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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out NYC VC & Angel Showcase, sponsored by Credit Suisse, WeiserMazars, SocialRadius, Greenberg Traurig, Office Lease Center. This event was in New York City on Thursday, February 7, 2013.

    New York Angels New York Angels

    New York Angels is an independent consortium of individual accredited angel investors. New York Angels' mission is to provide opportunities for its members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage technology and new media companies in the New York City area and accelerating them to market leadership. We provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$750K, an investment range not generally served by venture capital funds. Since 1997, members of NYA and the NYNMA Angel Investors Program have invested over $19 million in over 60 ventures in local technology and new media companies. Our members are entrepreneurs, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have funded and built world-class companies. We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.

    ARC Angel Fund ARC Angel Fund

    ARC Angel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential. We focus primarily on Software, IT, Internet, Tech-Enabled Services, Business Services, Digital Media, Mobile, Healthcare IT, among others. The Fund has a primary focus towards NYC and the surrounding North-East and Mid-Atlantic area companies. ARC Angel Fund invests in industries with which its members have experience, with investments averaging $100,000.

    Genacast Ventures Genacast Ventures

    Genacast Ventures (GV) is a venture capital fund focusing on seed stage start-ups in the northeast looking to raise up to $500,000 in new media, digital marketing, consumer Internet, Saas, web 2.0 and e-commerce.

    GV was formed in partnership with Comcast Interactive Capital.

    Stage2VC Stage2VC

    Emerald Stage2 Ventures is a Philadelphia-based early stage venture fund that invests in emerging technology companies across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Emerald Stage2 Ventures invests in small ($1 to $3 million) venture rounds of companies across the Technology-Enabled Services spectrum. The Fund has a primary focus on the following verticals: Healthcare information technology, Pharmacutical information technology, Financial services information technology, Outsourced business services

    TechLaunch TechLaunch

    TechLaunch turns great ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs into successful enterprises through an intense 16-week LaunchPad program. We are currently recruiting for the next LaunchPad which starts in Mid-May. Apply at

    Our mission is to provide seed capital, co-working space, mentors, intense business training, professional services, networking, and access to post-seed investors to aspiring entrepreneurs with great ideas. We pride ourselves on setting high expectations as well as delivering a world-class business bootcamp program and providing mentors who help you align your idea with market needs, product readiness, and the next round of financing. Our motto is…”We succeed when you succeed.” If you are accepted into our 16-week LaunchPad program we promise you will work harder than ever, network with extremely talented people, have access to technical support to build out your product, obtain personalized one-on-one coaching, and benefit from weekly guest speakers. The highlight of each week is pitch-practice in front of successful entrepreneurs and investors…the pizza is not bad either. Want to hear what our Founders say about us?…visit

    RRE Ventures RRE Ventures

    RRE Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm headquartered in New York City. Since our founding in 1994 we have sought out and partnered with extraordinary entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt and transform industries.

    RRE is a long-term lead investor. We are active strategic, operational and financial partners with the companies we finance. We also bring to bear a highly distinctive network of relationships across multiple industries and countries, proactively assist in recruiting top-tier talent, and provide innovative PR and marketing support. You can learn more about our team and senior advisors. RRE manages over a billion dollars of capital across five funds. Our operation is structured, from both a team and capital standpoint, to enable us to invest in early stage companies while remaining active and participatory throughout the financing life of a venture.

    We define the scope of our investment horizon as products or services enabled by information technology. This has historically included virtually all expressions of software and internet technology as well as hardware and technology-enabled services.

    We invest across the United States and in select overseas geographies. We view New York’s burgeoning innovation economy as critically important to the creation of the next wave of large technology companies. With over fifty portfolio companies based in the New York Metro region, we are among the area’s most active investors.

    StarVest Partners StarVest Partners

    StarVest Partners is a New York-based venture capital firm with $300 million under management that is funding technology-enabled business services companies throughout the U.S. StarVest gained national recognition in 2007 as the only outside venture capital firm in NetSuite, whose December 2007 initial public offering opened with a $1.6 billion market capitalization, the second highest market capitalization of any venture capital–backed technology IPO since Google. StarVest was also one of the first institutional investors in MessageOne (acquired by Dell Computer in April 2008).

