About FundingPost

For 15 Years FundingPost has worked to bring entrepreneurs together with leading investors worldwide. We believe that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible - both online and offline.

Through our national Venture Capital Events, Venture Guide Magazine, Books, Webinars and our online Venture Exchange, FundingPost has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital, Corporate VCs and Family Office Investors representing over $108 Billion. We make introductions from Investors to Entrepreneurs Every Day!


FundingPost hosts VC & Angel events in 23 cities across the USA!

NYC Venture Conference
Wednesday, May 18 2016 - Register Here

Los Angeles Angel Roundtable
Thursday, May 26 2016 - Register Here

Fairfax Angel Roundtable
Monday, May 23 2016 - Register Here

San Francisco VC & Angel Conference
Wednesday, June 1 2016 - Register Here

Houston VC and Angel Roundtable
Thursday, June 16 2016 - Register Here

Denver Angel Roundtable
Thursday, July 21 2016 - Register Here

NYC Summer V& Angel Conference
Thursday, Aug 4 2016 - Register Here

Food Investing Conference NYC
Thursday, August 25 2016 - Register Here