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    Contacting the Right Venture Capital Partner

    Venture capital firms are made up of partners. Each partner will typically have different areas of expertise and different types of companies that they like to invest in. because of this, the new business seeking start up funding can benefit from contacting not just the right venture capital firm, but also the right partner within that firm.

    Choosing the right venture capital partner requires first choosing the right firm. Look for a firm that has an interest in the industry that your business is involved in. Once you have done this, start researching the firm. Learn everything you can about them, including which businesses they have recently invested in. Then start looking at the partners.

    Typically, each partner will have a past work experience that plays a part in their investment choices. Learn about this past work history. When you find a partner that has a work history and educational background with experiences relevant to your business, you have likely found the right partner to talk to.

    Where do you find this information? Most venture capital firms have websites, and on these websites the firm wants to showcase the talent they have on board. This usually means they will include a listing of the members of their firm. Often these listings come with a bio on each member. This is an excellent place to start researching the members of the firm to find the right one to contact.

    Now, figuring out how to contact the partner you have chosen is not always easy. Remember, there are thousands of businesses that contact this person because they want money, and you need to make your business stand out. If you can, try to get a personal meeting. If you have a common tie, you may want to call them and use that common tie to get an interview. If you do not have a common tie, you may need to use your network to try to make that contact. See if you know anyone who knows the investor, and work towards a face to face introduction.

    Once you have met the investor, you need to present your business idea in a favorable light. You need to have plenty of information and enthusiasm about your business. Not only that, but you need to build belief in the need that you will be meeting. If you can get that particular partner to believe that you have what it takes to build a successful business, then you may have earned yourself the financing you need. Taking these steps and contacting the right person in the firm will save you time and effort you would have been wasting by contacting the wrong people. And in the business world, time is money, so you do not want to waste it!

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