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    Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2005 Pitching Across America competition!

    CSX Fiber Networks
    *National Winner*
    Closing on management buyout of CSX Fiber Networks, a $10mm subsidiary of the Fortune 250 CSX Corporation.

    CSX Fiber Networks, provides network and infrastructure services to the largest US carriers including AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Cingular, Nextel and Verizon and the US Government. The Company offers network infrastructure deployment, financing, optimization, integration, maintenance, and management throughout the continental US.

    Leveraging its professional services, infrastructure deployment, financing, and staffing capabilities, the company offers solutions that significantly improves the price/performance of existing communications networks enabling clients to better serve their customers while improving operating economics. The design and delivery of these custom infrastructure solutions leverages proprietary tools and assets, including FiberSource, a knowledge and relationship base delivering access to over 350,000 route miles of telecom network infrastructure and over 530 metropolitan fiber networks nationwide.
    Controlled Semiconductor, Inc.
    *Runner Up*
    ConSemi is manufacturer of LCD and Semiconductor Process Equipment. We hold several patents in the industry ranging from photomask through failure analysis. ConSemi launched our MRT (Mask Repair Tool) in 2004 and have sold several of these systems to the top LCD manufacturers in the world. We have only 1 competitor in this industry and currently we are 3-5 years ahead of them in technology. ConSemi has developed and patented systems and processes in the production and test of the latest leadframe process with our L2S2 product. We have also patented and will be soon launching our FATcat System (Failure Analysis Tool). This system has NO competitor and our only competition is a dangerous and uncontrollable process using fuming nitric acid. ConSemi also has several other products in R&D.
    Innovation Asset Group (IAG)
    *Runner Up*
    Innovation Asset Group, Inc. (IAG) is an Oregon c-corporation formed in May of 2002. It has created a next-generation software system called DECIPHER™ that enables companies, in real-time, to track and manage the most valuable of their assets - their intellectual property (“IP”) and other intangibles, related contracts, and how it all interrelates. Most companies in our target market have no clear visibility of these critical assets and the important information around them. As a result, they are: (1) Not effectively managing their most valuable asset base; (2) Exposed on the liability side more than necessary (3) Shipping (and paying for) products & services after contracts have expired; (4) Not collecting (or paying) royalties; (5) Using more administrative personnel than necessary; and (6) Paying more money and spending more time than necessary to roll up this information for compliance and internal reporting purposes. We go directly at this problem with an integrated solution. Having launched in late 2004 and already with eleven customers from coast to coast and internationally, all of whom are providing excellent feedback, IAG is positioned for a major land grab in a significant market where exit transaction values are extremely interesting.
    Helissio Technologies Inc. FL
    Helissio Technologies Inc. manufactures digital video encoding solutions for professional broadcasting and telecommunications industries. Our unique patent-pending preprocessing technology allows for a 2 to 1 compression improvement with any standard, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, or WMV-9. Our entry market is in hardware encoders for cable and satellite broadcasting. Follow-on markets include software encoding, surveillance, videoconferencing, storage, and streaming will involve licensing our preprocessing technology and revenue-sharing models similar to Dolby Digital. Once beta testing is complete we will be manufacturing and shipping plug-n-play hardware video encoders for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC at standard definition and high definition resolutions. Our unprecedented compression performance gives video service providers the option of doubling the number of channels within fixed bandwidths; drastically improving video quality at low data rates; and offering their subscribers access to emerging applications like HDTV, IPTV, and wireless network broadcasts
    Nano Interface Technology, Inc. VA
