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    Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2004 Pitching Across America competition!

    AdriaComm, Inc.CA
    AdriaComm is a Silicon Valley company that provides network firewall traversal products and applications for corporate enterprise users and applications service providers. Adriacomm's breakthrough technology includes COCOON, a 100% software solution for traversing corporate firewalls. COCOON provides users with a solution that provides compatability with existing IP communications standards, provides an economical alternative to existing firewall hardware solutions, is scalable to meet the demands of the midsize and large corporate user and provides security without compromising speed and accessibility. AdriaComm's other software solutions include MATRIX a web video conferencing application that allows real-time video, application sharing and collaboration at substantial cost savings; and DUNE an inbound contact center that is not POTS reliant and eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and software. All three products work seamlessly to provide a secure, firewall-friendly solution. AdriaComm has successfully completed beta-tests and is now entering the product launch and market expansion phase.
    Advanced Products Laboratories, Inc.MN
    Advanced Products Laboratories, Inc. (APL, Inc.) has developed an ultra high performance self-cleaning centrifuge (patent applied for) for solving difficult manufacturing process water cleanup problems. Our centrifuge which is 30 times more efficient than typical industrial centrifuges of comparable size can clarify process/wastewater containing fine suspended solids for reuse or discharge. It is compact, having a 2' by 2' footprint plus its control and has an automated purge cycle which periodically discharges the particulate collected in approximately 1 1/2-gallon fluid with high solids content. Management believes there are numerous yet unknown applications for the equipment, but the nationwide market size for known applications exceeds $10 million revenue annually. Our plan is to establish distributor networks selling to industrial customers, who utilize a known application for our equipment, selling first regionally and expanding to a nationwide network. APL is open to establishing partnerships with those having access to known applications.
    AgeSpan, Inc.OK
    AgeSpan is a Florida based Internet solution enabler and on-line community specifically geared to serving seniors (those folks over 55 years of age living in affluent senior communities) with new technology. With set-up and delivery into over 3,300 retirement communities in eight states we provide the Hardware, Software, senior Website, and Training that enables these Internet thirsty end-users to health related content, e-mails, online banking, and e-commerce – it’s perfect for building co-branded solutions with senior related vendors such as General Motors, Reader’s Digest, Jazzy Wheelchairs, and Bank of America!
    And recently, AgeSpan launched a granny-cam solution for preventing nursing home abuse in the 11,000 nursing home and assisted living centers in the USA. This virtual video is also ideal for the monitoring of vacation homes, construction sites, pets, marinas, warehouses, and day care facilities!
    ALeNet, Inc.FL
    ALeNet, Inc. has developed Clientix, an enterprise software solution that can easily adapt to multiple industry requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional Enterprise solutions. ALeNet software solutions include e-business, CRM, Financials, and HR, Electronic Forms which are initially focused on the following industries: Financial Services, Government, and Education. ALeNet already has a CRM solution for the financial services industries which will distribute through leaders in the industry. The company has also developed and installed solutions for the Department of Juvenile Justice Service Providers which allow these institutions administer the schools, criminal detention, psychological and medical profiles of the youths. ALeNet has already signed up resellers and distributors.
    Appollonia Holdings Ltd.CO
    Appollonia is taking advantage of legislation in a number of states that allows dental hygienists to own and operate their own practices independent of dentist supervision by launching a network of dental hygiene clinics providing the full suite of preventative oral healthcare services. Appollonia leverages the success of the proven dental-practice-management, medical diagnostics and select retailing models to deliver high-volume preventative oral healthcare services through a convenient and no-appointment-necessary offering. Appollonia competes in the $26 billion dental hygiene services market through lower costs and higher asset turnover. Appollonia will launch in Colorado and expand into other markets from there.