    The firm’s value-added partnership maintains a laser focus on five key emerging technology and services sectors: Software as a Service (SaaS), Internet Marketing Services, eCommerce Services, Data Aggregation Services and Identity and Security Management. StarVest combines a sophisticated investment background with the experience to foresee opportunities for both its portfolio companies and funding partners.

    Focus on 1st & 2nd Institutional Rounds. Average investments $3 - $7 million.

    37 Angels 37 Angels

    37 Angels activates the untapped capital and experience women can bring to investing in male and female-led ventures. We do this by sourcing high potential deals and coordinating due diligence for members to invest in deals between $50K and $200K.

    Jumpstart NJ Angel Network Jumpstart NJ Angel Network

    Jumpstart is a private, member-lead, angel group that invests in early-stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. As the leading angel group in New Jersey, Jumpstart members include many successful entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists in the region.

    Jumpstart was formed in November of 2002 with the active support of New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) and New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA). Jumpstart normally invests amount $200,000 up to $1,000,000. If you need more, Jumpstart may syndicate the deal with other angel groups to raise up to $2 million.

    Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels

    Mid Atlantic Bio Angels group (MABA), is an angel investor group focused exclusively on new and emerging life science companies. Membership in MABA is by invitation only, and is extended to active, accredited investors (life science angels) who wish to make investments in life science companies, as well as institutional investors and life science company venture arms wishing to invest alongside the angels.

    MABA places no geographical restrictions or requirements for presenting companies, as long as meaningful and effective post-investment monitoring of these companies can be achieved.

    Long Island Angel Network Long Island Angel Network

    The mission of Long Island Angel Network, Inc. and its programs is to provide its members with exposure to, and access to funding for, early-stage companies with a Long Island home, including those with a focus on software and information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, energy, environmental technology, a strong intellectual property position, or innovative concepts.

    The Long Island Angel Network fulfills its mission by providing a forum in which members can evaluate and exchange information about investment opportunities, primarily in technology- and innovation-focused early-stage and emerging growth companies in the $150,000-$2 million range. LIAN is a New York not-for-profit corporation consisting of individual angel investors interested in financing such privately held companies or ventures. LIAN screeners endeavor to select companies for presentation that they judge likely to be of the greatest interest to members, but the Network does not make investment recommendations; investors' decisions are made individually. LIAN's goal is to bring our region's most exciting, promising early stage growth companies together with its most savvy investors.

    Empire Angels Empire Angels

    Empire Angels is a member-led New York City based Angel Group. It is a group of 25+ experienced professionals from the financials services industry that is attracted to making smart private investments. Empire Angels typically invests between $50k and $200k as a first stage of funding. We invest in early stage companies that have begun to implement their idea and are on a clear path to revenue generation in 6 months. Empire Angels host monthly pitch sessions to screen startups before pursuing due diligence and active negotiations.

    Soundboard Angel Fund
    STAR Angel Network
    Soundboard Angel Fund<BR>STAR Angel Network

    SoundBoard Angel Fund brings together a successful group of founding investors with the SoundBoard approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Together the founding team has over 100 years of experience in investments and financial management alongside their individual entrepreneurial journeys. The founders' strong financial backgrounds, experience in launching new companies, investment successes (financial exits), and diverse strategic perspectives ensure that SoundBoard Angel Fund will see the invested companies to great success and realize better than average returns. The fund will leverage the founders' skill sets as well as those of the group's investors to invest in a portfolio of dynamic companies led by exemplary leaders in the following industries food and beverage, education, health care services, consumer products and technology.

    The SoundBoard Angel Fund will primarily focus on the following industries and sectors: Food/Beverage: any retailer or wholesaler of specialty (niche) food products; Education: training/certification and specialty schools (e.g., vocational, career education); Health Care Services: utilizing a new method to bring services to a broader audience; Consumer Products; (Efficiency) Technology: developing scalable technologies intended to make an individual's life or a businesses' process easier and more efficient.

    STAR Angel Network
    STAR Angel Network is an exclusive angel network based in New York City. Our members are looking for companies that can benefit from the involvement of investors with a unique access to the media and the general public. We will invest in companies across a variety of sectors and regions in the US. Most importantly, we look for companies with the ability to generate significant shareholder value. We prefer companies have achieved proof of concept and are raising amounts between $1-5 million.