    Nano Interface Technology, Inc. (NITI) has developed nanotechnology-derived economical ultra-pure coatings for orthopedic and dental implants which FDA has been in quest for many years. The NIH Nanotech review panel validates NITI’s proprietary technology by stating excellent quality of product and its enormous clinical benifits. For the last 20 years, the lifespan of orthopedic and dental implants has been 10-12 years with revision rate of 17%. The ultra-pure coatings developed by the NITI will increase the lifespan of these implants from 12 years to 20 years resulting in reduced revisions. It will also reduce need of high strength painkillers. Since this material is currently used in coatings of implants, therefore implants developed using this purer material will easily get FDA approval without any clinical studies. It will be widely accepted by the surgeons because the cost of these implants will be significantly lower than the current cost of coated implants. NITI has completed the basic research and will market the products after in vivo studies in the next 3 years. NITI will provide coatings for orthopedic implants to manufacturers for higher growth in revenue and plans to license its technology to the existing players in the dental implants business. The leading dental implants companies have already contacted NITI for the partnership. The worldwide market size of the orthopedic and dental implants is $15B per year with 15% growth rate. The growth rate of 15% will increase to 25% due to the longer life expectancy and several painkillers for arthritis are being pulled out from the market, resulting in $30B market by 2009. NITI foresees revenue of $133M by 2012 based on market shares of 1% in orthopedic and 10% in dental implants market. The reduction in the revision rate of hip and knee implants from 17% to 12% has the potential of saving $ 825M per year in the US alone. Company Background: Nano Interface Technology, Inc. (NITI) has hit upon the holy grail of nano-biomaterials production, and has successfully synthesized molecules under highly controlled conditions for specific applications. NITI has a proprietary platform technology for manufacturing of the nanoparticles of the multi-metal ions. Currently, Company collaborates with the several researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, Naval Research Laboratory, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Eastern Michigan University. •Received the 4th funding (Total Potential of $1.6M) for more advanced orthopedic implants (Version 2).
    Elox Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MA
    Elox is a start-up company that seeks to establish a competitive edge in the field of gastroenterology conditions market segment by rapidly advancing its proprietary semi-synthetic natural products based drugs. Additionally, the Company possesses the necessary skills to produce the high quality drugs that are needed in this field. The preliminary human trials of an Elox semi-synthetic natural product had been developed and were done on twenty patients in India. The human trials included the use of a semi-synthetic natural product as the drug to cure Hemorrhoids. These trials were based on a therapeutic combination of a semi-synthetic natural product mixed with a lubricant, such as Vaseline, which were topically administered to the patients. The 95% of the patients reported reduction of pain, bleeding and healing of Hemorrhoids after two weeks and no adverse "side effects". After a treatment of seven to eight weeks, 95% of the patients reported no Hemorrhoidal pain, bleeding, and complete wound healing. The Company believes that this presents a substantial opportunity for the development of drugs for Hemorrhoids, for which currently there is no prescription drug in the market. The potential US domestic market is estimated at more than $1 billion. Although "preliminary human trials" carried out in India present a non-scientific data which could not be acceptable to the FDA for the Investigational New Drug Applications (IND), the company believes that chances of failure are negligible because the drug had shown excellent therapeutic profile in human-patients. The chances of toxicity are also very less because of the topical treatment of the disease. market of more than $1 billion with no other approved prescription drugs available.
    Cyclone Technologies LLLP FL
    We have the exclusive rights to sell the technology of the Schoell Cycle Cyclone Engine. This engine is designed around the principles of external combustion to efficiently use any liquid or gaseous fuel and create more power and significantly less emissions than current gasoline or diesel powered internal combustion engines. The engine is scalable in its size and output such that it can be utilized for applications ranging from small generators, household, and lawn equipment, to medium scales addressing automotive, power boats, and light trucks, and the larger scales required in the trucking, commercial marine, offroad construction equipment, and stationary generator markets. To date, Cyclone Technologies has completed its initial research and design of the engine, and has already successfully bench-tested single and twin cylinder engines in the smaller power range. Four six-cylinder engines are currently being assembled. Bench testing on these medium scale engines will commence within the next few months. We are well beyond the proof of concept stage. An international patent has already been filed to protect infringement on the technology. Fourteen patents are currently being filed to protect the 'package' of individual inventions that comprise the innovative system of components that make up the Cyclone Engine. The Cyclone team has secured an initial tier of investment, participated in major engineering trade shows, signed a contract with a manufacturing group for the rights to produce this engine for marine applications, and made marketing contacts with generator manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and diesel engine builders.
