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    "Human Resources - what every CEO needs to know when raising capital"
    Presented by: Doug Bailey & Don Alleva, Trinet

    Jan 12, 2005 – Pitching Across America: VC Conference Call Series

    1) How to prepare your company to raise capital from venture investors.

    2) How to grow your company while minimizing costs

    3) Adding to your top and bottom line,

    4) Giving your small company the resources of a large corporation

    FundingPost is proud to share our conference call series led by experts in the Venture Capital industry as a benefit to the entrepreneurial community.

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    Outsourced Human Resources: Doug Bailey & Don Alleva, Trinet

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    About Trinet:
    A 15-Year History of Success TriNet offers the simplicity of a single solution for outsourcing benefits, payroll, and human resources. Our online and in-person services allow customers throughout the United States and Canada to streamline their business, gain enterprise-level resources, and focus on strategy rather than administration. Founded in 1988, we specialize in offering secure, paperless HR transactions to Internet-enabled workforces.

    TriNet is a member of the Vedior Group of companies. Vedior, NV is the world's third largest staffing and human resource firm with over $6 billion in revenue, and operates in 35 countries with a network of 2,243 offices worldwide including Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, South America and Asia.

    Offices worldwide including Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, South America and Asia. Please click here to contact TriNet: http://www.trinet.com/FundingPost

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