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Here are the Investor speakers you will get to meet at our VC Angel and ICO Dinner at SXSW, sponsored by McCarter & English, LLP,, BDO USA, LDJ Capital, Energyfunders. The event is in Austin, TX on Sunday March 11, 2018.

Moderator: Jared Sorin, McCarter & English LLP Moderator: Jared Sorin, McCarter & English LLP

Keynote: Joe Daniels, McCarter & English LLP Keynote: Joe Daniels, McCarter & English LLP

Joshua Siegel, Rubicon Capital Joshua Siegel, Rubicon Capital

Matt Oguz, Venture/Science Matt Oguz, Venture/Science

Josef Merrill, Sputnik ATX Josef Merrill, Sputnik ATX

Petra Franklin, Vault Capital Petra Franklin, Vault Capital

Clarence Wooten, STEAM Role Clarence Wooten, STEAM Role

Randall Crowder, Nove Ventures Randall Crowder, Nove Ventures

Ben Way, Rainmakers Global Ben Way, Rainmakers Global

Way is involved in a large number of startup companies that are listed on the Rainmakers Global website, such as GoDine, the restaurant booking service; FuelMyBlog, the blogging product review service; Truevoo, the iPhone apps store review service; an SME advice service called Smarta; and a graduate recruitment company called BraveNewTalent.[20][21] In 2009 Rainmakers opened a United States (US) branch and consequently became involved in a number of US startups, including Traffic Spaces, the ad management platform, and BoostCTR, the Google adwords optimizer. He is also one of the founders of Alpha Concierge Matchmaking, which describes itself as the worlds most exclusive matchmaking app.

Way was also involved in a number of green start-up companies, such as SellMyMobile and SellCell,[20] and is a cofounder with Paul Williams of Freetricity, a renewable energy provider based in the UK and the US.

Way is the founder of Viapost, an online postal company. The POIP service allows printing of documents over the internet which are then sent by Royal Mail.

He is involved in his sister's production company Newspepper, a citizen journalism site that covers a large number of UK tech sector events.

In 2011 he worked with the founding team at TradeHill the first US crypto exchange on the deal.

Way and Hermione Way developed GoIgnite, a health and lifestyle smartphone app and hardware for the Bravo TV reality television show they both appeared in.

Steve Kuh, Group Project Steve Kuh, Group Project

Steve is interested in providing solutions to combat counterfeit goods using blockchain technologies. ICO is planned for Q2-2018. The blockchain technology presents opportunities to solve many social issues such as counterfeits, identity and credit card plastics in wallets, and digital security tags in general. With the ICO, it is hoped that products are developed from current prototypes to custom solutions that will be marketed to take advantage of the blockchain based decentralized digital public ledger and change the world one person at a time. With over 20 years experience as a founder and CEO of an IT firm, his specialty includes communications systems engineering, creation and production of digital IT products.

Chad Aroo Anderson, MT Chad Aroo Anderson, MT

Chad “Aroo” Anderson is a blockchain + cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor who serves as President and Co-Founder of a leading fund in the hyper growth blockchain industry. Chad started his career working in the finance department at Hewitt Associates a fortune 500 company now called Aon. He worked directly with the CFO, Director of Budgeting and Forecasting, and the Controller. Chad then moved on to from 2004-2008 as a strategic marketing consultant. During that time the site grew to over 500 Million active users, and was acquired for 580 Million Dollars. His team worked on events including Lollapalooza, Sundance Film Fest, Ultra Music Fest, SxSw, and more. Upon leaving Myspace he joined the team at Engage BDR an LA based Ad-Tech firm in Strategic Marketing and Biz Dev Role. He helped grow the company to reaching over 500 Million monthly uniques. Chad left there in 2014 to found Aroo Industries a talent management and marketing company. His clients have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, Coca Cola, Virgin, Vogue, Patron, Grey Goose, Google, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros and more.

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