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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Boston VC and Angel Showcase, sponsored by Bingham McCutchen, WeiserMazars, SocialRadius. This event was in Boston, MA on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

    Beacon Angels Beacon Angels

    Beacon Angels is a Boston-based angel group that makes investments in the $100,000 to $300,000 range in small fast-growing companies.

    Edison Venture Fund Edison Venture Fund

    We have the experience and insight to create breakthrough business, the network to encourage dynamic partnership, and the passion to pursue unparalleled results. Seeking opportunities in which we can impact success, Edison focuses on expansion-stage, information technology companies, having invested in over 170 companies.

    Initial investments range from $5–$8 million. When a company requires additional capital, Edison organizes a syndicate among prominent venture capital firms, financial institutions, and major corporations. Total investment ranges from $6–$10 million.

    Our sector focus and investment participation—combined with a disciplined process and established financing profile—continue to generate an impressive track record of increased company valuations.

    Launch Capital Launch Capital

    LaunchCapital Ventures provides seed funding for businesses that have exponential growth expectations with a national or international reach. We syndicate over 90% of our deals with local angel investors and venture capitalists. We will take on an active role with our portfolio companies depending on the needs and nature of the business.

    Fairhaven Capital Fairhaven Capital

    Fairhaven’s thematic approach focuses our investments on companies that can take advantage of emerging industry dynamics in a number of diverse markets.

    Ascent Venture Partners Ascent Venture Partners

    Ascent has been investing in early stage, emerging technology companies since 1985. In backing over 100 companies, Ascent has remained committed to its mission of investing in exceptional entrepreneurs striving to build innovative market leaders. With over 80 years of combined venture capital experience, the Ascent investment team manages five venture funds with total commitments of over $450M.

    Polaris Ventures Polaris Ventures

    Polaris Venture Partners is a partnership of experienced venture capital investors and technology executives. Our mission is to identify and invest in seed, first round, and early stage technology and life science businesses with exceptional promise and help them grow into sustainable, market-leading companies. In addition, Polaris is committed to providing growth equity and shareholder liquidity to established companies in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing, media, communications, and business services sectors. As a national venture capital firm with offices in the high-tech centers of Boston and Seattle, we’re able to invest in businesses throughout the United States and around the world. The firm has over $3 billion under management and current investments in more than 100 companies.

    Vital Financial Vital Financial

    Vital Financial, LLC was formed in 2007 under a predecessor name to invest in Certicom, Inc., a publicly-traded encryption software company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Certicom possessed a unique market postion in elliptic curve encryption technology and had a highly valuable international portfolio of related patents. Vital Financial became one of the largest shareholders of Certicom and interacted with both Certicom management and other large shareholders. Vital Financial completed a successful exit of its Certicom investment in early 2009 through its sale to Research in Motion Limited.

    In early 2009 the firm adopted the name "Vital Financial" and formally began to seek additional venture capital investments. We now consist of five principal investors, with offices in: Simsbury, CT; Bethesda, MD; Newark, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Naples, FL; and Lincolnshire, IL. The Principals� own funds constitute the majority of each Vital Financial investment. The firm also has a number of individual and institutional co-investors that join Vital Financial in its investments.

    Vital Financial, LLC invests equity in early-stage companies, including software, life sciences and other patented technologies. We are national in scope and typically invest between $500,000 - $2,000,000 per funding round. Vital Financial is pleased to either lead a funding round or participate with other venture capital firms.

    Wasabi Ventures Wasabi Ventures

    Wasabi Ventures is a different kind of venture capital firm made up of three distinct, but connected aspects: Venture Capital, Startup Incubation, Consulting.

    In other words: we fund entrepreneurs, we start companies, and we help existing businesses succeed. Here's how we work:

    We invest time and/or money into promising startups and entrepreneurs. We work with early stage technology startups in any vertical or market niche.

    We take active advisory roles in our portfolio companies by leveraging our dedicated staff of over 40 specialists. Our team of engineering, sales, marketing, legal, accounting, and management professionals can cover every one of a startup's needs. And we have a proven track record of success.