    Axiolog, LLCMI
    We have identified and presented the nation’s logistics challenges to DOT and DHS as well as guidelines to establish a comprehensive efficient and secure global logistics solution. We are finalizing agreement with DOT, DHS and Wayne County for an agreement to validate these guidelines via a multi-lane pilot on the U.S. Northern Border and in Southern California (6-8 months). DOT & DHS will publish validated guidelines for a comprehensive solution. Solution providers will build systems based on these published government guidelines. Solution providers will require Axiolog licensing. Solution will be available to the private sector. Licensing income will be generated from markets we cannot reach.
    Base One International CorporationNY
    Base One provides software for building secure, low cost, grid computing applications. This software makes it practical for groups of Windows computers to be applied to large-scale commercial and government problems. For over ten years, our database and grid computing technology has evolved through development projects and continuous production use at major clients, such as Deutsche Bank and Marsh. We have the only grid and cluster computing technology that builds on and extends the industry-standard database systems from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sybase. U.S. patent and patents pending.
    BioSystem Development, LLCWI
    BioSystem Development, LLC (the “Company”) was founded in 2002 to finalize development of and exploit its first product, the AbMateTM Protein Analysis System. AbMate is a combination instrument and proprietary consumable product which runs a critical test procedure used in the development of biopharmaceuticals, with a potential market of $1.1 billion. The current manual methods are notoriously unreliable, labor-intensive, and take 4 – 24 hours to run. AbMate automates the procedure and can complete a set of tests in 15 minutes or less. The Company plans to launch the product in Q4 2005.
    Canarys Automations Pvt.LtdWA
    Canarys is a recognized company in the Indian market for long standing partnership with industry majors providing product engineering and software services. With over a decade of experience in IT industry and with 80+ engineers strong, Canarys operates out of its headquarters in Bangalore and a 100% subsidiary in Seattle, WA, USA. Canarys forte has been in the delivery processes and quality management methodologies. With experiences of partnering with global MNC’s, Canarys has acquired world-class capabilities in project management areas and also well acclaimed for its measurable services and excellent technical capability. Canarys has identified these strong points and has guided its effort in providing automation solutions and services in order to enhance project management and optimize delivery capabilities.
    Computility empowers small businesses to succeed by enabling them to benefit from the latest Information Technologies (IT) - simply, reliably, and cost-effectively. The Company has developed a new class of application software that does for service-sector small businesses what Enterprise Relationship Management does for large businesses – and much more. Computility delivers, via the Internet, a robust integrated suite of applications and IT services that make it easier to manage small businesses and their IT environments. The suite includes such functions as Customer Relationship Management, SalesForce Automation, Human Resource Management and Project Management. In addition to delivering employee collaboration and business process management capabilities, Computility uniquely allows the system’s administrator to enable or disable applications and essential IT services on-demand and on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, much as he or she will use and pay for utilities such as electricity or telecommunications.
    CorAccess SystemsCO
    CorAccess is meeting the rapidly increasing demand for simple and affordable home control solutions with unique all-digital, pre-integrated smart screens. Launched in 2001 to fulfill the promise for simplifying today’s complex homes, CorAccess products focuses on enhancing whole home control experience by engineering in a simpler setup and connection to popular brands of home systems and by adding broadband lifestyle applications. CorAccess radically improves both the installation and usage of sophisticated home systems on products that are sold globally through a network of distributors and professional installers (VARs). The net result is a lower total cost of ownership through more affordable and scalable control appliances requiring no programming, complex setup or host of peripherals yet offer the dimensionality of sophisticated home content gateways for ongoing application and service deployment.
    Cytorex Biosciences inc.FL
    Cytorex Biosciences, Inc. (Cytorex) is a United States based biotechnology company operating its business out of Weston, Florida. The Company seeks capital funding (US $6 Million) in order to complete the product concept and preclinical phases to be in position to approach regulatory authorities in the USA and/or Europe. Our Cytoreg® Technology has been accepted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), for development as a therapeutical drug to treat Malignant Brain Tumors.
    Datacomm Management Sciences IncCT
    Thirty year old manufacturer of communications switching systems based in SW Connecticut. Over 45 mission critical systems installed at various DoD sites. Has developed high bandwidth physical layer switch for Gigabit fiber and copper networks. Seeks working capital to aggressively pursue new market opportunities.
