Investors see so many potential deals come across their desk, but only invest in a few each year. You need to have your ducks in a row and have them look their best, or you will get quickly passed over. I've been getting tons of requests over the past few months for me to review peoples executive summaries, powerpoints & pitches – With good reason too! I've seen so many that need tons of work! We are putting together a big year end virtual event to help you look your best to investors in 2013.

What makes a good pitch? What should I put in my powerpoint? What do Investors want to see?

Here's what we are including:

Pitching workshop: This is the same workshop we give around the country to entrepreneurs on making an amazing elevator pitch. We will tell you exactly what to say and what not to say in a quick elevator pitch and help you build it from the ground up to include the info that investors NEED to hear to make a decision on your company.

Powerpoint: We will have an online class on creating a killer powerpoint presentation. What to include, how to make it look great, read well and be investor-presentation-ready. We will include a template for this as well to help you get started.

Executive Summary: The first document an Investor reads. If this is good, they will want more. If not, they won't. We’ll discuss what to include, and just as important, what not to include. We will include a template for this as well to help you get started.

In each of the 3 conference calls we will be bringing in guest VC & Angel Speakers to give you advice directly from the source! We recorded these live and they are available for immediate listening.

Bonus 1: We will also include a 6 month membership on FundingPost Investor network, ($199 value) where you can upload your new executive summary, powerpoint and video elevator pitch! Already a member? We will add an additional 6 months to your account.

Bonus 2: We will also give you 2 of our best selling e-books. Normally $25 each, the 2 books are filled with interviews with over 20 Angel Groups around the country and gives a definition of the terminology they use.

The value of this three course seminar is $1000. Add in the $249 listing and books, the total package is normally $1,249. We are charging only $197 for this entire package! A $1052 discount - Yup!!

The first call was recorded on Friday, Dec 21 at 1:30pm EST. The 2 Investors for the first call are Ellen Weber of Robin Hood Angels, and Elizabeth Sigety of Delaware Crossing Investor Group. The next 2 live calls were on January 11 & 18. Our featured VCs for Jan 11 were Zack Cherry of Caerus Ventures and Skyler Fernandez of Centripetal Capital Partners! On January 18 we brought in David Freschman of Innovation Ventures who gave an in-depth look into term sheets.

Location: Conference Call , Conference call 
Date: Ongoing
Time: Just Recorded! Register Now and Play Anytime
- Ticket: $197

Ellen Weber, Co-founder, Robin Hood Ventures
Elizabeth Sigety, Co-Founder, Delaware Crossing Investor Group
J. Skyler Fernandes, Partner, Centripetal Capital Partners
Zac Cherry, Managing Partner, Caerus Ventures
David Freschman, Managing Partner, Innovation Ventures
McAdory Lipscomb Jr, The CeoCoach

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