    Entrepreneur Roundtable
    Klifer Capital
    Entrepreneur Roundtable<BR>Klifer Capital

    ER Accelerator will provide all accepted participants an intensive experience in New York to help move their company forward.

    Each accepted company receives a $40,000 investment along with follow-on funding and four months of:

    Free collaborative office space in the heart of NYC’s Times Square; 200+ amazing mentors from the NYC startup community; Seminars and speaking programs lead by top entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts; Free legal and business services and support from our 25+ sponsors and partners; Access to experienced technologists, UI gurus and other product experts Exposure to New York City’s leading seed investors and VCs; Demo Day, our end-of-session pitch day without equal: you’ll present to hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists and continue to have access to the ER Accelerator network

    Klifer Capital
    Klifer Capital is an early stage investment firm based in New York. Having been entrepreneurs ourselves, we are excited about start-ups and nurturing them to help them grow. We are passionate investors and implement Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) dimension in our investing theses.

    We focus on breakthrough technology based companies. We primarily invest in Technology based ventures in the Health Care, Education and Digital Media segments. We make investments in innovative companies based on experienced management, market size, and IP or other barriers to entry. We get involved in the early stages of a company’s technology inception and work with the founders and entrepreneurs to build upon that. We realize that it is becoming markedly cheaper to start a technology company these days. We lead or participate in a syndicated round depending on the funding requirements. If additional funding is required, we have the ability to bring in other participants. In addition, we offer business advisory and development services to the portfolio companies and our network also assists entrepreneurs in legal, operations and other aspects of start-up evolution.

    DreamIt Ventures
    FirstMark Capital
    DreamIt Ventures<BR>FirstMark Capital

    DreamIt Ventures is a pre-seed stage accelerator with the goal of helping great people with great ideas build great companies. DreamIt provides the aspiring entrepreneurs that it selects with pre-seed funding, services from leading law firms and accounting firms, mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs, access to capital, and a creative, rigorous environment to bring innovative business ideas to market. DreamIt was founded in 2008 by three successful technology entrepreneurs who want to create the same type of opportunities that they were fortunate to have had themselves for the next wave of entrepreneurs. Since kicking off in Philadelphia, DreamIt has expanded to Austin, New York, and Israel; been named the third best accelerator program in the world by Forbes Magazine; and launched 95 companies with an enterprise value greater than $320M. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2013 DreamIt NYC program and DreamIt Health. DreamIt Health is a four-month boot camp designed to help promising health care startups rapidly accelerate new products while identifying high impact business models. DreamIt Health provides selected companies with a stipend up to $50,000 and office space, plus in-depth mentoring (which are uniquely assigned in a one-to-one fashion to each company), coaching from industry experts, and access to other critical health care-specific resources to rapidly develop and test products. More information is available at

    FirstMark Capital
    Some invest in entrepreneurs. At FirstMark Capital, we invest in visionaries, those who not only envision the future but make it happen through high-growth businesses in key technology markets. You'll find us at the forefront of the most complex and rapidly evolving industries, among them media, advertising, financial services and telecom. Why? In part because some of the biggest players reside here in New York City, our home, where we're among the city's most active investors. We work closely with entrepreneurial visionaries and their management teams. Daily collaboration is the key to building exceptional, sustainable and world-changing businesses.

    We constantly evaluate the market shifts that underlie the next wave of business opportunities and stay ahead of a constantly-changing marketplace. We also partner early in our companies' lifecycles, and frequently become the first institutional investor � to ensure we maximize the impact of our investments. Our team of investment and operations veterans has decades of real-world experience and leadership in core technology markets. That makes FirstMark uniquely qualified to offer what breakout companies need to succeed: industry insight, relationships and the operational expertise to build lasting businesses.

    Launch Capital
    Meidlinger Partners
    Launch Capital<BR>Meidlinger Partners

    LaunchCapital is dedicated to seed stage funding for all types of businesses.

    We combine the dedication, direct experience and organization of a traditional venture capital firm with added flexibility, focus and speed to help portfolio companies achieve milestones and impact markets. LaunchCapital aims to quickly fund growth and help companies create long-term value for all stakeholders.

    LaunchCapital's industry agnostic investment approach includes two unique investment vehicles to address funding needs for a range of business models.

