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    The Investors have voted - Congratulations to all of the 2007 winners of Pitching Across America!!

    First Place National Winner
    Patented technology for Online Marine Directions & location based services like MapQuest/Google does for land. Generating Rev. Raised $400K

    First Runner-Up
    Carlsbad Pharmaceuticals, Inc (CPI)
    Identifies & manages anticancer lead discoveries. Small Molecule Drug Enhancement Platform remodels nucleoside drugs. Can be used for 10 other anti-cancel drugs!

    Second Runner-Up
    Production, distribution, redemption and fulfillment of mobile, digital coupons and incentives at retailer POS system. $1.5M Raised from Angels.

    Regional Winners
    ABC Film & Video, LLC - Media at Large (NY)
    Film and Video Development, Production & Distribution

    Advanced & Alternative Diesel Injection, Inc. (MI)
    Advanced and Alternative fuel injection technology for environmentally friendly diesel engines

    AECOS Inc. (GA)
    Wastewater Recycling Services

    Animal Records LLC (FL)
    Electronic Medical Records system for the Veterinary Industry. $300K invested. Prototype completed.

    3 year old IPTV station. $75k invested by founders. Generating revenue.

    Asta Ltd (OR)
    Enzymatic hydrolysis process that transforms perishable food-grade animal raw material into short chain polypeptides.

    bidforprinting.com (PA)
    Connects printers and print buyers

    Bio-One Fuels (CA)
    Manufacturer of Bio-Diesel Fuel 19000 gallons production capacity per day contracts to sell 8000 gallons per day
    BioPath Laboratory, Inc. (VA)
    An Innovative Solution To The Current Bacteria Or Fusarium Keratitis-Related Contact Lenses Infections

    Camera Screen Laryngoscope, Inc./ Pat.Med Devices (NY)
    Patented Medical Devices:Video Laryngoscope,Serpent Blade,others. $300K invst by founder

    Carlsbad Pharmaceuticals, Inc (CPI) (CA)
    Identifies & manages anticancer lead discoveries. Small Molecule Drug Enhancement Platform remodels nucleoside drugs. Can be used for 10 other anti-cancel drugs!

    CelleCast, Inc. (WA)
    Cell phone radio + all things audio, on demand. Users hear top–tier radio shows on any phone, at any time, from anywhere

    Compass Technology (VA)
    IntelliSafe is a solution to create, store, secure, digitally sign, and transfer any electronic source record

    Data Mart Services LLC (WI)
    Being in the software business since 1970 reveals to us the need for SaaS VM software (Our 1st Beta site is up)

    Deep9 Corporation (WA)
    Secure Remote Data Archival Services for Regulatory Compliance

    DT Communications, Inc. (CA)
    A proactive system for Alzheimer’s wander monitoring. Investment of $2M to $3M for marketing and sales. Sub S-Corp.

    Ducks Den Productions Inc (MN)
    Developer of online Subscription games for the casual market

    EcoSystems (NY)
    EcoEffective furniture for commercial and consumer markets

    eXS Inc (CA)
    Communication Services in developing economies.

    Focus Energy Corporation (NM)
    5 billion barrels bypassed oil, 5 times the size of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, are the focus of Focus Energy.

    GeoSpot, Inc. (CA)
    Location-based information and services on the web with unique method to contribute content by community & businesses. $900K Invested.

    GetYourIdentityBack.com, LLC (NJ)
    We have produced a first of breed online identity recovery solution for identity theft victims

    HyperNet Global Communications Inc. (CA)
    WiMax Wireless Broadband Internet Service

    ICE Innovative Technologies, LLC (NY)
    Products featured in TV commercials and television shows can be browsed and bought using only a standard remote.

    Iller Enterprises - ProTonLocks L.L.C. (CA)
    New Magnetic Pedal Locking Devise that allows the rider to maintain a positive attraction to the bicycle pedal

    5 product concepts established, patent pending. Plan to prototype 2 concepts. $175K+ invested by founders.

    JDL Digital Systems, Inc. (WA)
    JDL offers the highest quality enterprise digital video surveillance software and solutions to make everyday living safe

    Kurtz Broadcasting Co. (CA)
    Broadcasting high school sports online

    LANE SHELBY Luxury Decor Accessories (CA)
    High quality luxury decor products for affluent consumers and luxury hotels worldwide. Prototypes ready, patents pending

    Last Mile Logistics (MD)
    Plan to focus on highly fragmented segment of logistics

    Lendiva (CA)
    Only true market based mortgage exchange on the internet offering cash back to borrowers.

    Marian Country, Inc (TN)
    Imprint record label focusing on Country Music. Based in Nashville, TN. Subsidary of Marian Records, Inc.

    Mocha Mocha Me LLC (AZ)
    Coffee, Tea ,Ice Blended drinks of all kinds, Eclectic, personable, Friendly, Family oriented ,Motivated

    NanoMas Technologies, Inc. (NY)
    NMTI developed proprietary metal nanoparticle inks technology for making printable electronics with low cost.

    PCworldradio (FL)
    Internet Radio/Advertising is fastest growing medium in world. Unlimited marketplace. Over 50 years Exp. in RADIO

    REDA Digital, Inc. (NV)
    REDA’s core business is in the marketing and distribution of niche Avation software applications which tie-in with its proprietary web properties.

    Robin Wilson Home (NY)
    Robin Wilson Home is a revenue-generating home & lifestyle firm with a media platform & pending product license options.

    Sproose (CA)
    social search engine

    Sydel Corporation (FL)
    Fraud Prevention Software for Financial Institutions. $500K+ in Revenue!

    Throwback Entertainment (CA)
    A worldwide publisher & developer of Interactive Entertainment products. Acquired 158 Game titles from Acclaim Ent in 2006. Highly Experienced management funded co to date.

    Trimax Wireless, Inc. (FL)
    Trimax Wireless, Inc. develops, manufactures,distributes and supports advanced leading-edge scalable wireless systems. Over $500K invested.

    Unplugged Cities, LLC (MN)
    Wireless internet service provider with universal coverage for entire cities.

    Uriah Bement Coal, Inc. (IL)
    Profitable coal company with operational mines and processing facility. $2M+ in Revenue.

    Viaworld Advanced Products, Inc. (CA)
    A versatile vehicle/home/gardening care device innovator for individuals and small businesses

    WarriorSpec, LLC (NC)
    WarriorSpec, LLC is a USA based producer and distributor of tactical eyewear.

    WorkGiant Holdings LLC (FL)
    Online Employment Website, Unique Technology and Business Model Now Positioned for Rapid Expansion

    Young Forest Games (CA)
    Games with Meaning: Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. Picked up by uClick. will be on yahoo, msn, aol, etc.

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