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    Angel & Seed Investing - November 18, 2004
    Sponsored by Covington & Burling

    FundingPost's sold-out NYC Angel Investor Breakfast discussed exactly what an entrepreneur in the tri-state area needs to do when raising their first round of Angel Capital. Over 170 entrepreneurs in the audience heard from, and got to meet 8 Angel Investors - all of them actively seeking new deals to fund.

    Venture Speakers for the November 18, 2004, event:
    Howard Morgan, Angel Investor, New York Angels
    Ellen Sandles, Executive Director, Tri-State Private Investors Network
    Robert Birnbach, Private Investor
    Salvatore Gaglio, Private Investor
    David Rose, Angel Investor, New York Angels
    Arun Savkur, Quantum Ventures
    Chris Starr, VP of Investments, Innovation Philadelphia
    Chris Saxman, Executive Director, New York Angels
    Moderator: Ellen Corenswet, Corporate Partner, Covington & Burling

    Missed the event? Purchase and download the video here.

    Some insight from the event:
    Investors look for those deals where the entrepreneur has not only invested his time, but his money. They want to know that you have more at risk than elbow grease.

    Sometimes your competitors can be your allies. Don't always ignore or stay away from them, it may be beneficial to work with them.

    Management team is critical - bring on people who can get the job done. As an entrepreneur, you have to know what you need help in - It's all about the execution.

    Angel money has to take you to break-even or a prominent milestone. you need to have a definable goal. Accepting capital just to stay in business is not acceptable.

    A business plan is not just for the investor, it's for the entrepreneurs - it's a roadmap of how to run your business and a necessity for raising capital.


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    The FundingPost breakfast was tremendously valuable for me. It introduced me to the Angel investment players and the methods and processes which they use to evaluate opportunities. I came away optimistic, enthused and eager to submit my project. So far, I have begun the submission process with Chris Starr, Ellen Sandles, David Rose and Arun Savkur. I look forward to hearing from them soon.

    I look forward to seeing you at the next event.
    - Jonah Giacalone, President, Network Arts
    Seattle Angel & Seed Investing - Oct 7, 2004
    Sponsored by Orrick

    FundingPost's sold-out Seattle and early-stage investing event was packed with great information for companies raising their first round of capital - especially if they are located in the North-West United States or the British Columbia region of Canada.

    Venture Speakers for the October 7, 2004 Event:
    Jon Staenberg, Managing Director, Staenberg Venture Partners & Active Angel Investor
    Gary Ritner, Founder, Puget Sound Venture Club (Private Investor Network)
    Dave Kowalick, Senior Associate, Guide Ventures
    Michael J. Riccio, Jr., Managing Partner, Falcon Partners, LLC
    Gerard Langeler, OVP Venture Partners
    Hans Lundin, Managing Director, Integra Ventures
    Artour Baganov, Active Private Investor, Alliance of Angels
    Moderator: Alan C. Smith, Partner, Orrick

    Missed the event? Purchase and download the video here.

    Some insight from the event:
    Valuations are a sensitive subject to VCs. Early-stage companies should not value themselves too high or they will be ignored. A good idea would be to ask investors you know what they think it's worth, though entrepreneurs don't often like what they hear... You need a realistic and relevant valuation.

    Also, if you value your company too high on the first round, and you do get it funded, it will be VERY difficult to get a second round of capital.

    On the other hand, if the valuation is too low where the investors "crush down" your percentage, that's bad, too. It gives the entrepreneurs no incentive nor a reason to stick around and work hard.


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    Early-Stage Venture & Angel Workshop - July 29, 2004
    Sponsored by Grant Thornton and Duane Morris

    FundingPost's sold-out Washington, DC, Early-Stage Venture & Angel Workshop discussed exactly what an entrepreneur in the mid-atlantic area needs to do when raising their first round of Angel or Investment Capital. 4 early-stage investors, including an investor from in-Q-tel, the CIA's investment arm, spoke about their approach to making an investment and what kinds of deals they are actively looking to fund.

    Venture Speakers for the July 29, 2004 Event:
    Tony Ricciardella, Partner, Grant Thornton
    Roger Widing, Managing Director, SpaceVest
    John May, Manager, Active Angel Investors & The Dinner Clubs
    Rusty Griffith, Walker Ventures & Maryland Angels Council
    Roland Oliver, President & Chairman, Monumental Venture Partners
    Jonathan Joseph, In-Q-Tel (CIA & Intelligence Community)
    Moderator: Daniel Weitzel, Partner, Duane Morris

    Missed the event? Purchase and download the video here.


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    New York VC Showcase - Oct 21 2003
    Sponsored by Morgan Lewis and Geller & Co.

