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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Silicon Valley VC and Angel Showcase, sponsored by Bingham McCutchen LLP, SocialRadius. This event was in Palo Alto on Thursday, June 21, 2012.

    SAP Ventures SAP Ventures

    SAP Ventures partners with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide to build industry-leading businesses. We seek innovative, disruptive and proven companies and help fuel their growth by adding our expertise, relationships, geographic reach and capital.

    Over the last 15 years, we have supported more than a hundred companies on 5 continents. We are currently investing out of a 2011 vintage $353M Fund.

    We are an independent VC fund affiliated with SAP AG, the leading global enterprise software company, and leverage our relationship with SAP AG and its ecosystem for the benefit of our portfolio companies. Our goal is to generate superior financial returns, and our corporate partner also benefits from the exposure to innovative and disruptive companies and trends.

    SAP Ventures' strategy is to invest in growth stage information technology companies. We define growth stage companies as those that have a proven product and business model, and have started scaling their revenue. Typically, we invest $5M to $12M initially and can invest significantly larger amounts over the life of a company. We prefer to take an active role, take board seats and lead our investments, but also participate in larger syndicates of investors.

    We invest in technology businesses that serve enterprises as customers or have enterprises as go-to market partners. We are also excited about companies which service consumers in their professional lives.

    Artiman Ventures Artiman Ventures

    White Space companies are in markets with large opportunities and no identifiable competitors. Artiman typically supplies the first institutional capital, often at the concept phase. We work as active partners with our entrepreneurs, helping with all aspects of strategy, market definition and execution.

    Bay Partners Bay Partners

    We've dedicated $10-$15M of our fund, to make seed investments.

    Our target investment size was $500K at the outset. However it has turned out that the average is closer to $250K.

    We aim to fund out-of-the-box but capital-efficient ideas that the rigor and pace of our Series A process might not.

    We rely on the technical background of our partners, our own networks in the engineering and entrepreneur communities, and our relationships with angels and angel networks.

    Venrock Venrock

    In the 1930’s, Laurance Rockefeller (1910-2004) pioneered early-stage venture capital in the United States by investing in Eddie Rickenbacker and James “Mac” McDonnell, the entrepreneurs behind Eastern Airlines and McDonnell Aircraft. Laurance was the fourth of six children of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Over the next 20 years, he became well known as an investor of risk capital in young enterprises whose future was based on scientific and technological developments, including the fields of electronics, high temperature physics, composite materials, optics, lasers, data processing, thermionics and nuclear power.

    In 1969, Laurance and his siblings formed Venrock in order to expand and “professionalize” this venture capital investment program. Since then, Venrock has developed into one of the country’s leading venture capital firms with offices in Palo Alto, New York and Cambridge. Venrock entrepreneurs have charted new advancements in cancer, anti-infective and auto-immune therapies, powered semiconductors and the digital era, secured our information technology infrastructure, pioneered on-line advertising, and most recently, are generating power through alternative means, fostering innovation in healthcare IT, and harnessing the social web. Portfolio companies have included Apple Computer, Athenahealth, Centocor, Check Point Software, DoubleClick, Gilead Sciences, Idec Pharmaceuticals, Illumina, Intel, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Sirna Therapeutics, StrataCom and Vontu.

    With a current focus on technology, healthcare and energy, Venrock continues the eight-decade Rockefeller tradition of funding entrepreneurs and establishing successful, enduring companies, and the firm’s investment returns place it among the top tier venture capital firms that have achieved consistently superior performance.

    Storm Ventures Storm Ventures

    We focus on incubating and early stage funding of extraordinary entrepreneurs. As former founders, we have operational experience and we work passionately with our founders in making teams and companies successful. We measure ourselves by your success.

    IBM Venture Capital Group IBM Venture Capital Group

    Geneva Venture Partners Geneva Venture Partners

    GENEVA VENTURE PARTNERS is a capital equity fund which invests directly in disruptive technology start-ups, founders and their vision in seeking to create new markets and disrupt existing ones. We focus on early-stage investing and take a value creation, service-oriented approach in markets where we have direct expertise. These include Cloud computing, Software-As-A-Service, software tools and services, security software, financial services, biometrics, green technologies, digital media, mobility, social networks and solutions that address homeland defense needs.

