The next conference featuring Financial Technology Investment will be on Nov 12, 2009 in NYC

"It was a supreme joy to be part of the successful event last week. You guys have done a superb job. It was one of the best VC conferences that I have attended. I in particular liked the intimate setting between entrepreneurs and investors. Giving entrepreneurs ample chances to practice on their presentation in time constraint was great. I look forward to the next event.
- Sookja Han, Executive Managing Director, Korea Technology Investment Corp.

Deutsche Bank has partnered with FundingPost to bring together Venture Funds and Growth-Stage Technology Companies focused on the Financial Services Sectors.

This will be a Full-Day event at Deutsche Bank’s downtown NYC conference center on October 25, 2007. There will be Presenting Companies, Panels, & Networking.

Deutsche Bank is interested in meeting these companies from both a direct Investment Perspective AND as a potential customer.

Who should attend?
* Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms from across the US interested in meeting Growth-Stage Technology Companies & networking with other VCs and Deutsche Bank. We also have panel speaking opportunities available.

* Entrepreneurs from Technology Companies, from across the US, interested in the financial services sector.

* Service Providers interested in networking and business development opportunities.

In addition to tickets to attend the event, we also have the following opportunities for Technology Companies to present to both Deutsche Bank and 30+ Venture Investors:
  • Exhibit Booth: Companies will be provided with a table to showcase their product / service.
  • Presenting Companies: 10 Technology companies who will be hand-picked and screened to deliver a 20 Minute Presentation (Exhibit Booth included)
    Presenting Company Industry focus: Growth-Stage Companies with Financial Service applications who have already raised a round of outside capital, have revenues of approx $1M or more, who are interested in having Deutsche Bank as a potential customer or investor in their next round, and who are interested in presenting to over 30 additional VCs.
Topic and Company Focus for the Event
· What are the current trends and where is innovation leading the financial services market?
· Topics of interest will include: Ontology, RDF, Topic Maps, Complex Event Processing, Securitization Products, High Performance Computing, RIA / Portlets, Data visualization, Risk Management, OMS, EMS, Analytics, Data Protection & more...
· How is data interrelated across many different locations and databases?
· How do applications, products, instances, locations and people relate?
· How do (SOA) services, applications, servers, networks, databases relate?
· How can transactions progress in real-time with an ever-increasing volume of trades?
· Algorthmic trading, Model driven trading, Smart order routing, Exchange technologies, Trade matching engines
· Where are Web 2.0 platforms for collaboration going?

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