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Venture Capital
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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out VC Showcase - DC Area, sponsored by Duane Morris, Grant Thornton. This event was in on Wed, April 21 2004.

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    Edison Venture Fund
    Focus on investing in information technology companies including: financial services, pharmaceutical IT, application software, security and technology enabled business solutions. Edison initially invests $3 - 5 million.

    The Grosvenor Funds
    Grosvenor's investment strategy is a mixed approach of thematic and opportunistic. We will continue to focus thematically on opportunities in industries in which the Partners have successfully invested in the past (e.g., drug development/genomics, Internet infrastructure, and telecommunications equipment and technologies).

    Gabriel Venture Partners
    Focus: Building the emerging market leaders in the Communications and Networking, Information Technology, and Internet industries. We focus our activity on distinctive or proprietary products and technologies that capitalize on these trends and provide future industry leadership in emerging markets, a sustainable advantage in each applicable market, and superior management capabilities.

    Center for Innovative Technology
    CIT's Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) helps close the funding gap between "friends and family" and early-stage equity investment for Virginia-based technology companies. CIT identifies and makes funds available to early-stage tech companies with a high-potential for technology commercialization, rapid growth and downstream private equity financing.

    Updata Partners
    Updata Partners is a technology focused private equity and venture capital firm that is affiliated with Updata Capital, a leading investment banking boutique also focused on the information technology industry. Updata Partners invests in growing, technology driven companies throughout North America. Our primary objective is to assist managers and entrepreneurs in building businesses and creating equity value.

    Questmark Partners
    QuestMark Partners is a venture capital firm focused on late-stage growth companies in emerging markets. We offer an active and value-added approach to investing, providing private companies with access to more than financial backing alone. QuestMark Partners delivers value through board participation and networking to assist management grow its business, prepare and complete the IPO process.

    Toucan Capital
    Toucan Capital specializes in early stage investment opportunities. We are particularly interested in working with inventors, researchers, scientists and first-time entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their efforts to commercialize an invention or technology. We typically invest in a company's first institutional round, often acting as the lead investor. We will make investments of $100,000 to $5 million; however our initial investments tend to be between $500,000 and $3 million. We also participate in select later stage investments, sometimes as part of a larger investment syndicate.

    Investing in companies. Capitalizing on technologies. SpaceVest is a venture capital firm managing approximately $300 million for global institutional limited partners. The firm has a decade of experience successfully investing in space-related and advanced technology companies. SpaceVest typically leads expansion-round syndicates in US-based businesses.

    Portview Communications Partners
    Portview is a specialized international venture capital fund investing in next-generation communications technologies, systems and applications. Portview backs companies in Israel and the US and has chosen to focus on a single industry - communications. Within the communications area, we invest in "TCB"-things carriers buy.

    Telecommunications Development Fund
    As a venture capital firm, TDF seeks out the telecommunications industry's most promising businesses and assists them in realizing their full potential. Within these environments, TDF pursues investments in companies that develop and market hardware and software platforms, middleware, services, interfaces, protocols and applications.

    Blue Water Capital
    Blue Water Capital is a private venture capital firm building a wide range of information technology companies through partnerships with highly skilled management teams. We focus on expansion–stage investing in information technology and services companies, including software, Internet/Intranet, e-commerce, telecommunications and multimedia companies.

    ASM Resources
    ASMR provides direct seed and bridge investments and facilitates follow-on investment in early-stage ventures. The American Society for Microbiology, is comprised of 25 major disciplines and numerous sub-disciplines of microbiological specialization ranging from human biomedicine to agriculture, environmental and veterinary science.

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