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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Hardware - Networking Investing VC On Call, sponsored by FundingPost. This event was in Conference Call on Tuesday, August 17, 2004.

    Raj Pai, Principal, CID Equity Partners Raj Pai, Principal, CID Equity Partners

    Mr. Pai joined CID in 1999 after receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining CID, he worked in information technology and risk management initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies including British Telecommunications, Ameritech and US West. He was a senior management consultant for American Management Systems. While with CID, Mr. Pai has worked extensively with businesses at all stages of development and is currently focusing his efforts on early through mid-stage equity companies. His areas of expertise include information technology, communications, software, hardware and network infrastructure. He assists with evaluating businesses in the biotechnology and bioinformatics sectors. Mr. Pai has provided financial and strategic support to the following CID portfolio companies, acting in the Board Observer/Advisory capacity: CoreVal, SmartSignal, Geodesic, Ageia, Shakti Systems and Advanced Protein Technologies. Mr. Pai has a master's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Bombay. In addition, he serves in an Advisory/Board capacity with the following organizations – Illinois Venture Capital Association (IVCA), BioAngels, Chicago-ITEC, Midwest Healthcare Investment Network (MHIN) and CPEN (Chicago Private Equity Network).

    Roland Oliver, President & Chairman, Monumental Venture Partners Roland Oliver, President & Chairman, Monumental Venture Partners

    In early 1999, Mr. Oliver launched and organized Monumental Venture Partners, LLC, the general partner to MVP America, LP. Mr. Oliver successfully recruited the founders including MCI’s New Ventures team, raised capital for the general partnership from selected investors, and formed the MVP America, LP Advisory Board. Mr. Oliver has extensive experience fund raising, joint ventures, technology transfer, acquisitions, investment assessments, and international expansion in the wireless telecommunications and information technology industries. From 1993 through 1998, Mr. Oliver was the Group Vice President of Corporate and Business Development for Grayson and Comsearch Wireless, divisions of Allen Telecom International (in 2003 merged with Andrew Corporation), a NYSE firm with revenues over $400 million. During his tenure, Mr. Oliver identified and recruited the management for a new venture that grew from a $1 million investment to the current Geometrix Division with over $100 million in revenues in under 4 years. Mr. Oliver also developed Allen Telecom’s $1 million investment in Encompass that grew to $20 million in revenue. Mr. Oliver developed broad contacts with AT&T, AirTouch, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, Ericsson, HP, Lucent, MCI, Nortel, Sprint and Qualcomm. Earlier at Comsearch, Mr. Oliver held division level P&L responsibility and directed the design and test labs. Mr. Oliver has held management positions with Storage Technology, Cable & Wireless, and Centel prior to the merger with Sprint.

    Mr. Oliver has studied advanced business and technology at Oxford University and the University of Kansas Business School. After his education in psychology at Lynchburg College, Mr. Oliver continued studies in business at the University of Virginia. Mr. Oliver also has lectured at George Mason University on Strategic Planning for Emerging Companies.

    Mr. Oliver serves on the board of two of MVP America, LP’s portfolio companies: Digital Sandbox, Inc., and SonoMedica, Inc. and is on the Advisory Board of Abraxas Corporation and Chairman of the Advisory Board of JB Cubed, Inc. In addition, Mr. Oliver served on the board of Telverse Communications, Inc. through its successful acquisition by Level 3 Communications, Inc.

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