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"FundingPost has provided Investors a great way to read company summaries from across the country, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of a lot of Venture Funds they wouldn't normally have access to."
-Richard Irving, Pond Venture Partners

"The key to Longworth's success is finding the best early- or growth-stage companies and the most talented entrepreneurs to lead them. We have found a number of interesting companies through FundingPost, I think it is an ideal forum for emerging companies to showcase their businesses to a wide array of investors. We look for FundingPost to compliment our deal sourcing strategy."
- Bill Sheehan, Longworth Venture Partners

"FundingPost allows the venture community to review many interesting deals in a short period of time. The consistent format allows VCs to quickly evaluate companies raising capital based on the criteria that's most important to them. Canaan Partners is happy to participate in this process."
- Deepak Kamra, Canaan Partners

"I am happy to be a member of FundingPost.com. We always find good prospects, and the interface is efficient and easy to use. Thanks for putting this together."
- George Petracek, Atrium Capital

"It is great to see all of the quality entrepreneurial ventures listed on FundingPost. Many may turn out be the innovations that will lead America to growth and leadership in key high-tech industries."
- John filla, VES Partners LLC

"The US venture ecosystem is very efficient in large part because organizations like the FundingPost play an invaluable role in disseminating opportunity."
- Scott Chou, Gabriel Venture Partners

"I am always amazed at the range of fun and interesting deals that I would never have seen otherwise."
- Thomas A. Penn, MVP Capital Partners

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