    LaunchCapital Ventures provides traditional venture funding for businesses that have exponential growth expectations with a national or international reach.

    LaunchCapital Small Business provides a blend of equity and debt financing for businesses that will generate near-term revenue, have linear growth expectations and have a local or regional reach.

    Meidlinger Partners
    Meidlinger Partners is raising its second fund – Meidlinger Investments II, L.P. (“Fund II”) – to continue investing in advanced technology companies that are solving global problems and creating the jobs of the future. Fund II will invest between $100,000 and $500,000 in early stage companies and $500,000 to $5,000,000 in later stage technology companies in the following markets: Health & wellness, Education, Digital infrastructure/connectivity, Identity management/safety, New media, Water/environmental efficiency

    Golden Seeds
    Sigma Prime Ventures
    Golden Seeds<BR>Sigma Prime Ventures

    Golden Seeds is an angel investment firm that provides early stage and growth capital to businesses with women in leadership and ownership roles. Research demonstrates that companies make better decisions with women as part of the executive team, and therefore, generate superior returns. We play an instrumental role in bringing more women to the table, both as entrepreneurs and accredited investors, providing strategic business advice and access to funding and the tools to enable these companies to grow into multi-million dollar businesses.

    Sigma Prime Ventures
    Since 1984, the partners of Sigma Prime Ventures have been helping entrepreneurs build great businesses. The firm’s partners have deep operating and startup experience, collectively having founded 10 companies and provided executive leadership to 10 companies. For these companies in which we were operators, we had exits worth over $4.2B, including 3 IPOs. Additionally, as investors, we have fostered the growth and exit of numerous companies, including Internet Security Systems (IPO), m-Qube (acquired by VeriSign), Storage Networks (IPO), Vignette (IPO), Vlingo (acquired by Nuance), Aprimo (acquired by Teradata), Initiate (acquired by IBM), Octane (acquired by e.Piphany), OpenPages (acquired by IBM), Tradex (acquired by Ariba) and many others. In closed funds, this team has returned over $1B in gains, for a gross multiple of 5x.

    We invest across the U.S., primarily focused on the East Coast. Although there are no strict boundaries, we have a preference toward early stage companies in the areas of SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Disruptive Technologies and Technology-Enabled Services. But, most importantly, we invest in great people – exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders that have the vision and drive to change the world. If you fit that description, let’s build a great company together.

    Centripetal Capital Partners
    Caerus Ventures
    Centripetal Capital Partners<BR>Caerus Ventures

    Centripetal Capital Partners, LLC. is an innovative venture capital firm with a distinctive investing and membership structure that provides greater flexibility and opportunity for limited partners than a traditional fund. We have an opportunistic growth capital investment approach, and seek investments in revenue generating companies with proprietary advantages, proven business models, and relevantly experienced management teams. Centripetal generally commits $2-$7 million of equity or equity-related financing for growth capital.

    Caerus Ventures
    We are an active investor in Early stage and growth stage companies. We invest in your vision and help bring it to fruition. Typical Initial investment range from $100k -$500k with up to $2 million over the life of the investment.

    Our industries of focus include but are not limited to: Emerging Media and Technology, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Energy, Hardware/Software, Manufacturing

    Rho Ventures
    Robinhood Ventures
    Rho Ventures<BR>Robinhood Ventures

    We invest across most high growth sectors of today’s economy and have developed deep expertise and relationships in Information Technology, Communications, New Media, Healthcare and New Energy. Since 1981, Rho Ventures has been investing in innovators that redefine the status quo. Rho’s investment philosophy does not fit a conventional model, much like the visionary innovators we back. We believe that formulaic approaches to investing lead to risk averse strategies that stifle innovation and differentiation. We actively avoid restrictive boundaries around ideas, growth opportunities and entrepreneur profiles. To find extraordinary opportunities, we are not bound by a particular stage of investment and do not shy away from contrarian ideas. We believe that great companies take root in unconventional places and that successful entrepreneurs frequently break the mold. The ideas we back come from a variety of sources: an MBA student who is trying to change new media advertising practices; an experienced entrepreneur seeking to commercialize a disruptive biofuels technology; or an executive looking to spin out and develop an abandoned asset developed by a pharmaceutical company.

