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Angel Investor Group Profile
Fund for Arkansas' Future
The Fund for Arkansas' Future is an angel investment group established on January of 2005 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Its purpose is to provide funding for emerging companies that are based in Arkansas which can provide a significant amount of capital investment returns. This investment group accumulates the best business leaders in Arkansas as members who work together for the economic advancement of their region through establishing progressive companies. The group is managed by the members themselves, comprised of an investment committee and managers who facilitate the investment prospects.

Membership to the Fund for Arkansas' Future is open to any individual who is armed with significant business expertise, knowledge, and skills that can be shared and utilized in the group's investment activities. A prospective member should also be an accredited investor in accordance to the guidelines and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States. This means that the individual or joint net worth should be at least $1 million, or the individual annual income should be at least $200,000 or the joint annual income should be at least $300,000. Interested applicants for membership are encouraged to send their applications to the investment group's executive director.

Fund for Arkansas' Future's investments are focused on companies on the early stage of development based in the Arkansas region. A company should have a high potential for fast growth. The group also gives preference to companies that are engaged in the industries of technology or biotechnology. Although companies of other industries that has great potential are also given consideration. A company that meets the investment requirements and interested to apply for funding can submit an application and executive summary through an online registration system provided on the group's website. The executive summary should not be longer than five pages and should contain the needed information. To help the investment applicants create the right format of the executive summary, a guideline can be downloaded from the group's website.

All applications received by the Fund for Arkansas' Future will be subject to evaluation by the executive director, managers, members of the investment committee, and other members that have expertise in the particular industry of an applicant company. A company that will pass the initial screening will be requested to conduct a business presentation for the investment committee during the group's meeting. After which, the group shall perform a due diligence process that will decide the final investment. If the application has been approved for investment, the negotiation of terms and agreements will be discussed.

Fund for Arkansas' Future Website

The website of Fund for Arkansas' Future generally provides brief but sufficient information on every page. An overview of the investment group is discussed on the home page, as well as an explanation of their management operations and investment preferences. The process of investment application is available on a page where an online registration system can also be accessed. Investment applications and executive summaries can be submitted through this system. The same page also provides the guidelines for an executive summary which can be downloaded as a PDF file. There is also a page for prospective investors. It enumerates and explains the benefits of membership. The contact details of the executive director where prospective investors can submit their queries regarding investor applications is also provided on the same page.

The Fund for Arkansas' Future website has a links page. It contains the list of their company affiliations, a short company background and the link to their own websites. A log-in page is available to the members of the investment group. Members can access a database of the investment group's important files by logging in through the use of a username and password. This page is exclusive and can be accessed by the member investors only. The contact page, on the other hand, provides an electronic address, a postal office box address and a telephone number. All comments and further inquiries can be sent to the contact details provided in the page. For those who need some information from the page printed can choose a more printable version by clicking on to the designated link on the bottom of each website page.

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Angel Investor Group Profile

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