    DVForge, Inc.TN
    DVForge continually surprises the computer products market with an ongoing string of hit products. DVForge creates products that draw strong emotional buying responses from targeted groups of consumers. DVForge concentrates on only creating products that can be built and sold at high margins; in sustainable, worthwhile volumes; and, with a durable market life. DVForge works to earn the word “Clever” in the minds of its buyers. Over time, the company will build its branding message around the idea of “Clever products.” DVForge creates, stocks and ships its products. We outsource the actual manufacturing, choosing to concentrate on what we can do well, and do inexpensively, in-house. DVForge takes a broad view of the term “computer accessories and peripherals market”. In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, there is a fast-moving shift underway toward broad overlaps in traditional product categories. PCs are blurring together with video and audio products, music production and performance products are becoming highly integrated with PCs. DVForge knows these trends, and works to be first to market with sensible products to make interconnecting and using these new activities a joy for our customers.
    ElderMark Solutions, IncMN
    ElderMark is an enterprise management software company serving the Assisted Living and other care coordinated residence markets. ElderMark software solutions address virtually every aspect of facility management including: Resident assessments, Developing care plans and service schedules, Scheduling of care plan providers, Scheduling and documentation of medication administration, Pharmaceutical re-ordering, Reconciliation of actual costs compared to planned care, Documentation and reporting for business and regulatory purposes, Billing, Integration with general ledger systems, Facility marketing. The ElderMark prescription management module is the only embedded enterprise management software tool that allows facilities to order prescriptions electronically, while generating order processing revenue from pharmacy suppliers.
    Elox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.MA
    The company's objective is to build quality, specialty Pharmaceuticals Company that develops and commercializes prescription drugs targeting primarily gastroenterology conditions using proprietary semi-synthetic natural products as drug candidates. The Company has reported positive results in preliminary human trials for the treatment of chronic Hemorrhoids (also known as "piles").
    EnvironMax, Inc. has developed the most advanced environmental management information system (“EMIS”) available for the enterprise software market. EnvironMax’s products are currently installed at 30 Department of Defense (“DoD”) locations which are managing 80% of the DoD’s hazardous materials. The Company’s commercial clients include Onyx North America, the largest hazardous waste management company in the U.S and Univar, the nation’s largest chemical distributor. Additional commercial customers include Kodak, Pennsylvania Power & Light and, most recently, Pfizer. In 2003, EnvironMax generated revenues in excess of $4.1M and will close 2004 with over $5.3M in revenue.
    Estco MedicalMD
    Estco Medical produces web-based software to help healthcare companies build an effective online market presence. Estco Medical’s Web-based Medigent® software enables life science companies to create and maintain an effective online market presence, from concept and creation, to communication and marketing, to clinical outcomes and marketing data collection. Estco Medical’s customers can rapidly develop and launch Web sites, educational materials, interactive content and market research or outcomes studies using Estco’s Medigent software suite.
    Ethidium Health SystemsPA
    In the United States, a number of major government and industry initiatives are putting intense pressure on the healthcare system to quickly move from paper to electronic medical records. Ethidium Health Systems is capitalizing on this rapidly emerging trend by leveraging the most advanced information technology available today. Ethidium’s flagship product, Evolution EMR, is the only system on the market that is based on a web application/web services architecture, fully leverages open-source infrastructure, is powered by next-generation knowledge models, and is backed by a clinical information management platform that is unrivaled in its flexibility. With its low-cost hybrid ASP model, Ethidium is positioning itself to penetrate the untapped small- to medium-sized medical practice market, which comprises approximately 70% of all physicians.
    EZ Payment Solutions Inc.AZ
    Accept Your Customers Payment by FAX - PHONE - E-MAIL - INTERNET and be able to Reduce Billing and Collections Costs by 90% or more? With EZ Payment Solutions - Patent Pending secure Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment service. Our service allows your company to create, send, receive and process electronic invoices and allows your customer to make secure online payments by ACH-EFT or Credit Card.
    Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc.CA
    Fat Spaniel Technologies provide energy monitoring and visualization in real-time to any Internet-enabled device. Our enterprise-strength solution PV2Web™ provides independent, real-time monitoring of energy usage and generation for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Using PV2Web, you can view the live performance of any energy system remotely, whether you are at home, in your office or on the road.
    Freedom 4 Wireless, Inc.FL
    F4W solutions offer a complete mobile, IP-based network for high-speed data, video, voice messaging and location services. Its Multi-hopping peer-to-peer architecture makes it ideal for both wide area and tactical incident communications. Originally developed for the military, F4W provides survivable and cost-effective networking by leveraging a distributed meshed infrastructure. F4W is targeting Public Safety, but its utility applies to any solution that requires robust tactical mobile broadband connectivity. F4W’s mobile wireless broadband networks provide the user T-1 connectivity even if they are traveling at a high rate of speed. This means that any thing that can be done with a desktop connected to a T-1 in an office can now be done on a bus, in a car or from the first responder commander’s incident vehicle in time of crisis or disaster response. True mobile broadband is a communications paradigm shift that will revolutionize the way we communicate outside of the home and office. Imagine what it would be like if you had a T-1 connection on your cell phone and you will have better understanding of what F4W can do.
    Gridlogix is a software company that is poised to take advantage of the large and emerging M2M (machine-to-machine) or networked-device industry. It has developed software applications that allow businesses to manage and monitor intelligent or smart devices in, real-time, over the Internet and to integrate information from those devices with corporate business processes to enable the real-time enterprise. All software is built using Web services for access across most platforms and operating systems.
    Healthwave, IncNY
    Healthwave offers technology-driven medical billing services to independent practitioners, medical groups, and hospital-based physicians. The Company acts as both a BPO and ASP – a BPO in that clients outsource their medical billing to Healthwave and an ASP in that Healthwave offers its web-based practice management system – IODashboard™ – to medical practitioners. Healthwave employs proprietary, web-based technology and continuous business process improvement methods to increase the operating efficiencies and improve overall performance of medical billing. The Company capitalizes on emerging industry-wide electronic transmission standards and advanced technology to realize scalability in medical billing. To achieve rapid scale and top-line growth, Healthwave seeks to develop and implement a sales team and to acquire existing medical billing companies that lack the capital and technology to compete effectively. The Company shall then consolidate these operations by implementing its business processes and transferring the billing activity to the e-Health Platform. Replacing paper- and people-intensive, offline routines with automated, scalable, technology-driven processes generate operating margin improvements of three to five times.
    HiSpirit, LLCND
    HiSpirit, LLC has created, and is distributing a web-based solution to the rising cost of health care. Our solution is called HealthEForever, and is delivered through an automated, personal health and performance coach that builds digital intelligence, and active communication to engage and educate people to be active in their health care, both financially and clinically. The product is sold in the form of licenses and support services to Corporate Health Care, Payer, HMO, Health, and Wellness companies. We distribute the system through partners, and other established sales networks in the health, wellness, and medical industries. We plan to contract with 73 total corporate and provider groups and 16 payer-HMO groups to reach 7.4 million users and to net more than $9 million in annual profit by the end of our third year of operation. Our competitive advantage is that we have created a unique, patent pending process that delivers personalized, high quality, health and medical education, direction, motivation and support at low cost while producing high return on investment to our clients.
    Ingenuus Software, Inc.TX
    Ingenuus, based in Frisco, TX in the Dallas metroplex, develops and markets Smart Expediter, the industry's first affordable, enterprise-class Business Process solution. Smart Expediter's Web-based Business Process Fusion solutions allow program, project and product managers to control any process lifecycle by providing real-time collaboration across a global organization - including the extended supply chain.