    RobinHood Ventures
    Robin Hood Ventures is a group of angel investors, focused on early-stage, high-growth companies in the Greater Philadelphia region. We help entrepreneurs build great companies, providing capital, mentoring, expertise and connections to help companies reach their potential. Robin Hood generally invests $250k to $500k, and collaborates with angels, institutions and VCs in our network. We invest as a single entity in businesses we know and understand, in a way that gets deals done. Since 1999, we have invested over $14M in over 40 companies in industries including software, medical devices, biotech, internet and financial technology.

    Canaan Partners
    CAVA Capital
    Canaan Partners<BR>CAVA Capital

    Canaan Partners invests in visionary entrepreneurs and provides them the networks, insights and operational guidance required to build high-performance technology and healthcare companies. Founded in 1987, the firm has raised eight funds and completed more than 78 acquisitions and 53 IPOs. With $3 billion under management and a worldwide footprint, the firm is committed to catalyzing the growth of innovative digital media, communications & mobility, enterprise, clean tech, biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and healthcare infrastructure companies. Canaan has offices in California, New York, Connecticut, India and Israel.

    Cava Capital
    Cava is an early growth stage investment firm focused on companies aimed squarely at enabling the next generation of Marketing Solutions. We target promising businesses that have developed technology and proven customer traction with majority operations in the Metro New York region. We fundamentally believe that companies at the intersection of Media, Mobile and Data Driven Decision-Making are best positioned to take advantage of today's rapidly changing landscape.

    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
    Innovation Venture Fund
    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners<BR>Innovation Venture Fund

    We are a venture capital firm with a distinct perspective. We manage four venture funds with over $500 million in total capital under management and our track record shows that we produce top quartile/decile returns to our investors. Our primary investment focus is in the commercialization of patented or specialty know-how in early to mid-stage technology companies and we offer our portfolio companies the essentials of success: a sound reputation, significant financial resources, seasoned business experience, and a network of relationships. We believe in creating reliable and strong relationships of lasting value, through every stage of business growth.

    Innovation Ventures
    Innovation Ventures, L.P., is an SBIC venture capital fund focused on growth and early-stage investments in the areas of chemicals and materials; electronic materials and devices; information technology; nanotechnology; software; biotechnology (excluding human therapeutics); and business information services related to the legal, financial services and manufacturing industries. IV invests in enterprises located primarily on the East Coast, with a particular emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

    Delaware Crossing Investor Group
    Vital Venture Capital
    Delaware Crossing Investor Group<BR>Vital Venture Capital

    Delaware Crossing Investor Group (DCIG) is a network of former and current executives and entrepreneurs who provide counsel and capital to early-stage and other growth-oriented companies. Our members back entrepreneurs and their companies by contributing investment capital and important domain expertise in a wide array of industries. While many of the investments presented to the group are high risk, these investments also have the potential for a high return. DCIG is confident in its strategic investment strategy and the processes utilized by the group to source and fund its portfolio companies. We are excited by the role DCIG continues to play in helping build a flourishing startup ecosystem in the Greater Philadelphia region.

    Delaware Crossing seeks early stage, high growth businesses with high investment return potential, including businesses that require funding of $250,000 to $1,000,000 to reach the “next level” (e.g. institutional venture funding, positive cash flow). Delaware Crossing investment amounts vary to meet company specific needs; however, the group does generally limit its per round investments to approximately $250,000. Thus, in order to achieve the larger raises, Delaware Crossing often invests alongside other angel groups and local early-stage venture capital firms.

    Delaware Crossing invests primarily in high growth industries, such as information technology and life sciences. Functional materials and other innovations will be considered when they meet relevant criteria.

    Vital Venture Capital
    Vital Venture Capital invests in businesses that we understand in fields where we have high level of knowledge and experience. These currently include business-to-business SaaS software, medical devices, and medical diagnostics. We make investments that: * Provide growth capital to companies led by managers who are incented by equity; * Provide some degree of investment loss protection through both (a) a preferred capital position and (b) the underlying value of either tangible assets or intellectual property; * Are structured with an independent board of directors; * Provide a significant probability of generating attractive investment returns

    Earlier-stage companies:
    * We typically seek firms with existing revenues but will consider pre-revenue situations; * The potential future size of the firm's target market should exceed $100 million; * The strength and track record of management is of paramount importance

    Later-stage firms:
    * We look for referenceable customers; * Recurring revenue approaches are preferred; * A clearly delineated and sustainable competitive advantage must be evident

    We prefer businesses where we can add value through leveraging our experience and contacts.

