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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Houston Investor Roundtable, sponsored by CoAdvantage, Start Houston, Robert T. Pittenger CPA. This event was in The Start Houston Incubator on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

    Photo of John Frazier, Director of Investments, Presidio Venture Capital John  Frazier
    Director of Investments
    Presidio Venture Capital
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    Presidio Venture Capital
    John Frazier was born October 17th, 1984 in Chicago, Illinois and is a 2011 graduate of the University of Houston with a B.A. in Finance. John has been in the finance industry since 2010 and is an active member of the Finance Association Alumni group at University of Houston and is also a member of InterNations for expatriates. His hobbies include interior design and architecture

    Photo of Philip Racusin, CEO, Philip Racusin
    Energy Funders
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    Energy Funders
    Philip is a Founder and CEO for the leader in Equity Crowdfunding for Energy, today focused in Oil and Gas sector. Since the official launch 2015, Philips team has funded in excess of 1.7 Million in projects and has interest in 93 wells in 3 different states.

    Philip has an extensive background in business law and litigation which helps the company navigate through many of the new Crowdfunding regulations.

    Photo of Jason Jimenez, Managing Principal, Redstone Business Holdings Jason Jimenez
    Managing Principal
    Redstone Business Holdings, LLC
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    Redstone Business Holdings, LLC
    Jason Jimenez owns and invests in an array of businesses that collaborate with and deliver services to local, national and international clients. As a Managing Principal of Redstone Business Holdings, LLC, Mr. Jimenez Co-Leads the holding company’s subsidiaries. He serves as chief executive officer of Redstone Natural Resources, LLC, and Redstone Business Consulting Group, LLC. He secures domestic and international exclusivity and distribution agreements for natural resources, and delivers business consulting and financial solutions to clients in the United States and abroad. Mr. Jimenez owns Redwheel Logistics, which is a trucking/transportation company that supports oil fields by transporting earth, rock, and minerals. He owns Jason Jimenez Insurance Agency Inc. which provides property and casualty, commercial, Bonds, and individual / group health insurance. Mr. Jimenez is founder and chair of the International Resource Group (IRG), which is an organization comprised of midsize to large businesses that collaborate with domestic and international investors to invest in, expand and/or build business in the United States.

    Photo of Robert Rhodes, Managing Partner, American Equity Fund LLC Robert Rhodes
    Managing Member
    American Equity Fund LLC
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    American Equity Fund LLC
    Robert C. Rhodes serves as Managing Member of Rhodes Holdings LLC (“RHL”), and has since December 2005, providing management consulting services to small- capitalization companies (below $75 million) embarking on growth strategies. Mr. Rhodes serves as Chairman of Avant Diagnostics, Inc., formerly known as American Liberty Petroleum Corp., since December 2013, and served as CEO & President from December 2013 through January 2015. Mr. Rhodes serves as Chairman of Cornwall Resources Corp., formerly Columbia Energy Corp., since October 2010.

    Mr. Rhodes’ operational experience includes founding and serving as Chairman / CEO of Systems Evolution Inc., a software engineering and business analysis consultancy, from November 1993 through December 2006. During his tenure, Mr. Rhodes acquired five companies (AXP Technologies Inc., eLead Solutions Inc., CMS Technology Services LLC, Next Hire Consultants Inc., and Duration Software Inc.), achieved $10M+ revenue, was honored as the #1 fastest growing technology company in Houston Texas by The 2005 Fast Tech 50, and took it public in September 2003.

    Mr. Rhodes also was Managing Member of American Equity Fund LLC which provided financing for micro-capitalization companies (June 2012 – January 2015), founder of KnJ Management LLC which provided IT staffing (January 2004 – January 2006), founder of ART Services, Inc. which provided property management services (December 2003 – February 2007), partner at Software Integration Consulting Group (July 1993 – November 1993), and held positions at BSG Alliance/IT Group (May 1991 – June 1993).

    Moderator: Chris Felder, Director, Robert T. Pittenger CPA Moderator: Chris Felder, Director, Robert T. Pittenger CPA

    Chris Felder serves as Director of Consulting. Mr. Felder has over 15 years of business consulting and financial management experience in construction, education, manufacturing, mining, and transportation. His areas of expertise include optimizing resource allocation, data modeling, and process improvement. He has held management roles in Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, and Information Technology. This cross functional expertise is valuable in terms evaluating a client’s areas of need and root cause of problem areas.

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