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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out VC Showcase - DC Area, sponsored by Grant Thornton. This event was in Washington, DC on Wed., October 20, 2004 .

    Grotech Capital Group Grotech Capital Group

    For over two decades, Grotech has forged investment partnerships with men and women who have high levels of competence, integrity and energy. The majority of these partnerships are located in the eastern United States. Our investments include companies in the early, emerging and later stages of their growth.

    Grotech typically seeks to back experienced managers pursuing new or emerging growth markets with innovative, differentiated strategies that can result in a substantial, stand-alone company.
    Grotech has financed successful start-up companies in software, telecommunications technologies, and a wide array of technology-enabled services companies. We typically seek entrepreneurs with operating and/or engineering experience and a deep, high-quality technology team. Grotech applies its knowledge of start-up operations, its experience and its relationships to assist start-up entrepreneurs in making their dream a reality.

    Snowbird Capital Snowbird Capital

    We provide the working capital to grow. We target companies with near term profitability and more importantly, positive cash flow. Our unique approach and our investment strategy lets us make investments many other firms cannot.

    People we fund know how to bootstrap a business. We also understand that occasionally these businesses need capital to grow. Often, growth can be cash intensive.

    We look to invest in companies that are making money, but know they can make more, given additional capital.

    Companies we fund usually have most of the following characteristics:
    Run by entrepreneurs with a proven track record or industry experience
    Currently have customers
    Profitable, or see a clear path to profitability within 6 months
    Positive cash flow, or see a path to positive cash flow within 12 months
    Require $250,000 to $1 million
    Strong management team operating in a market with good potential

    SpaceVest SpaceVest

    Investing in companies. Capitalizing on technologies. SpaceVest is a venture capital firm that invests in companies leveraging space-related and other advanced technologies to provide compelling solutions for customers in high-growth markets. SpaceVest is focused on companies that provide hardware and/or software solutions in the following technology sectors:

    GPS/GIS/Remote Sensing
    Network Infrastructure & Security
    Space/Defense Technologies
    Semiconductors & Nanotechnology

    SpaceVest manages approximately $270 million for global institutional limited partners. For over a decade, SpaceVest has led early and expansion stage investments in US-based companies. The firm has invested in both start-up companies and spin-offs that are positioned for leadership in exciting market sectors.

    SpaceVest works closely with industry leaders, universities, commercial and non-profit R&D centers, government agencies and seed stage investors to identify the most promising early and expansion stage companies. The typical SpaceVest investment has usually at a minimum developed a beta product or service and has started testing with customers. The firm has invested in Series A and later rounds in traditional start-ups and has assisted with spin-offs from commercial, government and non-profit entities.

    ECentury Capital ECentury Capital

    ECentury Capital is a $90 million balanced-stage venture capital fund that makes investments throughout the eastern United States in distinctive technology companies that solve real business problems. We give our portfolio companies the power to accelerate their businesses into global markets by leveraging our active, institutional partners Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Allied Capital and Rothschild.

    We seek to make investments in companies throughout the eastern United States that are using distinctive technologies to solve real business problems. We look for companies with global growth prospects. Our target investment size is up to $4 million with participation targeted at Series A and B rounds, though smaller amounts can be invested in seed rounds.Predominately, our investments are in post-revenue companies that have a robust technology that addresses a compelling, high-growth market and an accomplished management team and.

    While we invest in promising companies in most sectors of information technology, ECentury Capitalís partners have considerable industry knowledge, relationships and experience in wireless, storage, enterprise software, data mining, data networking, security, nanotechnology, broadband and communications networks and components.

    Walker Ventures Walker Ventures

    Walker Ventures invests in technology companies, with a bias towards Internet infrastructure and software technologies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our focus is on businesses with an experienced, dedicated and motivated management team, a sound business concept and leading edge technology with the opportunity to emerge and be a dominant player in an expanding market.

    Walker Ventures currently has three funds which include Walker Investment Fund II, SBIC. The combined Walker Investment Funds total approximately $100 million under management.

    Our target opportunity is considered the investment of seed capital in "early-stage" companies.

    Sterling Venture Partners Sterling Venture Partners

    Sterling Venture Partners invests in expansion-stage Healthcare Services and Technologies, Outsourced Business Services, Education/Testing/Training, and Industrial Technology companies. Sterling Venture Partners is a division of Sterling Partners, a diversified private equity firm that has managed more than $700 million of committed capital since its founding in 1983. With offices in Baltimore and Chicago, Sterling Venture Partners invests on the East Coast and in the Midwest.

    The Sterling Venture Partners team has an extensive mix of both operating and investing experience in expansion-stage companies. The team helps entrepreneurs build companies that are scalable and sustainable and have the ability to create significant shareholder value. Sterling Venture Partnersí success reflects the firmís ability to identify attractive investment opportunities, create optimal financial structures, coach and develop management teams, stimulate growth through effective oversight, and achieve timely and profitable liquidity events.

