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Here are the Investor speakers you will get to meet at our Orange County CA VC, Angel, ICO & Blockchain Event, sponsored by McCarter & English,, Iconiqlab, Jewel Toned, LDJ Capital. The event is in Orange County on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Photo of Moderator - Joe Daniels, McCarter & English Joseph Daniels
McCarter English
McCarter English
Mr. Daniels represents startup to publicly-held technology, life science and consumer companies, venture capital and private equity funds and investment banks in a wide range of seed and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other public offerings. He regularly advises a broad range of startups, venture-backed companies and VC funds, and has led hundreds of venture and strategic financing transactions. Mr. Daniels has helped companies and private equity firms handle over $5 billion of merger, acquisition and disposition transactions. Additionally, he has represented issuers and underwriters in more than 25 IPOs and follow-on public offerings involving companies in the technology, life sciences and consumer sectors, including leading investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Oppenheimer.

Mr. Daniels also serves as outside general counsel for numerous companies, assisting them with everything from day-to-day business transactions to multinational strategic alliance transactions ranging from technology and distribution partnerships to joint ventures. He focuses on representing clients involved in high-growth sectors, and has experience with a broad range of industries, including adtech, biotech, cleantech, consumer, digital media, ecommerce, energy, Internet of Things, Fintech/financial services, life sciences, mobile, semiconductor, software, UAVs and telecommunications.

Photo of Eric Shus, Angel Investor Eric Shuss
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Shuss has been actively involved in managing and acquiring high-tech companies for over thirty five years. He has owned and managed successful companies from start-up to thriving on-going ventures including professional services consulting firms, high-tech manufacturers and AI/AGI and computer software companies. He has extensive international management experience with a keen understanding of how technology impacts today’s business. He is an angel investor, author and futurist who serves on several corporate boards and advisory boards.

He has worked in mid-to-large companies in roles of Senior Industry Analyst, Managing Consultant, Director of Information Systems, Director of Operations, Vice President, President, COO and CEO. His in-depth knowledge of multiple industries and complex business processes allows him to look at the big picture and understand that the technology is not the answer, but enabling people to access and benefit from the technology is the key to success.

Chad Anderson, Co-founder, MT Digital Assets Chad Anderson, Co-founder, MT Digital Assets

Photo of Michael Sawitz, Founder Michael Sawitz
Founder & CEO
Faststart Studio
Faststart Studio
Michael Sawitz is the Founder and CEO of, a business incubator in Irvine, CA. Additionally, Mr. Sawitz has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Amailcenter Franchise Corporation, the franchisor of AIM Mail Centers, since its inception in 1985. He sold the brand in August of 2011. Since July 1979, he has also served as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Michael Sawitz, Inc. which operates a sign center division and an equipment and fixtures division. He has been a featured guest on radio talk shows such as Professional Insights, National Public Radio and California Grand Opening. He has been a frequent speaker at various minority business development centers sponsored by the SBA, numerous Franchise Business Network events and twice as featured presentation at the Technology in Franchising National Conferences, and has been the keynote speaker at the PC Synergy Conference. Mr. Sawitz has been featured in nationwide publications such as Franchise Update and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Additionally, he is Entrepreneur in Residence at California State University Fullerton Mihaylo School of Business and Economics. Michael Sawitz has also cofounded and served as the President of the National Alliance of Ship Centers, a non-profit industry association.

Photo of Fred Haney, Founder, Venture Management Company Fred Haney
Venture Management Company
Venture Management Company
Dr. Fred Haney is the founder and President of the Venture Management Co., a firm that provides assistance to high tech companies. He is the author of “The Fundable Startup: How Disruptive Companies Attract Capital,” published on February 6, 2018, by Select Books of New York.

Other accomplishments include:
Founder, Monday Club, an 850-member mentoring network ( Co-founder, Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest angel investor groups in the U.S. Founder and manager of 3i Ventures, California, a venture capital fund that invested $80 million and produced 19 public companies and top quartile returns.

Dr. Haney has been a co-founder of five startup companies, including NovaDigm Therapeutics, the first fungal vaccine tested in humans, DRC Computer, the most powerful gene sequencing computer in the world, and NMR Finder an artificial intelligence nuclear magnetic resonance imaging accelerator. He is a director of Orange County’s Parcel Pending, leading supplier of kiosk-based locker systems for package delivery. He has been a director of over 30 high-tech companies.

In 1999, he was selected “Mentor/Angel of the Year” by the American Electronics Association in Orange County. In 2002, he was named “Director of the Year for Early Stage Companies” by the Forum for Corporate Directors. Before 1983, Haney held senior management positions with Xerox, CSC, and TRW. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Carnegie-Mellon University, an M.S. in Mathematics from Colorado State University, and a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Keynote - Patrick Lowry, Iconiq Lab Keynote - Patrick Lowry, Iconiq Lab

Steve Kuh, Group Project Steve Kuh, Group Project

Steve is interested in providing solutions to combat counterfeit goods using blockchain technologies. ICO is planned for Q2-2018. The blockchain technology presents opportunities to solve many social issues such as counterfeits, identity and credit card plastics in wallets, and digital security tags in general. With the ICO, it is hoped that products are developed from current prototypes to custom solutions that will be marketed to take advantage of the blockchain based decentralized digital public ledger and change the world one person at a time.
With over 20 years experience as a founder and CEO of an IT firm, his specialty includes communications systems engineering, creation and production of digital IT products.

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