    Healthwave, Inc NY
    Healthwave and its affiliated companies (“the Company”) provide medical claims processing services. Healthwave employs proprietary, web-based technology and continuous business process improvement methods to increase the operating efficiencies and improve overall performance of medical billing. The Company capitalizes on emerging industry-wide electronic transmission standards and advanced technology to realize scalability in medical billing. To achieve rapid scale and top-line growth, Healthwave seeks to develop and implement a sales team and to acquire existing medical billing companies that lack the capital and technology to compete effectively. The Company shall then consolidate these operations by implementing its business processes and transferring the billing activity to the e-Health Platform. Replacing paper- and people-intensive, offline routines with automated, scalable, technology-driven processes generate operating margin improvements of three to five times.
    Parallel Computers Technology Inc. PA
    PCTI developed the first synchronous concurrent transaction replication engine without using the two-phase-commit and primary-first protocols. These widely used protocols are known for their negative effects on availability reduction, queue management complexity and inability for large scale load sharing. Our techonology enables large scale database load sharing and is complete with automatic data resynchronization without interrupting clustered service. Data access firewall is built-in. This is the first database cluster technology that allows higher performance, availability, security and true service continuity at the same time. Current product supports Microsoft SQL Servers. Patent granted in 2002. Support for Sybase, MySQL, Oracle and DB2 are planned. Have production customers and prospect pipeline. Looking for funding to complete business strategies in global reseller network, enterprise software and database system bundling. Follow-on technologies are also available.
    Nephrocelltech, LLC UT
    Nephrocelltech, LLC, founded by established academic researchers, is dedicated to conduct basic research and to develop innovative therapies in the area of kidney diseases and complications of kidney diseases, such as anemia. In addition, the company will offer limited consultation services in its area of expertise. Kidney and urological diseases affect more than 20 million Americans, killing more than 90,000 of them each year. End-stage renal diseas (ESRD), which currently affects more than 350,000 patients, is the most expensive disease being treated in the USA, with an annual expenditure of more than $15 Billion. The pool of ESRD patients has been rising at a constant rate of about 8% per year since more than a decade. The two leading causes of ESRD, hypertension and diabetes mellitus, are reaching epidemic proportions in the USA and around the world. In view of these facts, the market potential of a company exclusively dedicated to basic research and drug development in the area of kidney diseases is enormous.
    Accentus, LLC NH
    Accentus is the world leader in auditory display - a new multidisciplinary science. Harvard Business Review recently named Auditory Display as one of its ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2005. Auditory Display solves the problem of visual data overload — screens filled with too much data to be fully comprehended - by leveraging the underutilized portion of the human brain know as the "music cognition region." Launched in the US Sales & Tradng industry, the Accentus software creates non-verbal, music-based sound conveying market data movements and relationships to traders. The value proposition: faster and better data perception leading to improved profits.
    Fourteen40 LLC UT
    Fourteen40 is founded around the belief that university students desperately want the same flexibility in their textbooks that they already have in digital music, digital pictures, and cell phones. Fourteen40’s software platform provides the following key benefits to students: 1) Lower Cost – Electronic textbooks will cost 30-50% of traditional textbooks, 2) Collaboration – In addition to search and underlining, students can share notes with others and see how concepts relate across textbooks. Fourteen40’s solution will do for eTextbooks what Apple’s iPod and iTunes products did for mp3s. In addition to being able to read textbooks on their laptops, students can purchase a dedicated reading device featuring an electronic paper display. Fourteen40 is working with a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, to embed Fourteen40’s targeted software solution on this reader device. As a result, students will benefit from Fourteen40’s student-specific software solution and the hardware development experience of a leading consumer electronics manufacturer.