    Angel Investor Forum
    Next Stage Capital
    Angel Investor Forum<BR>Next Stage Capital

    The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) was founded in 2004 in response to the growing need for an organized angel effort in Connecticut. Due to the widening gap in the capital markets, there is a shortage of funding available at the seed stage ($250K-$5M). This funding gap represents a great opportunity for investment in companies with substantial growth potential but an inability to attract venture capital. AIF members invest their time, talent and money in supporting companies with solid business models and their efforts to grow successfully.

    Angel financing is the lifeblood of growing companies. Connecticut has more angels per capita than any other state. The Angel Investor Forum organizes the resources of the angels by streamlining the deal flow. We present monthly reviews of two targeted, pre-screened companies that are matched to investor's interests. Each month we target one of the four investment types: medical devices, financial services, software and consumer products. Materials are summarized and distributed prior to each meeting.

    Next Stage Capital
    Next Stage Capital focuses on Mid-Atlantic based seed and early stage opportunities in the following sectors and verticals: Business Software, Software as a Service, Healthcare and Healthcare Technology (non-FDA), IT Infrastructure, including cloud, network and security, Financial Services, Media, Digital Media, and Communications, Mobile.

    We typically become involved at the early revenue stage in a company's development and will make investments in companies whose revenue ranges from zero to $5 million. Our initial investments typically range from $250,000 to $1 million. We approach each investment with a long-term horizon and reserve heavily in anticipation of participating in multiple follow-on rounds.

    MentorTech Partners
    Topstone Angels
    MentorTech Partners<BR>Topstone Angels

    MentorTech Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in information technology, marketing technology and medical device companies with a primary focus on those companies originating at the University of Pennsylvania.

    MentorTech Ventures plays an active role with its investments from start-up to exit. Our team has been helping technology companies reach their growth potential for over twenty-five years.

    In addition to financial capital, we bring substantial intellectual and social capital to our companies through our extensive relationships with leading business, engineering and medical school faculty, Wharton Alumni and top tier Venture Capital Funds.

    Topstone Angels
    Launched in 2012, Topstone Angels is a private angel investing group dedicated to bringing new and seasoned Angel Investors together with qualified start-ups and entrepreneurs. We specialize in early and mid-stage companies across multiple industries. Topstone Angels is a woman founded and led company. We encourage female founders and entrepreneurs to apply.

    Our members are primarily located in New York City and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Topstone's representatives travel throughout the United States to hear pitches from start ups. We also receive applications from start ups and entrepreneurs on our website. We bring select opportunities to our members through invitations at our monthly meetings and in our monthly deal book. In 2013, we will launch our first fund.

    Osage Partners
    Vencon Management, Inc.
    Osage Partners<BR>Vencon Management, Inc.

    Osage Venture Partners, located near Philadelphia, PA, is a leading provider of venture capital to early stage enterprise software and healthcare IT companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. We typically invest $1-2M in the Series A round and prefer companies with B2B business models and an annual revenue run rate of $1M or greater. Additional information is available at

    Vencon Management, Inc
    Vencon Management, Inc (VMI) is a venture capital firm which invests primarily in "new era" chemical and energy technology-based companies in the United States. Established in 1973, VMI is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the U.S. Located in New York City's mid-Manhattan, our deal flow averages about 1500 per year. Vencon's principal areas of interest regard dislocation of industries, undervalued companies and platforming fragmented industries. Technology areas are those in which we have substantial expertise: Alternative Energy, Nano-Technology, Medical Devices, Environmental Technologies, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, and Chemical Manufacturing and Processes, especially Silicon and Gallium arsenide. Typical investments for Vencon will range from $500,000 to $ 3 Million per transaction. In most cases, the investment will be in the form of equity or a debt instrument that is convertible into equity. We will co-invest with other investment firms; however, in some special cases, Vencon may be the only investor. In many cases, the money will be staged into the business based upon the needs of the company and agreed upon milestones.

    Angel Investors