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Venture Capital
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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out PA Venture Capital Showcase, sponsored by Wolf Block. This event was in Philadelphia on Wed., May 7, 2008.

    MentorTech Ventures MentorTech Ventures

    MentorTech Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in information technology, marketing technology and medical device companies with a primary focus on those companies originating at the University of Pennsylvania. MentorTech Ventures plays an active role with its investments from start-up to exit. Our team has been helping technology companies reach their growth potential for over twenty-five years. In addition to financial capital, we bring substantial intellectual and social capital to our companies through our extensive relationships with leading business, engineering and medical school faculty, Wharton Alumni and top tier Venture Capital Funds.

    Robin Hood Ventures Robin Hood Ventures

    A prime angel investment group in the Greater Philadelphia Region, Robin Hood Ventures is an organization of private investors and successful entrepreneurs that focuses on early-stage companies with high growth potential and above average return in investment. The group was founded in 1999 and since then, it continues to be one of the prime movers of business progress in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central and Southern New Jersey, and Delaware. Typical seed investment ranges from $250,000 up to $500,000 and if a company needs more than $500,000 to administer its operations, Robin Hood Ventures is willing to co-invest with venture capitalist firms and other angel investment groups within its network.

    First Round Capital First Round Capital

    First Round Capital is an early stage venture capital firm managed by Joshua Kopelman, Chris Fralic, Rob Hayes and Howard Morgan. We look to partner with entrepreneurs to build innovative technology companies. We are seed-stage investors, often providing a company’s first outside capital, and are not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies. We understand the challenges of launching a new product. We look to take an active role in most of the companies we invest in. We believe our experience, insight and expertise are far more valuable than our capital -- and we look for entrepreneurs who feel the same. To learn more about what we look for, click here. We recognize that time is an extremely valuable resource for an entrepreneur -- and seek not to waste it. We operate as an entrepreneurial shop and are able to make quick decisions. No investment committees. No months of negotiations. If we're going to invest, we usually decide within days.

    ETF Venture Funds ETF Venture Funds

    ETF Venture Funds is one of the top performing venture capital funds in the United States in its class. ETF Venture Funds invests primarily in early stage, high growth technology-enabled companies in the healthcare, financial and business services industries. The fund will identify top caliber management teams based in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including PA, NY, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC and VA. ETF targets experienced management teams using technology to make a traditional business process better or easier. Target portfolio companies will typically have some revenue and the potential to be a market leader.

    Ben Franklin Technology Partners Ben Franklin Technology Partners

    Ben Franklin Technology Partners is a statewide network that fosters innovation to stimulate Pennsylvania's economic growth and prosperity. Operating regionally with four centers strategically located throughout the Commonwealth, Ben Franklin Technology Partners brings together the best of Pennsylvania's people, ideas, and technology to serve as a catalyst for advancing the state's knowledge-based economy. With a focus on the entrepreneur as the ultimate engine of growth, BFTP delivers crucial resources for technology-driven enterprises in sectors such as information technology, life sciences, communications, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials and environmental technology by: Investing risk capital in emerging technology-based enterprises and established businesses; Providing hands-on technical and business expertise to spur enterprise growth and accelerate commercialization activities; and, Delivering customized solutions that draw on an extensive network of public and private resources, including universities, federal laboratories and research institutions.

    NextStage Capital NextStage Capital

    Headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, NextStage Capital focuses on finding undiscovered early stage investment opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region. With an emphasis on technology software, hardware and services, our goal is to find talented entrepreneurs with a compelling and validated technology offering and help them build company value. Our team draws on years of experience as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The partners have invested over $175M of early stage capital and helped build some of the most lucrative venture-backed companies in the area. Having participated in many successful exits, as well as having worked with companies through difficult situations, the partners offer a comprehensive perspective and experience to entrepreneurs.

    Edison Venture Fund Edison Venture Fund

    * Our investment profile spans venture capital, expansion, management buyouts, secondary stock, spinout and recapitalization financing. * Edison specializes in financial technology, pharmaceutical business solutions, communications, business services and application software. * Beyond capital, Edison brings considerable value-added services to our portfolio companies. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, service providers, financing sources and acquirors.

    Osage Ventures Osage Ventures

    Osage Ventures seeks to invest in determined and creative entrepreneurs that have a unique concept or product. Osage works closely to mentor entrepreneurs, and assists them in building businesses from ideas. Building value is of primary importance to Osage, and we will invest the necessary time and capital to grow a business, irrespective of the future exit date. To date, Osage has seeded companies across a broad range of industries, many of which became publicly traded entities. Osage Ventures will often lead or co-lead investment syndicates. We favor investment opportunities primarily located in the Northeast corridor that are seeking their first round of institutional capital. We will invest between $1MM - $3MM in each company throughout its developmental life, although smaller investments may be made in special situations. Our early stage efforts are focused on information and enabling technology and the life sciences/healthcare industries.

    Liberty Venture Partners Liberty Venture Partners

    Liberty Venture Partners is a venture capital management firm specializing in health care, information technology, business process outsourcing, and internet technologies and services. We invest in early and growth stage companies. We look to work and partner with our portfolio companies and the entrepreneurs who guide them, in realizing the vision of building significant lasting world class companies.

    NewSpring Capital NewSpring Capital

    NewSpring Capital, based in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and Short Hills, New Jersey, is a leading provider of private equity capital to the Mid-Atlantic region. NewSpring Capital currently manages over $400 million across three distinct investment strategies through its family of funds. Across all funds, NewSpring Capital’s investment professionals include eight partners with significant experience as private equity investors, operating managers, and industry leaders at the CEO level. The firm’s highly cohesive investment team has a strong track record of investing in both private andpublic transactions, collectively representing more than 100 years of experience investing over $1 billion. All three NewSpring Capital funds work closely together. Yet each fund maintains its own dedicated senior management team, investment committee and limited partner advisory board. While in some cases the funds may co-invest, each fund operates independently, investing in non-competitive asset classes, stages, and industries.