    Bancomex is a company which was formed to provide banking, financial and educational services to specific ethnic groups who are either unbanked or underbanked in the USA. Our comapny also provides other services such as Income Tax services, ATM, money transfer, check cashing, personal and small business loans, and educational courses to name but a few. All at a nominal fee. Each store is branded and located at a city with a specific ethinic group majority. We are not a bank, we are not a Credit Union, we an alternative to them all. We offer almost all the products of a bank or a Credit Union. We are unique and we speak their language
    Gridlogix MO
    GridLogix, Inc. provides software solutions that monitor, manage and control wired and wireless intelligent devices and sensors attached to or embedded in remote assets and equipment in real-time, over the Internet. Our systems create industry standard Web services interfaces to automation platforms so mission critical device and sensor status can be integrated into enterprise information networks and applications.
    LightSpace Technologies, Inc. CT
    LightSpace Technologies has been developing its volumetric 3D display technology since 1996. Our first product, the DepthCube z1024 3D Display System, is the result of that effort. We have also developed a significant patent portfolio covering multi-planar 3D display architectures and implementations. LightSpace's mission is to deliver 3D displays that enable and enhance long-duration interaction with complex data in implementations that leverage the best available technology. We have the resources to make 3D displays that span the range from ultra-high performance to low cost. The company's headquarters are in Norwalk, CT. We sell and support our products around the world. LightSpace Technologies is privately held.
    Bridgeway Systems, Inc. CA
    Bridgeway Systems is a provider of a revolutionary, patent-pending "Data Flow Enhancement" (DFE) technology for the communications industry. The application of this innovative technology to any communication device will increase the performance by 10 to 100 times while consuming 30 percent less energy and producing 50 percent less heat. Bridgeway's DFE technology has many applications covering many 'fields-of-use' across multiple industries and government departments.
    XtremePower Solutions TX
    Xtreme Power Solutions is a product development company in the remote power and generator replacement industry. Backed by an engineering team that includes the foremost leading experts on our core technology, we plan to release over 8 new products across multiple product lines over the next 3 years. Each segment delivers products that provide power while using a cost effective and environmentally friendly approach.
    Senscient TX
    Senscient, Ltd. was founded in January, 2004 to develop, manufacture and market the newest detection technology for industrial gas detection and analysis, “Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (TM)”. The experienced team has a very clear vision of the future of gas detection and are determined to bring our products to market to significantly improve the way our customers protect their property and personnel. We are currently in the start-up phase of our business. After safeguarding our intellectual property in International Patent submissions and building our prototype demonstration unit with funds awarded to Senscient through the UK government’s Smart Grant program, we are now focussing on creating our company culture, on partnering with our industry’s top leaders and innovators to commercialize our product designs for production, and on gathering financial support for launching our products into the market. Senscient will conduct its operations from a 4,000 sq.ft light industrial unit leased in the Poole / Bournemouth area of Dorset County in the UK. The activities conducted at this unit will include marketing, research and development, sales order processing, general administration, management of suppliers / sub-contractors and final assembly and test of products.
    HRexcelerator IL
    The principals of HRexcelerator propose to create an end-to-end HR BPO solution to serve companies in the mid-sized (2,000-12,000 employees) market; such a targeted market solution does not currently exist. This comprehensive HR delivery model is designed to reduce the direct costs of HR administration and technology typically associated with most HR outsourcing deals, in part through a combination of off-shoring, HR shared services and Web-native technologies. In addition, by providing access to more affordable consulting expertise, it will lower larger indirect costs associated with HR, benefit and workplace program management. This combination provides compelling potential savings to the mid-market client and compelling, ongoing revenue opportunities to service providers.
    Psychology Online, Inc CA
    Mental health in the US is a $15 billion industry. Psychology Online is a virtual clinic offering counselors a venue for patient evaluation and management. Without advertising, we have 800 clients utilizing our service, and plan to accelerate our commerce through marketing. A client and counselor can engage in private live conversation or enroll in group conversation with no download necessary on either side. Income is supplied by the clients’ credit card, and all sessions are split in a traditional 70/30, with 30% of all session monies staying with the company. The companies proprietary facilitation software PsychMatch is complete and its capabilities expand to other industries, such as medical, law and dating.