    We act as senior management to our start-ups and business consultants to those with companies who need our advice.

    We also provide investment capital and creative financing solutions to our chosen portfolio companies.

    ARC Angel Fund ARC Angel Fund

    ARC Angel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential. We focus primarily on Software, IT, Internet, Tech-Enabled Services, Business Services, Digital Media, Mobile, Healthcare IT, among others. The Fund has a primary focus towards NYC and the surrounding North-East and Mid-Atlantic area companies. With over 60 Angel Members, ARC Angel Fund invests in industries with which its members have experience, with investments averaging $100,000.

    .406 Ventures .406 Ventures

    Even the best ideas need financial and operational support to realize their full potential. We invest in startup technology ventures - but more importantly, we invest in great entrepreneurial teams.

    For us, it starts with the people. There also needs to be a big, vibrant market where the proposed product or service addresses a need, solves a problem or alleviates a pain point for a very large audience in a highly differentiated way. We want to work with visionary entrepreneurs and strong teams who move quickly and embody successful entrepreneurial DNA with their passion, creativity and endurance.

    We select opportunities that resonate strongly with us and where we can add disproportionate value. Our initial investments are typically between $1 and $4 million per company with substantial additional capital reserved for follow-on investment.

    Boston Harbor Angels Boston Harbor Angels

    Boston Harbor Angels is a group of proven business leaders interested in investing a portion of our assets in high-growth, early-stage companies. Since 2004 we have made investments in companies in medical devices, IT, consumer products, business products, specialty materials, Internet, aviation, etc. We believe we contribute more than money to the companies we fund and welcome the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are open to taking advice, yet have the smarts and determination to make their company successful.

    Our focus is on early-stage companies, usually looking to raise $250K to $1.5M, where we can fund a portion of the round and syndicate the deal with other angel groups or early-stage venture funds. The company should be close to the commercialization stage and have a clear and defensible competitive advantage. We are looking for capital-efficient businesses that can reach profitability with less than $5M of equity investment and provide at least a tenfold return on the investment within five years.

    BHA does not invest as a fund—each of our members makes his or her individual investment decision—but we collaborate in due diligence. We are open to any opportunities that can make a strong business case and can take the position of a lead investor if one of us has strong expertise within our group.

    Excel Medical Ventures Excel Medical Ventures

    Excel Venture Management builds companies that apply transformative life science technologies to solve problems in healthcare and beyond. The Excel investment portfolio is balanced across healthcare IT and services, diagnostics, and medical devices, plus life science platforms that address adjacent markets including energy, chemicals, defense and agriculture. The majority of the team's prior investments, which include some of the world's premier healthcare and life science companies, are thriving and over half have achieved successful exits generating billions in value.

    Type of Investment - Healthcare and Life Science
    Stage of Investment - Early to late stage
    Focus Healthcare Sectors - Diagnostics, Devices, Healthcare IT and Services, Life Science Platforms
    Other Related Life Science Industries - Agriculture, Energy, Materials, IT, Defense
    Initial Investment - $1-5M

    Bain Capital Ventures Bain Capital Ventures

    Bain Capital Ventures is the venture arm within Bain Capital, which has approximately $60 billion of assets under management worldwide. The firm's history of investing in early stage companies dates back to 1984 with over 125 venture investments since inception. Bain Capital Ventures manages approximately $2 billion of committed capital, has over 70 active portfolio companies, and has offices in Boston, New York, and Palo Alto. The firm has helped steer many ideas to success by working in partnership with management teams, pairing talented and passionate entrepreneurs with industry experts, opening doors to customers, and collaborating on sound long-term strategies.

    We make investments across all stages of a company’s growth - from seed capital through late stage growth equity and growth buyouts.

    Our investments range from several hundred thousand dollars of seed capital up to $50 million of growth equity capital. We have the capability, by partnering with other Bain Capital affiliates, to lead transactions requiring equity capital in excess of $100 million.

    Presidio Ventures Presidio Ventures

    As an investor and a partner, we assist outstanding technology and media companies in expanding their business throughout Japan and Asia by leveraging our best assets:technology expertise, international business development experience, and a cross-industry network.

