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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out VC Showcase - NYC, sponsored by Morgan Lewis and Geller & Company. This event was in NYC on Tues, Oct 21, 2003.

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    JEGI Capital
    JEGI Capital, which launched its first fund in February 2000, was founded on the core belief that traditional media companies must embrace new technologies in order to evolve successfully into a network-based economy. In line with this philosophy, we are committed to investing with an emphasis on private companies with software, enabling technologies, infrastructure and support services relevant in part or in whole to traditional media, marketing communications, and information businesses. Whether helping established media businesses to operate more effectively, reach or communicate with customers, or create new distribution channels, these technology-savvy companies will fundamentally change the way traditional media and marketing communications companies do business in the future.

    Edison Venture Fund
    We focus on investing in information technology companies including: financial services, pharmaceutical IT, application software, security, communications and business solutions.

    Edison initially invests $3 - 5 million. We finance internal growth, management buyouts, acquisitions, corporate spinouts and secondary stock purchases. Focus on growing companies with revenues of $5 - 20 million in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC and Virginia.

    BEV Capital
    BEV Capital was founded on the premise that great products and services alone do not make great companies. We believe that the right sales and marketing strategy and the right team are also necessary ingredients. In addition to providing equity capital, BEV's expertise in marketing and sales helps entrepreneurs to refine their company's commercialization strategy so that great products and services become great companies.

    RRE Ventures
    With $600 million under management, we combine significant capital resources with managerial, financial and technical experience and corporate contacts to create value for our portfolio companies. We leverage these assets to establish business and financial relationships, provide strategic direction and develop both sales and marketing opportunities. Our limited partners include leading international institutions, multinational corporations, institutional investors, entrepreneurs and successful businessmen and women.

    RRE generally invests between $5-10 million in relatively young information technology companies.

    Advantage Capital
    Advantage Capital Partners provides capital and value added services to well-managed companies with superior growth potential. We strive to help talented entrepreneurs develop and realize their goals. By doing so, we hope to generate superior returns on our invested capital. Fundamental to the achievement of these objectives is the development and maintenance of strong relationships built on trust, respect, and an unswerving conviction to providing value to both our investors and our entrepreneur partners

    Mellon Ventures
    Mellon Ventures is the $1.4 billion private equity investment partnership affiliated with Mellon Financial Corporation (NYSE: MEL), a global financial services company with approximately $2.9 trillion in assets under management, administration or custody. Since our inception in 1996, we have invested in the equity-related securities of over 130 operating companies and more than 50 private equity partnerships. Our investment professionals are industry-focused and organized by practice groups consisting of Financial and Information Services, Technology, and Growth and Buyouts.

    Topspin Partners
    Topspin Partners is a venture capital and private equity investment firm formed in August of 2000. We are currently investing out of a $1214 million fund that was closed in the Fall of 2000. Topspin is the successor fund to the Long Island Venture Fund, a successful venture capital fund which began investing in 1994. The firm is an affiliate of Renaissance Technologies, a well-known manager of liquid assets. Funds under management by Renaissance include the Medallion Fund and Meritage Fund.

    Himalaya Capital
    Himalaya Capital, was founded in late 1997 and currently mamages both a hedge fund and a venture capital fund. Himalaya Capital Ventures seeks to capitalize on the growth opportunities of early stage, technology-driven companies. Our successful track record demonstrates the value that we add to our portfolio companies and our ability to provide superior returns to our investors. Our investment focus, relative small fund size, and non-hierarchical organizational structure allow us to effectively prioritize deals, executive in-depth due diligence, and make well-informed investment decisions in very short spans of time.

    Wheatley Partners Wheatley Partners is a New York-based venture capital firm focused on technology-related investments. Wheatley's principals have been investing in public and private companies for over twenty years. Our target sectors include information technology (software, hardware and services), financial services, education, life sciences and medical devices. We typically invest at all stages of a private company's development.

    Wheatley Partners has invested in more than 150 private companies. In addition to its private equity experience, the Principals of Wheatley Partners have an extensive background in public market investing, primarily through their involvement in GeoCapital LLC, which has made equity investments in small capitalization public companies since 1979.

    Pennell Venture Partners, LLC
    Pennell Venture Partners (PVP) is an early-stage venture investor based in New York City formed to meet the need for professional early-stage risk capital in New York and help bridge the gap in the investor marketplace between angel investors and institutional venture capital funds.

    PVP backs exceptional entrepreneurs who demonstrate the ability, creativity and drive necessary to develop leading companies.

    Hudson Ventures Hudson Ventures is a New York based Venture Capital Firm that participates in the SBIC Program. We currently have more than $170 million of capital under management. Our team has decades of experience in operating and growing technology companies, and has successfully managed every phase of a company's life cycle. We believe that our expertise enables us to add value in both leading investment syndicates and co-investing with other Venture Funds. Our portfolio companies are primarily located in the Northeast. Our focused geographic strategy supports a close working relationship and facilitates rapid growth.

    NJTC Venture Fund
    The NJTC Venture Fund provides financing to promising start-ups and early-stage companies located in the New Jersey region. The initial investment ranges from $1 - 2 million. Over the course of the portfolio company partnership, NJTC Venture Fund expects to invest $3 - 4 million. At the time of investment, companies may be seed stage or have as much as $5 million in annual revenue.

    NJTC Venture Fund provides responsive capital and an unparalleled active local network of partners through our affiliation with the leading business networking organization in New Jersey, The New Jersey Technology Council . A number of prominent members of the NJ Network are also investors in the NJTC Venture Fund and actively support NJTC portfolio companies.

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