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    Term Sheets
    Presented by: Nisha Atre, Mellon Ventures

    August 13, 2003 –FundingPost NY Venture Capital Workshop
    New York: FundingPost brought together 70 CEOs to learn about Term Sheets from Nisha Atre of Mellon Ventures. Topics included:
    • Pre-Money Valuation of the Company
    • Participating Preferred and Liquidation Preference
    • Optional Redemption
    • Optional and Automatic Conversion
    • Anti-Dilution Protection
    • Protective Provisions
    • Registration Rights
    • Drag-along Rights
    • Stock Purchase Agreement
    FundingPost is proud to share our workshop presentation from leading venture capitalists such as Mellon Ventures as a benefit to the entrepreneurial community.

    We are happy to share this presentation with you as a benefit to the entrepreneurial community.

    Please click here to view the free presentation in PDF format:
    Term Sheets: Mellon Ventures
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    Additional Topics Covered:
    • Capitalization table, showing the percentage of outstanding capital stock represented by the preferred offering
    • Dividends offered
    • Voting rights
    • Operative rights (access to financial and operational information)
    • Board representation / observer rights
    • Rights of first offer
    • Key-man life insurance
    • Employee vesting schedules
    • Rights of repurchase
    • Transaction expenses

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