    Integrity Systems LtdMO
    Integrity Systems Ltd provides Fire Alarm/Suppression Systems maintenance, inspection, testing, and installation. We provide these services primarily to to the Federal/State Government. IS Ltd has just been awarded a 10 year contract with a federal agency to provide fire alarm/suppression services nationwide to more than 37,000 locations.This contract is valued at 30 million dollars a year. IS Ltd currently has contracts on military bases providing ourunique services. We provide customers with a Complete Solutions Contract in order to meet each customers specific need. Integrity Systems Ltd is the only Minority, Woman, Service-Disabled Owned company in this industry.
    Loadstar Sensors, Inc.CA
    We develop capacitive sensors, electronics and software for measuring forces, loads and weights. Our sensors offer ultra-high resolution, low profile, small footprint and a large load measurement range. Our patent protected technology enables us to reduce manufacturing cost by up to 90% of that of current “load cells” and makes it easy to incorporate load sensors into diverse end-user applications – making it feasible for use in many products for the first time.
    Mapping Solutions Inc.OR
    Mapping Solutions Inc. has been working in the Telecommunications and Public Safety industries since 1981. We provide complete turn-key projects including computer hardware, software, installation, training and ongoing support. We provide a wide rage of services including drafting, drawing conversions, programming, field surveys and audits. We also have a new mapping application for Police and Sheriff's departments called MapPatrol, to round-out our Public Safety offering. We would like to duplicate the success we've had locally, on a national and international scale.
    Montana Range, LLCMT
    Montana Range LLC is a branded, all-natural, breed-specific beef company based in Billings, Montana, which markets a highly differentiated line of beef products derived from the Piedmontese breed of cattle. The target market is health conscious consumers who desire consistently tender, nutritionally correct, clean beef products.
    New Earth SystemsUT
    Seven years in the making, New Earth has commercialized breakthrough wastewater treatment technology. This technology allows industry to make “clean water” of the toughest, most-contaminated wastestreams. New technology combined with a strong management team, gives New Earth the power to make waves in the industry.
    Obvient Strategies, Inc.GA
    Obvient Strategies is a software and productized services provider of “packaged business intelligence” for the utilities and distributed asset industries. Our product, FocalPoint, transforms data across disparate operational systems into information, enabling customers to make knowledgeable decisions based on real-time information. Information is presented through digital dashboards that support key performance indicators, graphics and spatial representations. Obvient's proprietary Business Intelligence Model (BIM) is based on Microsoft's .NET Strategy with SQL Server and Oracle as the supported data base engines. The “packaged” approach enables Obvient to deliver solutions in 30-45 days versus traditional 9-18 month implementations.
    On Time Medical ImagingNM
    On Time Medical Imaging (ONMI) is focused on the growing demands for medical imaging throughout the US and globally. OTMI will offer a franchise opportunity to standardize the business of medical imaging and allow the Radiologist to concentrate on providing quality cost effective medical care in a state of the art facility.
    Ocean Software specializes in providing Business Intelligent Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies by offering products and services that will substantially reduce "Back Office" costs. It does this through a combination of Data Warehousing and Internet techniques. Our collective experience in building custom business applications has led to the development of our first commercial software application product – “Preserve”. Our goal is to use “Preserve” to provide the foundation for helping Fortune 1000 and smaller organizations improve productivity, increase their return on capital, and implement cost controls. Our expertise is integrating disparate information sources from a wide variety of enterprise-wide data processing systems into our proprietary information repository that is easily accessible with analysis and analytical reporting capabilities.
    Parallel Computers Technology Inc.PA
    PCTI developed the first practical Non-Stop database middleware for existing and future database systems. A U.S. Patent was granted in 2001. Current production product is ICX-UDS v.2.0.6 supporting Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. Support for MySQL, Oracle and DB2 are planned. Have resellers, have customers. Looking for funding to complete management team, development team and start global commercialization. This breakthrough non-stop computing technology applies to all mission critical systems where the database is the weakest link. It allows for simultaneously adding higher performance and higher reliability to existing database infrastructure. Earlier and follow-on technologies are also available.
