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    Hiring a Venture Capital Consultant

    Finding the venture capital you need for a new business is tricky. While you are in the process of contacting and meeting with investment firms, you will find that you are being contacted by venture capital consultants. What are these companies, and will they help you get the financing that you need?

    Venture capital consultants are companies or individuals that make it their goal to help a business find venture capital investors for its start up or seed money needs. These companies claim that they have the contacts in the venture capital industry that the business owner needs in order to successfully land the investment deal. They charge a fee for their service, and if successful, can save a business a lot of time and energy that would have been wasted searching the wrong way for the money needed for the business.

    The problem with venture capital consultants is that many of them are not worth their salt. They have an excellent sales pitch to convince the new business owner that they know the people in the industry, and then waste the entrepreneur’s money while they unsuccessfully seek funding for the new business. These shady consultants have given the title a bad reputation. However, there are many legitimate consulting agencies out there that take the time to really get to know a business proposal and help the owner find funding.

    To choose the right venture capital consultant, find a person or company who will work at knowing your business and the industry it is involved in. They should take any chance they can to interview you and find out what you want the money form the investment for. Not only that, but they should understand and be educated in the industry where you plan to start your business.

    Before contacting a venture capital consultant, make sure that you have a solid business plan. This gives the consultant a place to start when researching the opportunity you are presenting. Before you pay the consultant a dime, talk to him or her, and find out what plan is in place to develop your plan and present it to potential investors. If you like what you hear, and the consultant seems to have answers to your questions about the industry and the financial market, then you have found the right consultant.

    Hiring a venture capital consultant, if you find a quality one, can save you much wasted time while shopping around for someone to invest in your business. Take the time to interview potential consultants until you find someone you are comfortable with, and who sees the potential in your business plan. The two of you will become a team, seeking the successful financing of your new business!

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