobile phone, web, and kiosk based personalized healthcare for individuals, employers, health plans, and physicians
    Zimple, Inc. (CA)
    SaaS financial agreement admin product to manage loans/leases, rent and payments for consumers/non-financial lender. Generating Rev. $250K Invested by Founder!
    Financial Modeling Solutions, Inc. (FMS) (GA)
    FMS develops & markets in-depth, long-range financial planning software (Financial Fate) to the do-it-yourselfer.
    Living Well - Assisted Living at Home (CA)
    Smart technology & 5 Star service givels elders the choice to remain home, safe and pampered, & in their community
    Medical Systems International (NV)
    SELFPap Kit, Self-administered cervical tissue collection system for the Pap test.
    Walters Manufacturing Inc. (IL)
    Automatic transmissions for Harley-Davidson motorcycles
    LHL Ventures LLC (NJ)
    Leverage brand to raise social awareness of child exploitation and deliver a good profit to investors & shareholders. $900k Invested. $250k+ in Rev!
    Mathematical Bio-Solutions Inc. (NY)
    Non-Invasive Pain Elimination Device. $5.5M Invested.
    Global Med Solutions (CA)
    Full service med tourism company providing access to quality health care and all ancillary services on a global scale.
    ProFACT Proteomics (NJ)
    With our new functional proteomics platform, small molecule screening of conformational variants becomes possible. $50K+ in Revenue
    Ball Semiconductor Inc. (TX)
    New sensor platform technology to be adopted in wide range of applications. $85M Raised from 1997-2004. $100K+ In Revenue!
    BuyGreen.com (CA)
    Online One Stop Shop for Green Products. Supplies growing demand for products. $250+ in 2008 rev. $200K from Founders
    NR 27 (MA)
    The NR 27 is a patented invention waiting to be manufactured.
    MBF Therapeutics (PA)
    Advancing the Quality of Cancer Care for Man's Best Friends
    BoomCloud Inc. (NY)
    IAAS / State-of-the-art cloud computing platform
    Sterile Containment Technology (CA)
    Patented container that reduces sterilization cycle time from 2 hours down to Just 4 Minutes!
    Coronary Bypass Devices LLC (FL)
    Conduct trials necessasary for goverment (FDA) approval (about 4 years) and sell to major medical device company
    CANI Optical Systems (MD)
    CANI Optical Systems offers our clients with: Innovative endoscopes, accessories, as well as Repair and Maintenance.
    Safety Engineering International (CA)
    Design, Development and Manufacturing of Rollover Occupant Protection Systems
    nTerraCon (WA)
    nTerraCon offers consumer-based mapping and imagery solutions that geo-enrich documents.
    Ivy Exec (NY)
    Online recruiting firm that combines next generation technology with white glove executive recruiting. $100K+ in Revenue! $260K Raised from Founders and Angels.
    Dubay Ingredients, LLC (WI)
    New Biomass to Ethanol proprietary technology ready for commercialization, $350K invested by founders
    Hydro Technologies Inc. of Michigan (MI)
    Breakthrough technology chemical solutions Company. Broad range of immediate fields of use. All green & biodegradable. $250K+ Rev!
    KollabNet, Inc. (CA)
    BtoB Software Co with Visual Requirements Management to Engineering SW for Markets from Healthcare to Energy. $2.4M Raised from Friends and Angel Groups
    ComCam International Inc. (PA)
    Wireless Command and Control solutions, anytime, anywhere
    UMS Healthcare (CA)
    Franchised healthcare recruiting company. $2M+ in Revenue!
    Cedar Valley Manufacturing, Inc. (CA)
    Manufacturing cedar shingle siding for 28 years. Established brand name and distribution chain.
    NeighborHubs, LLC (CA)
    Real estate search engine with proprietary Agent Match search to provide qualified, local Realtor referrals. $2M Invested, $100K+ in Rev!
    Global Trade Management (NJ)
    Assist in marketing and promoting U.S companies to the Chinese market.
    Fasprin Health LLC (FL)
    Fasprin Low Dose Aspirin and related OTC products
    Electronic Sports (UT)
    Dogfight will soon be featured by a major news organization as one of the hottest new trends in fitness.
    Fibertrek, Inc. (CA)
    Fibertrek, Inc. will provide advanced, high-bandwidth digital services to end users in rural communities.
    3DMedia (NC)
    We provide licensable technologies that will lead to the commercialization of 3D products in the consumer space
    See Jane Run (CA)
    See Jane Run fuses running, fashion and community in a specialty retail business for women. $2M+ in Revenue!
    Envisionier (GA)
    Mobile, portable endoscopic system for capturing, sharing and storing endoscopic multimedia
    SolarAMP, LLC (NC)
    R&D co. with 18+ patents in critical areas of organic solar PV and the ability to adapt them. $1.5M raised from founders and Angels
    MicroMed Cardiovascular Inc. (TX)
    MicroMed Cardiovascular is focused on the development, manufacture, and sale of LVAD's and the Total Artificial Heart. $17M Raised.
    Spearhead Innovations (MD)
    Builds portable, lightweight non-intrusive inspection systems to detect contraband and identify liquid contents. $50K+ Rev!
    Nelbee, LLC (NY)
    Instant real estate scheduling, $70K invested by founders, patent pending, first mover advantage.
    Premium Knowledge Group (TX)
    PKG's provides on-demand tools for the marketing function that increase sales by 50%. $100K+ in Revenue!

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