    Business challenges require more than capital. Companies require an experienced partner capable of guiding an enterprise to its full value potential. We are known for our deep expertise, extensive network, track record and seasoned team of investment professionals. No one has all the answers, particularly when traversing unexplored territory. We invest in people who have a demonstrated brilliance, high integrity, creativity and who possess enough self-confidence and determination to navigate through difficult situations.

    Norwest Venture Partners Norwest Venture Partners

    For early stage companies with strong growth potential, our general goal is to invest between $10 million and $15 million in each company over time. We sometimes begin with a smaller amount (as little as $1 million to $5 million), and we have the ability to invest as much as $25 million to $30 million.

    Frequently we are the lead investor for our portfolio companies. In some cases we are the sole venture investor, or we may join with other venture capital firms, corporate partners, and founding investors.

    For growth equity companies, we aim to invest between $15 million and $50 million (and up to $100 million) in fast growing companies with strong market positions, significant revenue and net income traction. NVP invests in both listed and unlisted companies.

    Fung Capital USA Fung Capital USA

    Fung Capital is the private equity arm of the Fung family in Hong Kong which separately controls Li & Fung Ltd., a public company that sources, distributes and retails consumer products globally with over $20B in revenues and 32,000 employees in over 40 countries. By leveraging the international business network and expertise of Li & Fung, we focus on servicing portfolio companies that can benefit from three of our core competencies:

    Supplier Network: With a network of over 15,000 factories worldwide, we are experts in manufacturing and delivering best-quality products at the lowest price and in the fastest way. We have been doing this for more than 100 years, touching consumers everywhere, everyday.
    Customer Relationship: Our customers include Disney, Avon, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew, Kohl’s, Walmart, to name a few. Our deep relationships with them give you access to global brands and retailers that can help build your business.
    Global Reach: When you are ready to expand internationally, our teams in more than 300 offices and 40 countries are at your disposal.
    We have scale and continuously look to partner with innovative entrepreneurs to build disruptive businesses. We have helped a number of companies succeed and we are ready to roll up our sleeves to make it happen for you.

    Investment Focus: Technology Sectors (Ecommerce, Mobile, Commerce, Social Commerce, Data Analytics, Supply Chain
    Stage: Early and Growth
    Investment Size: $1M - $10M

    Relay Ventures Relay Ventures

    VCs always tell their entrepreneurs that they “need to focus!” Obvious advice that is often easier said than done. Focus has significant benefits: it allows you to better serve your customers, it aligns your team on a single and well-defined mission, and it creates deep expertise and long-term barriers to entry. Focus is indeed critical. Our partners have been investing in early stage technology since 1996. We have made more than 84 investments and successfully exited more than 42 by way of IPO and M&A. With over $800 million under management, we are now investing out of our 8th fund, which is our second fund dedicated to mobile. After 61 years of combined venture experience, we’ve learned to follow our own advice. That’s why, in 2008, we became strictly focused on the emergence of mobile as the computing platform of the future, which means we partner exclusively with entrepreneurs who see the promise and opportunity enabled by mobile computing to disrupt existing industries and create new markets.

    Pasadena Angels Pasadena Angels

    The Pasadena Angels is a nonprofit entity founded in 2000 that offers early-stage start-up ventures the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of more than 100 investor members that includes successful entrepreneurs, technologists, sales and marketing professionals, internet technology leaders, finance specialists and attorneys. Pasadena Angel members partner with fledgling companies and provide them with invaluable counsel, including insights into developing business and financing strategies that are both achievable and fundable.

    Pasadena Angels investor members typically provide up to $750,000 thousand in early-stage financing and seed money to emerging ventures located in Southern California. Our members also lead funding rounds and cooperate with venture capital firms and other angel investment groups to support companies that seek to raise amounts greater than $750K.