    Updata Partners Updata Partners

    With offices in Red Bank, NJ and Reston, VA, Updata Partners invests in growing, technology driven companies throughout North America. Our primary objective is to assist managers and entrepreneurs in building businesses and creating equity value. In order to add value to our portfolio companies, Updata Partners takes the role of an active, working partner with management through the board of directors and providing access to the full operational and financial resources of our firm and its network.

    Since 1988, the founders and partners of Updata Partners have completed over 50 investments in the information technology industry across a broad range of sectors, from enterprise software to information services to healthcare IT. Currently, we manage in excess of $100 million. During that same time period, Updata Capital has completed over 350 advisory transactions aggregating over $10 billion in value to shareholders.

    UP typically invests between $2 million and $5 million in a transaction. For larger deals, we tap the resources of our strategic limited partners, who in aggregate manage in excess of $5 billion in equity capital.

    Focus: Enterprise Software, Information Services, Transaction Processing, Financial Technologies, Healthcare Information Technology, Business Services and Outsourcing, IT Services.

    Edison Venture Fund Edison Venture Fund

    We focus on investing in information technology companies including: financial services, pharmaceutical IT, application software, security and technology enabled business solutions.

    Edison initially invests $3 - 5 million. We finance internal growth, management buyouts, acquisitions, corporate spinouts and secondary stock purchases.

    Focus: Government software, Security Application software, Communications products and services, Drug industry software & services Networking, Financial software and services, Web services, Customer relationship software, Electronic systems, Wireless data and services Internet applications, Computer services, Supply Chain, Business process outsourcing, Logistics, Managed services, Database and systems software, Education technology.

    Blue Water Capital Blue Water Capital

    Blue Water Capital, founded in 1995, strives to generate outstanding financial returns by investing in privately held expansion stage companies that can grow and evolve into more valuable entities. We partner with entrepreneurs, contributing our capital, experience and contacts for the benefit of each portfolio company so that, together, we can build businesses of enduring value.

    Blue Water Capital has $98.5 million under management. Industries: Although not limited to a particular industry or segment thereof, the Fund generally will concentrate its investments in information technology companies emphasizing enabling software, e-commerce, telecommunications, multimedia. content, services and integration technologies. Capital to Be Invested: $1 million - $3.3 million.

    The Grosvenor Funds The Grosvenor Funds

    Grosvenor's strategy is to invest in early and expansion-stage companies that have proprietary, protected technologies addressing large markets and a clear business plan to become cash flow positive within 18 to 24 months. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience investing in and building successful companies. This experience, combined with our extensive and proprietary networks, enable the Partners to better evaluate risks, source deals and add substantial value to the companies in which Grosvenor invests. The Firm's investment activities and focus, developed and refined over the past seven years, have provided investors with returns consistently among the highest in the industry. Our focus is to act as the lead in the majority of our deals.

    Grosvenor's investment strategy is a mixed approach of thematic and opportunistic. We will continue to focus thematically on opportunities in industries in which the Partners have successfully invested in the past (e.g., drug development/genomics, Internet infrastructure, and telecommunications equipment and technologies). In addition, we will invest opportunistically in promising companies with proprietary, protected technologies in emerging new industries such as nanotechnology, next-generation wireless, security technologies, and intelligent networks. For example, we are exploring opportunities in the defense/homeland security arena. We believe this is a fast developing market in which few venture firms have a historical focus. As with our other areas of investment focus, this too is an industry that will have a strong Washington, D.C. presence.

    Quantum Fund Quantum Fund

    With predecessor firms dating back to mid-80s, it has achieved several decades of cross-industry experience in varied fields which include IT, telecom, power utilities, mining, technology research and real estate

    Portview Communications Partners Portview Communications Partners

    Portview is a specialized international venture capital fund investing in next-generation communications technologies, systems and applications. Portview backs companies in Israel and the US and has chosen to focus on a single industry - communications. Within the communications area, we invest in "TCB"-things carriers buy.

    Gabriel Venture Partners Gabriel Venture Partners

    Gabriel Venture Partners is a hands-on, early-stage venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and the Mid-Atlantic, managing over $260 Million. Gabrielís investors take a truly team-oriented approach to leverage their combined operating experience and actively partner with entrepreneurs in order to deliver maximum value-add across every stage of a startup company's growth cycle. Gabriel focuses its investments within specific sectors of information technology, including Wireless, Disruptive Technology Components, Infrastructure Software & Systems, and Enterprise Software & Services.

    Maryland TEDCO (Funded the largest number of startups) Maryland TEDCO (Funded the largest number of startups)

    Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) funded the largest number of startups in 2003 (27 companies).

    New York Angels New York Angels

    New York Angels' mission is to provide opportunities for its members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage technology and new media companies in the New York City area. We provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $200K-$1M, an investment range not generally served by venture capital funds. Since 1994, we and our predecessor group have invested over $14 million in 50 ventures.

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