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    Angel Investors

    FundingPost has been working with Angel Investors around the world for over 9 years. Angel Investors are wealthy individuals - folks who have either sold a company, made a lot of money in an existing company or through personal investing (or even by inheriting it!). These Angel Investors are looking for interesting opportunities to put their liquid capital to work. Through FundingPost, Angel Investors can log in and browse through hundreds of deals to find those that are most interesting to them. Investors can sort the deals by Industry, Location, Revenue, or even by a specific Keyword. The Angels can read through the deals and contact the companies directly through our system.

    Additionally, we organize Angel Investor Events around the country where Angels come in to attend or speak on our panels in an effort to meet entrepreneurs personally while they are raising capital.

    Very often individual private investors come together to form an Angel Group, where they typically share common interests, like a Real Estate Angel Investment Group or a Software Angel Investment Group, etc... FundingPost works with hundreds of angel groups around the world.

    We have a dedicated team that works hard to make introductions from Entrepreneurs to Angel Investors every single day.

    Entrepreneurs can register and have your company included here.

    Investors can register to review quality deal flow from entrepreneurs raising capital.

    New investors contact FundingPost each day to actively review dealflow. Some of our Angel Investor Members include: Vegas Valley Angels (Las Vegas, NV), Arizona Angels (Scottsdale, AZ), Sand Hill Angels (Silicon Valley, CA), New Worls Angels (Miami, FL), Corporate Angels (Toronto, ON), Beacon Angels (Boston, MA), ZINO Society (Seattle, WA), and thousands of others!

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