    Nouvonet Corporation CA
    Nouvonet Corporation, is striving to be a leader in real-time data capturing, mapping and distribution to multiple markets worldwide. The company’s smart devices and ASP data transport services will assist organizations in eliminating errors at the front line, improving processes, dramatically saving time and thus improving overall the bottom line. The company will focus initially on the healthcare, CRM-logistics, security and education markets. Nouvonet solutions will bridge the existing communication gap by transporting captured data directly to and from existing ERPs, databases and legacy systems. In the healthcare market, the company’s products and services are geared to connect providers, patient and caregivers, through the integration of our capture-point devices and internet ASP applications.
    DataMind MA
    DataMind is a market research firm whose flagship product, Expected Value Analysis (EVA), help companies confidently predict the quantitative impact of new product launches, changes in product design, price structure, brand position and advertising messaging. EVA combines real world attitudes and purchase data with the detailed results of in-lab simulation to bridge the gap between what traditional consumer research tells us people will buy and what they actually buy. EVA is grounded in Nobel Prize winning economic theory. The model’s patent - pending technology is specifically designed to present audiences with real world choices, involving actual cash risks and rewards. EVA’s predictive power reduces uncertainty and risk, giving clients an unparalleled advantage over their competition.
    Advanced Video Technology Corporation CO
    Founded 1994 formally 3B Technologies Corp. in Denver Colorado as a Wholesale computer distribution company. Building Computers “in house” and providing a single source supply for resellers in the Denver metro area as well as surrounding Mountain West. The year of 2003 marked a turning port for 3B with the introduction of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and our own DVR Server/Client Software.
    Broadband Learning Channel Inc. AZ
    BBLC is an online video library of educational material representing the most leading edge knowledge in science, technology and life skills. Created as a platform for hard to find information which informs and inspires. It is the mission of BBLC to provide everyone who has a broadband connection, access to video material that satisfies their desire to understand and enhance their world.
    Papercutz NY
    The graphic novel market (comics in paperbacks) is the quickest growing in book publishing, doubling last year, with a potential size of $1 billion. Papercutz is a publisher of mass market graphic novels to the tween/teen audience designed to achieve a top position adapting well-known licenses in a proven format. We already market all-new comics of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Zorro and have enjoyed tremendous press on their launch. This already successful model is fully scalable.
    Visiplex, Inc. IL
    Visiplex is the leading manufacturer of wireless paging notification systems in the United States. We provide a complete line of Wireless Paging systems, Wireless Nurse Call systems, GPS Wireless Synchronized Clocks, Wireless PA systems, Emergency Wireless Notification systems and many other application specific wireless solutions.
    Wind Ventures, Inc. WI
    We are starting a wind turbine manufacturing company that will produce 2 megawatt wind turbines. The people we have in place have worked in the wind industry for at least 18 years for some of the major comanies still now producing commercial sized wind turbines. We want to use our vast experience and knowledge to produce a more maintenance friendly wind turbine, for example utilizing automatic greasers for greasing bearings. This will be less time consuming for technicians to maintenance and it will also make the bearings last longer with constant grease. This is just one maintenance friendly aspect that will be utilized into our turbine.
    bioSAA, Inc. ME
    BioSAA's Soluable Analyte AMplification (SAM)technology enables very sensitive tests for proteins,antigens, carbohydrates,markers in small concentrations. One billion times more sensitive then current practice. Benefits are earlier disease detection, elimination of cultures (time and $), therapy effectiveness monitoring. Pat.Pending. Uses any antibody. Unique bioSAA specific antibody development process for misfolded proteins enables breakthrough live animal MadCow disease test plus blood supply test for human derivatives. We also have an Alzheimer’s antibodies, useable for early stage diagnostics,possible vaccines.