    Porter IndustriesOH
    With the ability to rolled seamless forged rings up to 18 feet in diameter, Porter Industries serves the wind tower manufacturing industry. We provide the raw rings or flanges that connect the tower sections on wind turbine towers. Due to our specific line of work, we are able to keep costs down and provide the best delivery times. All flanges are made to meet our customers exact specifications.
    PPT Research, Inc.PA
    PPT Research develops, manufactures, recycles and markets unique abrasive slurry suspension carriers that are based on well established, low toxicity "glycols" and water. These suspension carriers produce the world's only long-term stable abrasive slurries, and are critical in wafer production for the Semiconductor, Optical, Solar Cell and other similar industries. The unique "Green-Loop" recycling system developed to economically and efficiently recycle exhausted or spent PPT slurries is also not available from any other suspension carrier or slurry supplier. PPT's "Slurry Management System" (ie; "SMS") comprises the unique and superior long-term stable carriers / slurries plus the "Green-Loop" recycling system, which takes all the logistics, equipment, and slurry quality concerns away from the customer while saving them up to 40% in slurry and process costs.
    Professional Medical Associates, Inc.KS
    Professional Medical Associates INC. is a full service temporary staffing agency that places an emphasis on surgical professionals; most notably surgical first assistants. In addition to placing and managing surgical first assisting contracts. PMA INC. has also developed numerous surgical training aids including a 40 credit hour surgical first assistant training program named the Elite School of Surgical First Assisting. PMA INC. is an s-corp. wholly owned by five equally shared partners.
    R & G CorporationNY
    We nanofabricate the 3rd generation (3-G) of superconductive electric wire and other leads realizing the 18 year-long unfulfilled promise of the Nobel Prize winning discovery of high temperature superconductor (HTS) ceramic particles. *** Technology Focus: Employing newly created nanotechnological method and invented material formulation, the Company will develop and provide cost-effective automated conveyor manufacture of continuous multi-strand HTS electric wire and customized HTS leads of any size, shape and for any application area THAT WILL HAVE >100x higher electrical current carrying capacity than copper wire.
    Reinsurex is a technology-driven reinsurance brokerage company that provides services to small to mid-sized insurers and the ceding departments of major reinsurance companies. Reinsurex is currently undertaking an equity private placement to raise $5MM. The company intends to use the proceeds to expand its brokerage force and support the development of core operating technology for small to mid-sized insurance companies. Reinsurex looks forward to providing two critical services to this under-served portion of the insurance market.
    Remote Play, Inc.
    *National Winner*
    Founded to commercialize its innovative RFID-Command & Control and RFID-Distance Estimation wireless technology. This patented technology, called SilverLink™, brings to market new and exciting products such as ChildAlert™, a child-monitoring device. Silverlink's™ reliable technology provides the key ingredient in making these new products possible. RPI has invested heavily in perfecting its technology. SilverLink™ is thefirst to estimate distance using RF in a robust manner. It is also the first to provide multi-device discrimination with operating ranges over 1,000 feet. This capability is packaged into a miniature, low-cost, low-power system that is especially suited to portable applications.
    RuralWest™ is a broadband network service provider integrating high speed Internet provisioned communication services and Multi-media television programming to both the U.S. Military personnel, military dependants and the military contractors located or living on the military installation and the rural adjacent community. We provide basic and enhanced digital cable television and audio programming, premium channels (HBO, etc), broadband Internet services, Wi-Fi and Voice over IP services. We currently serve three installations located in California, Hawaii and Colorado.
    SaveItSafe CorpTX
    SaveItSafe Corporation commercially launched a unique business model with low operating costs, high recurring revenue, proven distribution channel demand and experienced management. SaveItSafe provides a turnkey, secure, online backup and restore service to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), to Application Service Providers (ASPs) and to businesses. This service is in commercial launch at several customer sites. SaveItSafe features are extensive: selectable environment, compression, encryption, flexible scheduling, expandable storage, selectable permanence, filtering, auto-resume, graphic progress display, credit card and billing support, reports and more. There are no upfront fees for software licensing, installation or training. Revenue models are also flexible with revenue splits on recurring revenue from subscribers. Management is experienced in building business units for large corporations and startups companies. SaveItSafe has virtually no debt and will be profitable within 12 months. Numerous patents have been applied for.