    FundingPost's Newest series of events!
    The VC showcase is a 'reverse venture fair'. 12 Venture funds exhibited to over 200 attendees, giving out information about their funds, shaking hands & taking plans.

    "The Reverse Fair was a great experience. It allowed me to meet a large number of interesting companies quickly. I strongly encourage other venture firms to participate in this event in the future."
    -Neal Mitra, BEV Capital

    Exhibiting firms included:
    JEGI Capital, Edison Venture Fund, BEV Capital, RRE Ventures, Advantage Capital, Mellon Ventures, Topspin Partners, Himalaya Capital, Pennell Venture Partners, LLC, Wheatley Partners, Hudson Ventures & NJTC Venture Fund.

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    Florida Venture Breakfast - Sept 10 2003
    Sponsored by Edwards & Angell

    Florida Venture Capital: Fort Lauderdale
    FundingPost's second Florida Venture breakfast was sold-out with over 100 CEOs and investors executives in attendance. Here are some of the insights from investors in South Florida:

    Insights from Event:
    Valuation trends: Most early stage deals over the past two years have experienced low single digit valuations ($2 - $6 Million pre-money). If the product is mature, $8 - $15 Million - based on your historical performance.

    How to provide incentives to management: VCs want to make sure that the founders of the company maintain enough equity in their own company to remain excited and to take a leadership role.

    Venture Speakers for the Sept 10 2003 Event:
    Richard J. Brandewie, Managing Partner, Ballast Point Venture Partners
    Steve G. Nussrallah, General Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners
    Ravi M. Ugale, Partner, Crossbow Ventures
    Jonathan I. Kislak, General Partner, Antares Capital Corporation
    Moderator: Jonathan Cole, Partner, Edwards & Angell, LLP.


    "I was impressed by the number of entrepreneurs who were present and the breadth of the panel. I would be interested in attending again."
    - Albert Lee, CEO, Lee Associates
    Philadelphia Venture Breakfast - May 21 2003
    Sponsored by Wolf Block

    Philadelphia Venture Capital: Future Trends
    FundingPost's first Philadelphia event was sold-out with over 120 executives attending.

    Quote from Event:
    "Congratulations on a successful event. It is encourage to see such a large group of entreprenuers turn out given the down beat message put out for the popular press. Venture Capital is alive and well in the Greater Philadelphia area and the money is burning a hole in our pocket -- for the next great business."
    - Bruce Luehrs, Edison Venture Fund

    Venture Speakers for the May 21 2003 Event:
    Karen Griffith Gryga, Co-Founder/Principal, Liberty Venture Partners
    David Noteware, COO, The Science Center
    P. Sherrill Neff, Managing Partner, Quaker BioVentures
    Brian Murphy, Partner, NewSpring Ventures
    Bruce Luehrs, General Partner, Edison Venture Fund
    Moderator: David Gitlin, Chair Corporate/Securities, Wolf Block


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    Washington DC Venture Breakfast - May 8 2003
    Sponsored by Duane Morris

    DC Area Venture Capital: Future Trends
    FundingPost's first DC area event was sold-out venture with over 200 executives attending. We discussed where the venture market is headed in the coming months. After the war and in the middle of economic uncertainty - an impressive array of companies and investors networked.

    Insights from Event:
    Q: How should entrepreneurs approach venture capital?
    A: Thoroughly understand your prospective customer base and market structure, and focus on building your competencies.

    Q: What advice have you for entrepreneurs who are already growing their companies?
    A: Focus on your marketing/sales capabilities so that they matches needs of distribution channel participation.

    "I was truly impressed by the quality of the panel and attendees. The turn out was spectacular in my view. With so many events in the Washington area on related topics, I compliment you for pulling off such a successful one! See you at the next one."
    - Alain Chetrit, Focus Enterprises, Inc.

    Venture Speakers for the May 8 2003 Event:
    Gary Golding, General Partner, Edison Venture Fund
    Marsh Marshall, Managing Director, ECentury Capital
    Ransom Parker, Managing Director, SpaceVest
    Jonathan Silver, Managing Director, Core Capital
    Moderator: Daniel Weitzel, Partner, Duane Morris


    "Edison has participated in two FundingPost events in NY and Washington which sit at each end of our Mid-Atlantic target market. What impressed us in each case was the quality of the companies who were in attendance. We were seeing many of these companies for the first time, which is a big positive from an investors standpoint."
    - Gary Golding, General Partner
      Edison Venture Fund

    Florida Venture Breakfast - April 30 2003
    Sponsored by Morgan Lewis

    Florida Venture Capital: Forecast 2003
    FundingPost's first Florida event was sold-out venture with over 100 executives attending. The event attracted CEOs and investors from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa / Orlando.

    Insights from Event:
    Q: How much capital should I raise?
    A: Raise enough capital to get you to break-even. VCs are concerned about future rounds and getting "crammed down".