    Aneurtonic, Inc. IL
    A revolutionary jet engine compressor design significantly lowers cost while improving performance. The jet engine is presently under development. The compressor rotor assembly was successfully bench tested on June 23, 2004. This product, with it's multiple income base, will be spun off into a new C corporation.
    EnerGenetics International, Inc. IA
    EnerGenetics International, Inc. (EGI) is a 20-year old research and development company which has specialized in developing new technologies in the renewable fuels and energy areas, e.g. ethanol, bio-diesel, hydrogen, ligno-cellulosics, food proteins (from speciality grains), bioplastics, etc. The Company has conducted research in conjunction with the USDA and major universities and has raised ~$10 million to develop new technologies to produce ethanol and biodiesel at much lower costs in a vertically integrated small-scale, modular "Mini-Industrial Bio-Refinery" (MBR) that can be decentralized and located throughout the ag-sector. The Company has developed and accumulated 6 critical patents and 18 foreign patents in the renewable fuels and energy areas that promise to substantially reduce the costs of producing renewable fuels and energy, such as ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen
    Azora LLC. TX
    Azora is an Industrial Design firm that has designed and patented a new concept external frame and packing system. This load bearing frame system provides a less strenous way to carry heavy weight on the back. User applications are numerous with markets that include recreational, military, and professional users. The products are currently on the market with resales just beginning. Azora owns all the tools, molds, and dies required to product the product along with registered trademark, tradename, and product tag line.
    Rent A Toll, Inc. (R.A.T.) TX
    We provide an innovative service allowing renters to use the same high-speed lanes as locals by supplying RFID tags to rental cars. Rent A Toll, Inc (R.A.T.) is a Software & Services company created on the premise that “Every Traveler’s time is valuable”. The management’s vision is to be the best at providing new products and services which improve convenience, increase productivity, and enhance the overall quality of life for business and leisure traveler’s world wide. The company’s initial service to the world-wide travel market is the use of temporary Toll Transponders in Rental Cars traveling within Toll Systems throughout the U.S. The R.A.T. process will reduce congestion at toll barriers, it will save traveler’s time and money, it will help conserve the environment, and it will reduce violator processing efforts and fees. R.A.T. believes that not only is time precious to their customers but the concept of convenience is key. The R.A.T. process for billing 3rd party operators of rental vehicles will expand into other revenue sources as transponder technology becomes widely used for purchases at convenience stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, and a score of other convenience offerings.
    PACT Mfg., LLC TN
    Certified manufacturer of orthopedic devices to large orthopedic companies. Started 4/99; 17 employees. Quality system. Complete manufacturing capability including CNC milling & turning, wire EDM, welding, heat treat, finishing, assembly, clean, passivate. 11,500 sqft masonry brick building w/acreage.
    Cytorex Biosciences inc. FL
    Cytorex Biosciences, Inc. (Cytorex) is a United States based biotechnology company operating its business out of Weston, Florida. The Company seeks funding in order to complete the product concept and preclinical phases to be in position to approach regulatory authorities in the USA and/or Europe. Our Cytoreg® Technology has been accepted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), for development as a therapeutical drug to treat Malignant Brain Tumors.
    ConeTeq, LLC MA
    Piccolo, a radically superior shopping search engine, finds exactly what the user wants to buy. Unlike all the other shopping search engines—-Froogle, MSN Shopping, BizRate, etc. (all of which give you long, long lists of “results”)--Piccolo only gives you what you’ve requested—and nothing else. Piccolo has many other unique features. You can stop in the middle of a search and change directions. You can back up and add or delete features of what you’re looking for. In all cases, you can sequentially narrow down what you want, and you get exactly that result, without receiving the huge list of near-misses and outright incorrect “results” that all the other search engines provide. (If there is no exact fit, you get the nearest fit—but only from among those elements in your original request.)
