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    The Investors have voted - Congratulations to all of the 2006 winners of Pitching Across America!!

    National Winner:
    SPD Control Systems Corp.

    1st Runner Up:
    Graft Solutions, Inc.

    2nd Runner Up:

    Regional Winners:

    SPD Control Systems Corp NY
    Graft Solutions, Inc GA
    NanoPolyQ CA
    Shield Technology Group FL
    Declude MA
    Priority Healthcare Case Management Srvc. Inc. CA
    PodshowCreator.com NJ
    Ocean's Bounty Seafarms, LLC SC
    Focus Energy Corporation NM
    iSelfPay NJ
    CIMA Systems CA
    Block MEMS, LLC MA
    CampusBrands, Inc. MD
    Intelligent Monitoring Systems, Inc CA
    Obvient Strategies, Inc. GA
    Livid Instruments NJ
    Qunu LLC NY
    PDQ Care Inc FL
    Cortez Environmental Services, LLC IN
    Auxiliary Power Dynamics, LLC NV
    Senscient TX
    Geosoft USA Corp FL
    Dakov's Innovations Corp. NY
    VeroScan CA
    NEScientific, Inc. CT
    Nexlite Corporation MI
    MaxOUT UV Swimwear CA
    Hull Underwater Imaging Systems, Inc. KY
    Taldia, Inc. CA
    Nautical Research & Recovery, LLC CA
    TGF Production LLC NY
    M Cubed Medical TX
    ARIEL Physics Israel, Ltd. FL
    Digital Media Research FL
    WebWire® GA
    Amyxa Pharmaceuticals MA
    Celldonate Inc. CA
    MarColl International Corp NE
    OurEnergy MI
    Tactical Solution Partners, Inc. MD
    Urban Probe LLC NY
    Rapid Systems Software MA
    ProSuite, Inc. TN
    Vetgate USA IL
    Digitus Biometrics, Inc. GA
    Elucidation Studios, Inc. MN
    Language Access Network, Inc. OH
    OneStep Sustainable Building Systems, Inc. MN
    ChainStar USA NY
    Adwell Communications LLC OR
    Metro Media Inc., / Truck-Ads LA
    Connective Home PA
    Defero AZ
    The Enchanted Tea Company WA
    IBP Corporation AL
    Recycling Services, Inc. MO
    TruEffect, Inc. CO
    Electronic Sprinkler AR
    Take Charge Marketing, llc OK
    Lightning Ethanol, Inc. VA
    National School Lines WI
    Affinity Wireless Solutions, LLC IA
    Mopsters Inc. WY
    3 Pyramids Entertainment DE
    Creative Photos Inc. NC

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