    Q: How much should I talk about my competition to investors?
    A: It is critical to have a complete understanding of your market. Your competitive analysis, including pricing, is important in all of your investor conversations.

    "I think it was a great meeting. Not only for me, but I noticed some other people there who are not as far down the road as I am, well, I sure wish I new 18 months ago what I know today. Some of the information presented by your panel will be invaluable to some of those attending, and has also helped me to focus my energies and may help me avoid some of the future pitfalls."
    - Michael S. Scheidell, CEO, SECNAP Network Security

    Venture Speakers for the April 30 2003 Event:
    Terry Temescu, Founding Partner, Lyric Capital
    Bruce Foerster, Managing Director, South Beach Capital
    Matthew Cole, Partner, North Bay Equity Partners
    Douglas Beekman, Senior Associate, Advantage Capital Partners
    Moderator: John Fletcher, Partner, Morgan Lewis


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    "FUNDINGPOST created an environment for entrepreneurs in their April 2003 Fort Lauderdale FL conference that was very 'user friendly', i.e. face-to-face interaction between panelists and attendees rather than just a one-way, panel-to-audience 'lecture' type setting. Equally important, FUNDINGPOST has established a level of credibility in the marketplace that ensured a 'standing room only' crowd; an increasingly difficult achievement today in a world crowded with business/financial seminars, and one that sends everyone home talking about their experience in an up beat manner. As a panelist who has participated in many such events, I was particularly impressed with the 'hands-on' attention I received before, during and after the session. FUNDINGPOST is filling a vital role in helping to educate entrepreneurs, particularly those in need of first-round institutional venture funding."
    - Bruce Foerster, Managing Director
      South Beach Capital

    New York Venture Breakfast - April 9 2003
    Sponsored by Morgan Lewis

    Technology in Venture Capital: Forecast 2003 FundingPost’s sold-out April 2003 Breakfast was attended by over 100 leading entrepreneurs and investors.

    Insights from Event:
    Q: How do entrepreneurs get started in this market?
    A: Angels and "Friends and Family", financing from customers. Watch your burn rate, prove that you can grow on limited cash.

    Q: Since companies need to prove sales and customers prior to raising capital, what techniques are you seeing today?
    A: Creative sales strategies and partnerships. Have your customers pay for your product / services - giving it away for free or deep discounts does not prove the value of your solution to investors.

    "Being selected to pitch at the FundingPost event was a great opportunity for tremendous exposure to high quality investors and energetic companies. The opportunity is truly a gift."
    - Andrew Sperazza, CEO/President, PocketQuest Inc.

    Venture Speakers for the April 9 2003 Event:
    Will Porteous, Principal, RRE Ventures
    Reg Greiner, Financial Analyst, UBS Capital
    Marc Singer, General Partner, BEV Capital
    Stephen Ciesinski, Partner, Earlybird
    Moderator: David Nichols, Jr., Partner, Morgan Lewis


    New York Venture Breakfast - Feb 2003
    Sponsored by Morrison & Foerster LLP

    Trends in Venture Capital The topic included coverage of our Venture Capital in Times of War report. We were happy to see a strong number of investors in attendance, in active conversations with entrepreneurs.

    "I enjoyed fielding insightful questions from the audience and meeting many promising entrepreneurs." - Brad Parish, Associate, Advantage Capital

    Venture Speakers for the Feb 2003 Event:
    Ariel Eckstein, Principal, New York City Investment Fund
    Saul Richter, Principal, Himalaya Capital Ventures
    James McNiel, General Partner, Pequot Ventures
    J. Bradley Parish, Associate, Advantage Capital Partners
    Moderator: Michael Rennock, Partner, Morrison & Foerster


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    New York Venture Breakfast - Jan 2003
    Sponsored by Microsoft

    Technology in Venture Capital: Forecast 2003 FundingPost’s sold-out January 2003 Breakfast was attended by over 80 leading entrepreneurs and investors focused on Web Services and Software.

    "A good forum to informally exchange ideas while learning about the latest technology trends from Microsoft and funding trends from active VC's."
    - Charlie Federman, BRM Capital

    "I thought the event was well attended and a high concentration of qualified companies looking for capital. As a venture capitalist I find many events dominated by service providers and this was not the case with this event."
    - Chris Sugden, Edison Venture Fund

    Venture Speakers for the Jan 2003 Event:
    Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft .NET Business Development
    Chris Sugden, Vice President, Edison Venture Fund
    Arie H. Abecassis, Director, Thomson Financial
    Charlie Federman, Managing Director, BRM Capital
    Moderator: Robert D. Savage, Director, Business Development, .NET Emerging Business Team, Microsoft Corporation


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