    Prospect Strategies HCW Inc. NV
    One challenge that nearly every business faces is the constant need to attract new customers. Prospect Strategies solves this problem for lending institutions and loan brokers by offering innovative consumer marketing solutions. As the consumer lending marketplace becomes more competitive, the demand from lenders to fill their sales pipelines with qualified leads also grows. Prospect Strategies has developed very cost effective approaches to generating qualified and highly motivated prospects by combining our expertise in direct marketing and the unique characteristics of the Internet as a marketing channel with a sophisticated and proprietary technology solution. Our expertise and efficient operations allow us to offer higher quality leads at a more aggressive price than our primary competitors. The value proposition to our clients is clear: better leads translate to more loans and greater sales revenues. With higher quality and lower acquisition costs our clients' ROI is greater than what their current marketing initiatives can offer. Our management team has already developed the company to a point where it is fully operational and in an early revenue stage. Our sales team is aggressively promoting our product. We have positive market validation in the form of written references from clients who have tested our services. This feedback also shows the market is greatly underserved and lenders are eager for a new player to step up and redefine the lead generation business.
    Futuristic Homes International, Inc. PA
    We have developed a fiberglass roofing system that cuts the cost of home construction by 50%. It eliminates the use of trusses, plywood, tarpaper, nails, shingles, and all the labor connected with typical roof construction. It also eliminates the need for interior ceilings, insulation, and all the labor and material involved. It can be used anywhere in the world for construction. The panel can be placed by hand on the side walls with no need for heavy equipment (further reducing cost), and can be manufactured in 3rd world countries right on the job site.
    The U.S. Condo Exchange, LLC NY
    U.S. Condo Exchange, LLC is an online marketplace dedicated exclusively to transacting and supporting U.S. condominium sales. USCONDEX brings together buyers, sellers, brokers and developers to a central marketplace where condos can be researched, negotiated, purchased and rented 24-hours a day from around the world. The website (www.uscondex.com) is an easy to navigate, user-friendly site which feature the ability to capture and convert buyers, sellers and renters based on unparalleled inventory and ease of use. The potential for reduced and fixed-fee brokerage commission savings, buyer rebates, seller listing features and transaction management are the principal traffic and transaction drivers. The site currently has over US $12 billion in listings, initially in the Florida market, and will be rapidly expanded to other markets.
    Media Street, Inc. NY
    We exploit the growing number of digital photographs being taken; if the photos are being printed, we manufacture INKJET ink that allows digital prints to last longer then traditional photographs. If you are like the rest of us, over 90% of your photos will not get printed so we developed a new category of product to allow viewing of photographs and movies 24/7 at any time, in any room!
    Dakov NY
    Dakov’s Innovations is a new company aimed to quickly overtake the market of the aortic punches by a novel aortic cutter with unequivocal superiority. Although the company is just being formed, the proof of concept and the superiority of the product have already been established by two major medical manufacturers, and it has a rock solid patent protection.
    LandCell Systems, Inc CA
    Developed product concept to allow landline phone customers to switch service to a cellular provider using an interface box (LANDCELL), cable and cellular handset. LANDCELL provides all standard Bell tones and ringing voltage to make service choice transparent. Planned to sell for less than $100 through retail and direct channels. Major selling point is for landline users to take advantage of Cingular/Verizon calling plans for free calls to in-network customers. Serves private, business voice, FAX and data calls. International markets also available. Estimated market in USA in excess of 1,000,000 units.
    Netriplex, LLC MA
    Netriplex is a privately held leading provider of anti-spam, remote data back-up, mission critical DNS and high availability hosting solutions with its headquarters located in Boston Massachusetts. With data center locations in Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Palo Alto, CA; and now London, England, Netriplex offers unsurpassed reliability, redundancy and connectivity to the internet. Netriplex solutions are best-of-breed giving businesses who rely on the internet the ability to stand out in today's competitive business environment
    the ZorA Toys Company, LLC MA
    The first educational media and entertainment company to address the issue of child nutrition through a comprehensive line of products that are designed with parents in mind. We are commited to entertaining children with the most appealing brands and characters. Our products will cross markets from toys to food and will utilize both traditional and non-traditional distribution methods. Our flagship brand tells parents to "be your child's favorite toy".
