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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Austin Investor Event, sponsored by Andrews Kurth LLP. This event was in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, September 21, 2004.

    John Stockton, Mayfield Fund John Stockton, Mayfield Fund

    Working with several top-name Venture Capital firms, including Hunt Ventures (Austin, TX), Mayfield Fund (Menlo Park, CA), Partech International (San Francisco, CA) and TVM (Munich, Germany). Doing some company-side consulting and generally looking at new funding opportunities. Serving as a Director of Atreris (Paris, France) and DAFCA (Boston, MA). BS Engineering Science (EE/Nuclear Engineering), University of Texas at Austin. Three patents issued covering multi-chip modules and 2-D optical data recovery, and four additional patents pending. Tens of publications.

    Jeff Williams, General Partner, Chisholm Private Capital Jeff Williams, General Partner, Chisholm Private Capital

    Jeff joined Chisholm in April 2003 as General Partner to lead our efforts in the North Texas corridor. Prior to joining Chisholm, Jeff was a Managing General Partner for Markpoint Venture Partners in Dallas. In addition to his most recent experience, Jeff brings more than 10 years of experience in providing venture capital, private equity and financial expertise to early and later stage companies in the North Texas area. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the North Texas Enterprise

    Greg Hext, White Rock Venture Fund Greg Hext, White Rock Venture Fund

    Greg is a founding Shareholder of Chapman, Hext & Co., P.C. and White Rock Advisors, LLC. Chapman, Hext & Co., is a fully integrated professional services CPA firm that meets client’s needs in financial services, taxation and consulting. It has been located in Richardson for the last 15 years. White Rock Advisors advises companies on various operating issues, as well as the management of assets, capital and risk.

    In addition, Greg is the General Partner of the White Rock Venture Fund, which is a private equity fund. The fund makes investments of $5 million or less in the form of expansion capital in cash flow positive companies.

    He is also the President of the North Dallas Investment Group, Inc., which is an “Angel Investor” group, which was founded in March of 2000. The North Dallas Investment Group meets the second Thursday of each month throughout the year to allow companies seeking capital to present to this select group of accredited investors.

    Greg Carlisle, Managing Director, Gefinor Ventures Greg Carlisle, Managing Director, Gefinor Ventures

    Mr. Carlisle has over 20 years experience in software development, high-technology company start-up, and venture capital investing. He has developed significant business management experience which he brings to Gefinor Ventures' portfolio companies.

    Mr. Carlisle began his career managing telecommunications and software development projects as a senior manager for Andersen Consulting. He then founded and served as President of Jones Cyber Solutions and was responsible for leading the software services company's rapid growth, resulting in $12 million of sales revenue within its first three years. Under his leadership, the company built a large software management and development team as well as an international sales and marketing force.

    He then served as acting COO for an e-commerce company, Ambac Connect, Mr. Carlisle turned around and grew the business directing operations, engineering, business development and marketing. He was also instrumental in launching software infrastructure strategies for strategic communications firms.

    Mr. Carlisle was chosen to act as interim CEO of Intransco, Inc. and Jazz IT, two companies within Admiral Inman's personal portfolio. He successfully managed the divestiture of the assets of each company. Intransco, Inc., a company that developed and launched an e-commerce booking engine focused on the travel industry, was acquired by i:FAO, an Internet travel company. Jazz IT, a network management services company, was acquired by TManage, Inc., a provider of outsourced telework programs and currently a portfolio company of Gefinor Ventures.

    He received a BA degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Carlisle serves on the Boards of CTS, Mimix Broadband, SiVerion, and XAware.

    Dr. Chris Ching, Sr. Investment Mngr, TAMC Venture Fund Dr. Chris Ching, Sr. Investment Mngr, TAMC Venture Fund

    Dr. Ching is a Senior Investment Manager of TAMC, Ltd., a venture capital fund management company headquartered in Plano, TX. Since 1998, Dr. Ching is also a Visiting Assistant professor at the University of Texas at Arlington teaching two courses in the graduate school. Before he became a professor at UTA, he was a lecturer there teaching a variety of finance courses since 1995. The main research interests of Dr. Ching are option valuation, merges and acquisitions, investments, econometric modeling, and financial derivatives.

    Prior to working for TAMC, Dr. Ching worked for Northern Telecom for more than two years as a Member of the Scientific Staff responsible for designing, maintaining, and modifying software for digital switch based on customer's specifics, such as PRI, ISUP, TUP, and Red Book.

    Dr. Ching worked for Merrill Lynch in Fort Worth, Texas for two years. He was responsible for asset management for wealthy customers, quantitative model building and company analysis. He also worked closely with Merrill Lynch's Taiwan branch office to help those investors in Taiwan who wanted to diversify and/or invest in the US, for asset management.

    Before Dr. Ching came to the US, he was president of a consulting firm in Taiwan from 1986 to 1988. The main business of the company included asset management for customers, stock investment analysis, and being intermediary for the sale of nonpublic traded stocks. Dr. Ching was fully responsible for the management and marketing of the firm.

    Dr. Ching received his Ph.D. in finance from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his MBA in finance from the University of North Texas. He also received an MS in computer science from Texas A&M, and a BS in computer science from the University of Tennessee.

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