    Tech Coast Angels Tech Coast Angels

    Tech Coast Angels is actively seeking great startups to fund. Providing more than just money, TCA brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to bold early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas. Let us help you to turn your vision into a sustainable and successful business.

    Tech Coast Angels is ever-mindful that some of the world’s greatest companies began with angel investments and we take our commitment to that tradition seriously. The nearly 300 members of TCA collaborate with each other on due diligence and then make individual decisions regarding potential investments. Not limited to the technology industry, our members invest in exciting companies in a wide range of industries including biotech, consumer products, Internet, IT, life sciences, media, software and environmental, among others. TCA is a not-for-profit organization.

    Trident Capital Trident Capital

    Trident Capital is a leading venture capital firm committed to empowering entrepreneurs to build innovative and industry leading businesses. Trident invests across multiple stages, from early startup to growth equity, in the Software, Internet and Business Services sectors. Trident is particularly recognized for its expertise and investments in Cloud Computing, IT Security, Health Care IT, AdTech and Outsourcing. Trident has helped build large numbers of successful companies within its areas of focus by applying substantial investment experience, sector expertise and operating skills as well as broad networks of entrepreneurs and industry executives. Trident has more than $1.9 billion of capital under management, including its most recent fund, Trident Capital Fund VII, and has invested in more than 170 companies since firm inception in 1993. The firm is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

    K5Launch K5Launch

    K5 hosts, invests, and accelerates early stage game-changing, technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders. K5 is run by successful entrepreneurs and investors, and provides an intensive three-month mentorship-driven investment program for Southern California based startups. We carefully select companies via our online application process, and use entrepreneurial hands-on mentorship along with pre-seed funding to help them build their products and prepare for their next milestone, most likely the next round of funding. Program graduates will have the opportunity to pitch to a network of investors and venture capital firms on our K5 demo days.

    BR Venture Fund BR Venture Fund

    BR Venture Fund (BRV) is Johnson’s early stage venture capital fund. Operated entirely by a team of MBA students, BRV typically invests up to $250,000 in US-based high growth companies across all industries. Initially funded by donations to the University, BRV is a true evergreen fund, recycling all proceeds for reinvestment. Along with investing startup capital in promising new companies, BRV also serves as the gateway to Cornell technologies by providing its investment partners unique access to new innovations. Through its established relationships with other investors, BRV has the ability to create new syndicate opportunities as well as participate in those presented to the fund.

    An investment from BRV not only brings with it the backing of one of the top Business Schools in the world, but also the ability to leverage any of Cornell’s many resources.

    Blueprint Ventures Blueprint Ventures

    Sand Hill Angels Sand Hill Angels

    The Sand Hill Angels is a group of successful Silicon Valley technology professionals dedicated to the formation and growth of startup companies.

    The key distinctions of Sand Hill Angels are our professional and well defined process, our open approach to working with others in the startup financing ecosystem, our investor-only membership, and our investments are made as a single legal entity.

    Our experience spans all aspects of growing successful companies from the formative stage through management of multi-billion dollar enterprises. The group looks to leverage its domain experience and competencies through careful investing in promising technology startups and by providing its portfolio companies with outstanding coaching in marketing, business development, operations, finance, engineering and management.

    We invest in private companies at all stages and favor investments in the Internet, Information Technology, and Life Sciences. In Information Technology, we are particularly active in Semiconductors, Software, Storage, and Communications. In the Life Sciences, our interests primarily include medical devices and diagnostics.

    Thomvest Ventures Thomvest Ventures

    Our founding members have over 60 years of combined expertise in venture capital investing, and we’ve built upon that with significant recent additions to our team over the last year. Our new group has diverse talents, from operating businesses to deep domain expertise in marketing, business development, finance, and legal. Today we are in the early phases of investing a $150 million evergreen fund capitalized by our Founder.

    Investing our own funds gives us flexibility and allows us to make decisions quickly. We’re able to make smaller investments and then scale up the amount depending on the needs of the companies we invest in. We typically have initial investments of $250,000 to $5,000,000 and have resources to follow those investments as needed.

    Angel Investors