    SDR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NJ
    SDR is developing drugs for chronic infections and diseases. Targets include viral infections, recurrent mouth ulcers and life threatening fungal infections. Conditions prevalent in infants and the elderly as well as cancer, diabetic and AIDS patients. Strong management team w/60+ years of pharma/healthcare experience. The team has collectively launched over 1500 drug/healthcare products. We have chosen not to rely solely on investment capital until our ethical drugs are approved. We developed a Quick Revenue Strategic model involving the rapid launch of high margin products in select markets. Revenue generated reduces investor risk & builds corporate infrastructure. Products on the market. We became profitable Q2, ‘04. Annual gross sales: $5 mil (‘05) to $28+ mil (‘07). We will have net cum. cash flow of $28 mil and an ROI of >500% in 3 years.
    Soy Works CorporationIL
    Soy Works Corporation holds exclusive commercial rights to patents for soy protein-based biodegradable plastics. Licensee customers will produce items with soy-derived materials to fill many important niches in the marketplace. Soy Works customers will have compelling strategic and economic reasons to replace non-degradable conventional plastics with biodegradable and compostable plastics made from SoyPlusT resins.
    Security software for integration of physical and IT logical security regardless of equipment/software brand, technology or platform.
    The Benevolink CorporationGA
    The Benevolink Corporation offers an innovative loyalty marketing solution that allows consumers to earn money for their choice of schools, charities, cultural and religious organizations simply by shopping. Corporations are primed to benefit from joining Benevolink in the form of enhanced corporate image, sales lift, and administrative relief. Our coalition enables the nation's leading brands to offer a loyalty program that is sophisticated and yet personal, creating an emotional tie between the consumer and the brand. The consumers' ability to choose their favorite nonprofits to receive corporate funds creates a connection that drives and sustains truly loyal behavior across the corporations' customer bases, instead of the perceived or short-lived loyalty generated through existing rewards programs.
    Transaction Security, Inc (TSI)MD
    TSI is focused on providing biometric security software based upon its patent-pending Crypto-Sign® technology to the Mobile/Wireless industry. TSI’s goal is to meet the needs of the market by providing low cost, secure, easy to use access control software that interrupts the password request process to demand a display-inhibited secret sign - submitted with the stylus on the screen of the PDA, Tablet PC or Digitizer. Crypto-Sign is also used to capture and release electronic signatures to electronic documents, thereby unleashing the enormous economic benefits of paper elimination. Target customers are the customers of :-Microsoft, HP, Dell, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T/Cingular, Sprint etc. as well as Software Developers/Systems Integrators in the Healthcare, Financial and Government markets.
    Ultrafit Preventive Medicine CentersTX
    Ultrafit Preventive Medical Centers is an exciting new franchise concept that combines a traditional primary care medical practice with a fitness facility. This concept encourages physicians to promote preventive medicine rather than acute care models while offering patients an incentive to take greater responsibility for their own wellness. For one low fee per month, (from $45 to $75), the uninsured or under-insured member of the ‘Total Wellness Plan' receives primary medical care (any number of physician visits) and full use of a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with personal training and nutritional counseling contingent upon the member using the on-site exercise facility at least eight times per month. If the member chooses not to utilize our exercise facility at least eight times per month, there is an additional charge when medical care is required. This concept also allows physicians to stabilize their income at a substantially higher level than national averages, work fewer (more predictable) hours and enjoy enhanced patient-participatory relationships. The franchise will offer a package of services to the physician that is structured to lower his risk and increase his operating efficiency.
    YourWebPress.com is software development company developing Internet based Content Management Systems, Site building Tools, databases, gaming and other web based technologies. Our products continue to offer small business customers, with little time or budget, the ability to take advantage of web based internet technologies that will help them achieve their business objectives.

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