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Feedback from some of our Investor Members:
"FundingPost has been a great source of early-stage investment opportunities! The companies that showcase through FundingPost cover a wide range of addressable markets, technologies and services, often from areas of the country that we do not have time to cover."
- Bob Gailus, New York Angels
"I have found FundingPost to be a great resource for the venture capital and entrepreneurial communities. I have received great dealflow from FundingPost - it is a valuable source of new ideas and contacts."
- Christopher Starr, Science Center / MAG Fund
"FundingPost is a great way to quickly and efficiently evaluate a group of pre-qualified deals. It is a true win-win: The entrepreneur gets an audience with VCs and the VCs get to hear a honed, to-the-point pitch. I am glad FundingPost has put this together, and plan to use this as a regular part of the way I do business."
-Jon Staenberg, Rustic Canyon Partners
"FundingPost has provided Investors a great way to read company summaries from across the country, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of a lot of Venture Funds they wouldn't normally have access to."
-Richard Irving, Pond Venture Partners

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