    Obvient Strategies, Inc. GA
    Obvient provides “packaged business intelligence” solutions targeted at the unique challenges of the distributed asset industry. The FocalPoint product suite (40+ customers to date) is built around our Business Intelligence Model (BIM) which includes a predetermined data structure and metadata that supports business information and dimensions such as customers, personnel, events, assets, materials, revenue, spatial entities, hierarchies, etc. in a relational database environment. Through the utilization of the FocalPoint BIM , standard prepackaged KPI’s, dashboards, analytics etc. can be utilized to rapidly present information. Solutions are available for: Operations, CRM, SCM, Scorecards, Revenue Analysis, HR,Business Activity Monitoring, Work Management and Corporate Performance Management.
    This is an established internationally known award winning restaurant LOCATION in Miami Florida. Sales are in excess of $3,000,000. My wife and I are the Executive Chef and Marketing Director respectively (we've worked for this company for over 5 yrs). Celebrity chef is handing down restaurant to us and we are changing name. All inventories which include all equipment, all office equipment and POS systems, fine dinnerware, and wine inventory (in excess of $100,000) and staff remains. We have a 7 year financial plan available with all investor returns in 3 years. After the 3rd year, investors receive 50% of cash flow from business for life.
    Avenger Engineering L.L.C. GA
    Avenger Engineering is a leading engineering firm bringing solutions to wireless carriers and vendors network problems. Avenger Engineering was formed by a group of industry leaders on a mission to eradicate the problems plaguing wireless carriers. At Avenger Engineering we bring value to telecommunication industry and vendors through complete capabilities, offering RF Engineering, Network Deployment, Network Engineering, technical consulting and Special Services
    Jaysix USA Inc VA
    Branded clothing wholesaler of high end mens fashion sportswear. Currently selling to Nordstrom and other high end retailers allover the US. Company is 4 years old and is currently profitable.
    Porter Industries OH
    This is a manufacturing company which will produce seamless rolled rings for the wind turbine industry. Total number of employees is approximately 20. This company is designed to be efficient for the purpose of ring manufacturing only. Our specificity and location make us an ideal supplier to the wind turbine tower manufacturers located throughout North America. Funding is for start-up costs to purchase equipment and maintain operating costs until we can support ourselves with our sales. This is a heavy industrial application and will most likely be located in Warren, Ohio where there is already a ring rolling mill in place.
    Aviation Safety Resources NJ
    Aviation Safety resources owns a propriety aviation safe landing system to save lives. As a measure of last resort to avoid a crash landing the pilot presses a button and the wings are seperated from the plane and each wing and the plane floats down to earth with their own parachute. System was successfully tested on a 4 passenger plane
    Step Up 4 Learning Systems, Inc. NC
    Step Up 4 Learning Systems provides educational writing software for students in grades 4 through 12. The Company has created a software product called 6 Trait Power Write, which is a comprehensive online writing process program. The software was developed based on academic research by the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory that established benchmarks for effective writing according to 6 traits, organization, ideas, word choice, voice, sentence fluency and conventions (grammar, punctuation, and usage). This research has been transformed into a writing program that gives teachers and students the tools they need to discover the power of writing for a lifetime of learning. Our initial target markets are all public, private and home-school students, grades 4 through 12. Future markets include grades K-3, community college and the professional arena. In addition to the United States, the 6 trait writing model has been adopted in Australia, Canada, Japan , South America, the UK, western Europe and Behrain making these markets available to our product. Foreign language versions represent a worldwide opportunity that we expect to exploit. 6 Trait Power Write is proprietary software owned by Step Up 4 Learning Systems, Inc. and currently has a domestic and international patent pending with the US Patent and Trademark office.

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