    Our companies look to us to identify the partners necessary to succeed overseas.

    Founded in 1998, Presidio Ventures is the wholly owned early stage investment vehicle of Sumitomo Corporation. We work to identify the most promising growth industries and partner with the respective leading startups. Since its inception, Presidio Ventures has invested in over 100 U.S. startups for a total investment amount of $200 million. As a strategic investor, we work with our companies to expand their business in the Japan and Asia markets.

    Presidio Ventures is comprised of ten investment professionals across offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York, who split their time between new investment and business development for our companies. In addition, we are assisted by a team of dedicated business development professionals based in Sumitomo Corporation Tokyo

    Launchpad Venture Group Launchpad Venture Group

    Launchpad Venture Group is a Boston-based angel investment group that provides funding to early-stage companies. We are looking for innovative, technology-driven startup companies addressing a significant market opportunity where our investment can make a difference. We introduce entrepreneurs to potential investors through business plan presentations at monthly meetings. Launchpad Venture Group consists of individual angel investor members interested in achieving superior returns by financing privately held companies at an early stage of development.

    Launchpad is the largest angel investing group in the Northeast, with a broad base of very active members coming from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including the technology, financial service, industrial and life science communities. As a group, we are well connected to potential customers, service providers, partners and future sources of financing.

    In a typical first round situation, Launchpad will invest between $100,000 and $500,000, and will usually syndicate its deals for a larger total investment amount. We then work with the company to proceed to the next stage. We can help your business grow by helping you recruit new members of your management team, develop strategic partners, refine product and go-to-market strategies, and raise your next round of venture funding.

    Launchpad is focused on investments in the technology and life-science spaces and select opportunities in the green space. Launchpad will consider opportunities from other areas if group members have expertise and the opportunity is deemed to have the potential to generate superior returns. Primary sector focuses are software / IT, web and e-commerce, media and social media, mobile and wireless, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, networking and telecom, clean-tech, renewable energy and green-tech.

    Mass Medical Angels Mass Medical Angels

    Mass Medical Angels (MA2) was founded to answer the need for a dedicated life-science centric angel group in New England. The Boston area is a world-leading supercluster for medical innovation, but all early-stage companies in the field have tremendous difficulty with first round funding. Our goal is to provide money and mentoring to the life science community to achieve superior returns for our group, and more clinical innovation for the community.

    Our focus is on early stage life science companies looking to raise $250K to $3.0M. Depending on the amount of funding needed, we can fund all or a portion of the round, and will work closely with other angel groups or venture funds in the area to complete the round. We are looking for companies that are extremely capital efficient opportunities where our funds will lead to significant step-ups in valuation to avoid unfavorable future funding rounds. Our target is a 10x return within 5 years.

    Golden Seeds Golden Seeds

    Golden Seeds is an angel investment firm that provides early stage and growth capital to businesses with women in leadership and ownership roles. Research demonstrates that companies make better decisions with women as part of the executive team, and therefore, generate superior returns. We play an instrumental role in bringing more women to the table, both as entrepreneurs and accredited investors, providing strategic business advice and access to funding and the tools to enable these companies to grow into multi-million dollar businesses. Goldenseeds only invests in businesses where there is a woman in a C-level role with a meaningful position on the cap table.

    Beta Fund Beta Fund

    Beta Fund is a new seed-stage VC Fund. We invest in early-stage technology companies in New England, and aim for Series A Rounds and earlier with investments up to $250,000

    Fireman Capital Partners Fireman Capital Partners

    Fireman Capital Partners invests in hi-growth consumer product and service companies. With Paul Fireman, the entrepreneur who built and sold Reebok, presiding over a board that includes advertising legends and industry leaders, the consumer space is where we come from, where we thrive and where we can be of help. Drawing on the vast expertise of our team and leveraging strategic partnerships with some of the world's most influential consumer brands, Fireman Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to add value to investments that meet our criteria. We typically look for companies with $5M+ in revenue and invest $8-$40M in primarily North American companies.

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