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  • Here are the Investor speakers from our Sold-Out Austin Early-Stage VC Breakfast, sponsored by Convergence Homes. This event was in Austin, TX on November 6, 2007.

    Photo of John Adler, General Partner, Silver Creek Ventures John Adler
    General Partner
    Silver Creek Ventures
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    Silver Creek Ventures
    Mr. Adler joined Silver Creek Ventures as a General Partner in 2007. His areas of expertise include data and voice communications, semiconductors, and wireless applications. Mr. Adler has also served as a board member of the Texas Venture Capital Association since its inception in 2004. Prior to joining Silver Creek, Mr. Adler served as a Partner with InterWest Partners since 2001, a leading diversified venture capital firm in information technology and life sciences. Representative investments include Covaro (acquired by Adva Optical), kajeet, Nuventix, Venturi Wireless and VizionWare. Prior to InterWest Partners, Mr. Adler developed 17 years of operating experience in product management and engineering from Rockwell International, Alcatel, Monterey Networks and Cisco Systems. Mr. Adler received a BSEE and MBA from Southern Methodist University and has authored or co-authored four US patents.

    James Y. Lancaster, General Manager, The Research Valley Innovation Center James Y. Lancaster, General Manager, The Research Valley Innovation Center

    Mr. James Lancaster is the General Manager of the Research Valley Innovation Center, a collaborative effort between the Research Valley community and key entities of the Texas A&M University System. He is currently putting together two early stage funding tools for the RVIC, including a loan fund in partnership with area banks and a seed fund with area angels, both focused on very early stage companies. He previously angel invested in five early stage companies and he is a technology-focused business professional and entrepreneur who co-founded seventhVIEW corporation, Avalion Consulting and SkyBox 360, and is currently on the boards of Avalion Consulting, Timetag, and the non-profit Wednesdayís Child Benefit Corporation, and advisor to ContentPilot, IdeaTango, Intelliun Corporation and Net Watch Solutions. Most recently CEO of TotalChart, previously Senior Vice President with Avvantica, Vice President with Intelliun, CEO of seventhVIEW and Senior Manager with Deloitte Consulting. With over 18 years of experience in the technology industry, his areas of experience include strategic planning, business leadership, fundraising, corporate governance, company culture development and team-building, product development, innovation and launch. James received a BBA from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

    Photo of John Filla, Deal Flow Chairman, Houston Angel Network John Filla
    Managing Partner
    VES Partners / Houston Angel Network
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    VES Partners / Houston Angel Network
    Utilizing deep experience internationally in contracts, finance, sales and operations, John is able to arrange and/or deploy capital and human resources wisely in a variety of companies and industries. Strategic planning, governance issues and M&A are key areas of expertise.

    In the early-stage markets, he evaluates business plans and makes recommendations which will enable successful growth and significant exits within 4-6 years, to the ultimate benefit of the equity holders.

    John is on the Board of Directors at the Houston Angel Network, and also holds Board, officer, and/or equity positions in a number of the entities that he has invested in or consulted for through VES Partners.

    Via FundingPost events, John has both invested in and raised capital for deals in the past.
    "A great event, I know that Iíve invested in at least one deal associated with FundingPost events, and itís a great networking opportunity with the founders and the VCs that are there. Iím looking forward to this one!"
    - John Filla, Angel Investor, Houston Angel Network

    Jerry Sullivan, General Partner, Adams Capital Management Jerry Sullivan, General Partner, Adams Capital Management

    Jerry joined Adams Capital Management in 1997 as a General Partner. Prior to joining the team, Jerry was President of Design Technologies, Inc., focusing on evaluating and assessing the design and manufacturing processes used in electronic product creation. Jerry came to Design Technologies from Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), where he served as Vice President. Prior to joining MCC, Jerry spent several years at Tektronix, and 10 years with N.V. Philips. In addition, Jerry honed his international management skills through five years on location with Philips in Europe. Domain Expertise: * Networking infrastructure * N-tier software applications (including enterprise software, supply chain management, and customer relationship management) * Semiconductors Education: * Advanced Management Program - Harvard Business School * Ph.D. Physics - University of Colorado * B.S. Engineering - University of Colorado

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