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    Building a Company with Venture Capital
    Presented by: Chris Sugden, Edison Venture Fund

    Dec 3, 2003 – FundingPost NY CEO Workshop
    New York: FundingPost brought together 45 CEOs to learn how CEOs today are “Building a Company with Venture Capital” with Chris Sugden of Edison Venture Fund. Topics included:

    Prepare your company to raise capital. How to build your company’s infrastructure?
    • Preparatory funding steps
    • Attractive funding magnets
    • How to access and communicate with potential institutional investors
    Congrats! You received funding, what’s next? How to position your company for growth?
    • Short-term issues
    • 180 day plan: execution, governance, managing growth
    • Long-term planning
    FundingPost is proud to share our workshop presentations from leading venture capitalists such as Edison Venture Fund as a benefit to the entrepreneurial community.

    Please click here to view the free presentation in PDF format:
    Buyilding Your Company: Edison Venture Fund
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    Edison Venture Fund:
    Chris Sugden, Principal, is a successful entrepreneur and technology company executive, experienced in finance, raising capital, business strategy, product management and sales and marketing. His financial and operating perspective as an entrepreneur and a VC make him a valuable asset to portfolio company management.

    At Edison, Chris focuses on New Jersey and New York City based companies, identifying and evaluating new investment opportunities and helping to guide existing portfolio companies. Chris’ current Edison portfolio responsibilities include Maptuit, MDY Advanced Technologies, and Satori Group. Chris also guides Edison’s strategy with respect to the Web Services and e-Commerce industries.

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