    Innovation Ventures Innovation Ventures

    Innovation Ventures, L.P., is an SBIC venture capital fund focused on growth and early-stage investments in the areas of chemicals and materials; electronic materials and devices; information technology; nanotechnology; software; biotechnology (excluding human therapeutics); and business information services related to the legal, financial services and manufacturing industries. IV invests in enterprises located primarily on the East Coast, with a particular emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region—Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

    Smith Defieux Capital Partners
    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
    Smith Defieux Capital Partners<BR>Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

    Smith Defieux Capital Partners (SDCP) is a new kind of venture capital firm. We specialize in providing liquidity to minority shareholders in late stage private companies. SDCP seeks to purchase common stock, preferred stock and other equity linked securities in late stage growth companies with revenue ranging from $15 to $100 million. We welcome referrals and direct negotiations with founders, former and current executives, angel investors, seed and early stage institutional investors, corporate strategic investors, hedge funds, banks, lenders and other holders of equity securities. Generally, we do not require board representation or other governance rights. We will work with the existing rights and restrictions attached to securities offered for sale. We will entertain transactions ranging from $300,000 to $20 million in size. SDCP prefers to invest in market leading companies with proven business models and professional management teams in place. Targeted industry segments include information technology, software, communications technology and services, e-commerce, electronics, semiconductors, business services and cleantech/alternate energy. We will respond quickly to inquiries and will offer a fair value for offered securities. Our process involves minimal disruption to management, shareholders and board dynamics both pre and post close. Conversely, we bring substantial resources which can help accelerate a company’s growth and value creation including access to capital, industry contacts, domain expertise and deep experience in planning and executing exit transactions.

    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners (XACP) is a venture capital management firm operating several venture funds to deliver superior returns to its investors. With over $600 million under management, XACP focuses its investments on enterprise applications, services and telecommunications software, and other enabling technologies. We help the management of our portfolio companies transform their vision into substantial, profitable businesses. XACP maintains offices in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland; and targets investments in innovative technology companies in these countries. The Funds specialize in linking their portfolio companies with strategic partners, technology alliances, human capital, and capital markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Emerald Stage2 Ventures
    Emerald Stage2 Ventures<BR>ARKequity

    Emerald Stage2 Ventures is a Pennsylvania-based early stage venture fund focused on capital efficient information technology companies primarily in the Technology-Enabled Services area. The Emerald Stage2 principals have over 30 years of venture capital and entrepreneurial experience, and have strong track records investing in and growing young technology companies. The fund will invest primarily across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region and has as partners some of the region's leading institutions that bolster the fund’s network and resources. Stage2’s strategic partners include Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a leading regional seed investor and Emerald Asset Management, a leading regional asset manager. The fund also has Internet Capital Group, a pioneer in acquiring and building on-demand software companies, as a Limited Partner. Emerald Stage2 seeks to leverage its principals’ investment experience and its strong affiliate relationships to identify, invest in and cultivate tomorrow’s leading technology companies.


    ARKequity is a new private equity company. We are hitting the ground running, with three portfolio investments already behind us, and we focus in areas where technology makes a difference as unit economic multiplier. Our portfolio companies to date include primarily gaming/health care space. Typical investments range between $100,000 and $1,000,000. We are an eager and capable funding source, particularly for local venture. Our offices are in Radnor, PA and we are readily willing to go outside of our primary market (Philadelphia) as needed (currently, for example, we are focused upon a new portfolio company in Atlanta related to Medical Equipment/Technology).

    Originate Ventures
    Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
    Originate Ventures<BR>Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

    Originate Ventures is a venture capital investment firm which targets early stage product and services companies in Eastern Pennsylvania. We focus on investing in medical devices, healthcare, consumer, web based and certain commercial products and/or product distribution opportunities. We look to make investments in a range of $500,000 to $4 million. We believe our brand building techniques and history of helping to develop and create visible brand names are easily transferable across industry segments. This flexibility allows us to identify and capitalize on strong brand building opportunities. Once we screen these product and service ideas, our unique and proven skills are applied to help build substantial new brand value into any and all product companies that we invest in.

    The Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

    The Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds are four private venture capital partnerships (the first two were called NEPA Venture Funds) with approximately $200 million under management. We seek to invest in young high growth potential businesses of almost any type. Our preference is to invest as early as possible - at what some call the "angel" stage. Although we are normally the largest investor in virtually every company in which we invest, our ownership position in our ventures will almost always represent less than a controlling interest, and frequently much less. We believe that entrepreneurs sleep better knowing that they are fully in control of their own destiny.

    OmniCapital Group
    Delaware Crossing Investor Group
    OmniCapital Group<BR>Delaware Crossing Investor Group

    OmniCapital Group is a venture capital firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and management teams build the best next-generation communication and information technologies for rapidly growing markets. We invest in early-growth stage companies and, because of our corporate venturing experience, have a special interest in working with corporate partners to create new companies. Omni brings together a combination of operating and investing experience, industry knowledge, and an extensive network of contacts with industry executives. Our goal and passion is to help build the next generation technology companies that will become leaders in their respective industries.

    Delaware Crossing Investor Group

    Delaware Crossing Investor Group is a network of former and current executives and entrepreneurs who provide counsel and capital to early-stage and other growth-oriented companies. Delaware Crossing Investor Group is a membership organization of qualified investors who play an active role in the sourcing of prospective portfolio companies, managing the investment process and serving on the board of directors of portfolio companies. While many of the investments presented to the group are high risk, these investments also have the potential for a high return.

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